Poll: Should Lakewood lower speed limits around town to reduce accidents?

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  1. It won’t help if it’s not enforced. Let them enforce the 25 mph that is already in place many many of the narrow windy streets like the one I live in that has people going over 40 mph.

    Try the wide speed humps like they have on 660th street (not the deep bumps)…

    • You are so right! I like to call Oak Street–Oak speedway with how fast people go down that road.

      Lowering speed limits should be FAR from Lakewood’s priority.

  2. speeding is not the reason for accidents in Lakewood. the main reason is people are reckless at intersections. wether its rolling a stop sign or trying to beat a red light… another main reason is distracted driving…. it always bothered me why cops sit on roads and wait for ppl to speed by to give tickets, when they could just go to an intersection and catch tons of ppl doing illegal thing. and also changing a speed limit will not help in changing how ppl drive in this lawless town.

  3. How about more ticketing for cell phone use
    Stand at any corner in town & see how many people have a phone in their hand glued to their ear while the other hand is turning the wheel. I se more women doing it

  4. to # 1 , that wasnt nice. In my humble opinion if drivers would obey the law and not talk on the phone while they drive, This would really be good for all of us living here in Lakewood, I do tell my children if you speed or use the phone while you drive you SHOULD GET A TICKET, hopefully this would teach them a lesson, P. S. more traffic lights woulnt hurt either,

  5. It’s not the speed limit which causes accidents, it’s assuming that the laws and stop signs are only suggestions.

  6. Traffic lights at every intersection might be an idea except for all those people that tailgate. This increases the chances of getting rear ended. Also I was noticing, why are there only street lights on one side of the street? Only half a street needs light? If what we do have really helps in some places?! But I agree with those comments that speed isn’t the issue its people that apparently got the question on their permit test what does an octagon shape sign tell u wrong! Not fly through and don’t even look because you have to cut the person off. I think I said enough right now.

  7. It would be a lot easier to obey the law and slow down, get off our phones, drive more carefully… etc. If the police in our town would set an example. When I’m driving and see police on their phones, speeding, cutting people off, and whatever else illegal, it’s a major turn off. Sorry, but to make the town safe, set a healthy example.

  8. All these illegal things that are going on simply speed up losing your children physically and spiritually. If they are in the car you put them in physical danger. When they see you doing thesr things you are a hypocrite and you will lose them spiritually. Face the facts. Some of the totally misguided comments just prove my point.

  9. It’s not the speed that’s an issue or even the lack of traffic lights. It’s people forced to make reckless decisions because is takes so long to get places.
    Sit at any traffic light in town and watch how many people go through red lights a good few seconds after it changes.
    It used to be, if someone was sitting in an intersection waiting to make a left, they would be able to turn left on a yellow or right when it turned red. Now, with so many cars in the opposite direction continuing through the red, you can’t make a left until it’s been red for a good 5 seconds.

  10. I don’t live in Lakewood but according to what i read here all the time, you cant get across town cuz of traffic congestion…seems to me the speed limit cant even be met when driving so why would this make a diff…and are these polls just to generate hock or do they bring on real action from a higher level?

  11. People need to learn right of way (it’s common sense) and the law needs to be enforced. Lowering the speed limit would just make it worse (take even longer to get around town, if it was enforced). And the infrastructure in this town is terrible. Just changing some traffic lights and updating them would make a huge difference. And no left turns without a light onto major streets. (We need more lights in some places).

  12. Obeying the speed limit makes for less accidents. Stop tailgating me on Williams, it’s 25mph. And Sunset is 35mph. Relax, you don’t need to notify the whole world you’ll be late by phone or text. Hashem will get you to exactly where you’re supposed to be. Don’t push it, you might wind up somewhere else you wouldn’t like to be.

  13. *Fewer *Fewer *Fewer. I think the accidents are probably caused by you people NOT BEING ABLE TO READ ENGLISH STREET SIGNS.

    • Just curious. To whom are you referring to when you wrote “You people” ? It sounds like you set up a group of imaginary people in your head. In English it’s called STEREOTYPING. Not that there isn’t a concept of groups of people. However we are discussing traffic in Lakewood. I don’t see how that is applicable to the conversation at hand. If you are having difficulty understanding my point then maybe reach out to one of “Those people”. I’m sure they can help you understand.

  14. Get off your cell phone keep a safe distance and use blinkers that will avoid many more accidents then lowering the speed limit

  15. The problem is everyone is so frustrated by sitting traffic, they just blow threw stop signs to make up for the lost time. Less building, less traffic, more patience. Simple.

  16. Agree 100% The Lakewood police should enforce the posted speed limits more. In all my years living in Lakewood I have never seen how dangerous the town is now when driving. So many young families with so many kids are in danger from drivers speeding and on the phone.
    SLOW DOWN AND GET OFF THE PHONE! The life you save is more important than anything else. What will it take for these crazy driver’s to slow down? A fatality? A young fatality?

  17. Problem is no one will even care…everyone is in such a rush they don’t care about other people!!!!! I’ve seen plenty of drivers not stopping at stops signs..pulling out into traffic and not looking…everyone are just reckless.. they will learn when someone hits a child and kills them.. so sad how the town is going down hill

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