Poll: Is Mid-Winter Vacation Necessary?

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  1. No it is not necessary. As a working mother who never gets off having my two and 3 1/2 year old home for 3 days is absurd. There was just chanukah vacation for 3 days and now again. I cant just take off for a couple of days….i would lose my job….

  2. To #2: I really think your comparison of taking time off your job to your kids schedule is very sensible. Oh, whoops! I forgot that you are an adult & they are children.

  3. This year our children have had a tremendous amount of time off. My sons did not have school for almost a week surrouning the hurricane. Then more time off for the snowstorm afterward. Then they all got sick. I dont think one month has gone by this year without them having several days off. However, if i was a teacher i would definitely appreciate the break.

  4. Can anyone rationally explain why the kids need off, when there is succos,chanuka,pesach,shevuos,and for girls every sunday?
    And if it is for the teachers,let them take 2 days off and get a sub.

  5. everyone needs time to recharge. Besides, I actually LIKE my kids and like when they are home. BTW, I also work. It may be a challenge but that doesn’t mean it’s not healthy.

  6. Boys especially need a little time off. Even if it is only a Fri & Sunday.
    The longer vacations inconvenience most parents and are too costly.
    Just in the middle of the winter a little break to be able to unwind and catch up on much needed sleep….

  7. Uh, “Mom”, just out of curiosity, are you aware that there are families that have children OLDER than 2 and 3 and a half and that they do need a break? You see, once they hit the higher grades, they put aside the Lego and building blocks and and really get into intense studying. Take this family I know: Their son is in 7th grade and is having a bechina on 500 words of gemara and about 8 blatt gemara. Sorry! We didn’t have that back in the day. Ask any parent with a head on their shoulders and they will agree how much more rigorous the schools are these days. So, yes, the kids need a break. And, the Rabbeim and teachers deserve a well earned break as well. As for the obtuse and inane comments about “they had off during Sandy…” Blah, Blah, Blah. Right. I would definitely present that arguement to those that lost their homes, cars, livelihood and – no where as bad – but their electricity. I mean, c’mon, so what if you lost power for a week! Nu, you have to be at your in-laws for two months? As long as your kids had, “Hurricane-Sandy Vacation” or “Noreaster-Vacation” they have fulfilled their quota of vacation days for the year. Give me a…..BREAK

  8. Why don’t We ask the kids ourselves?I can’t answer the Question?I sit on the computer all day!What Do I know about the Daily Lives of my Children?What are their Daily struggles?….Or How much work…and effort the Rebbeim put into the children to teach them?..I’ve got enough stress trying to teach them a thing or two!! All they do is kvetch “Mommy ,Mommy!”…Come to think of it….I THINK I NEED THE VACATION!!!…..last weeks day of didn’t help

  9. We all work, and we all appreciate a day off with our kids. The teachers deserve a day off too. And so do the rebbeim.

    I look forward to the day when we realize that our boys are not robots. They should also have off for midwinter vacation, and SUNDAYS TOO!!!

    (Now you know why I need a pseudonym. I just said something very controversial, and I could get my kids thrown out of school for that.)

  10. Hurricane sandy was no vacation…being stuck in the house for days on end with no electricity just a few short weeks after sukkos is not my view of vacation. Just as adults need to recharge their batteries, so do children. All of the major yeshivas have a bein hazmanim, an added few days before and after sukkos and pesach, which allows the bachurim as well as the rabbeim some time to recharge. Yes, vacation is a very healthy thing. And so is spending time with your children. Parents were meant to take care of their children and children can sometimes be difficult… I think another good idea for a poll would be: can morahs who are payed in the beginning of the month, like a tuition, follow a school schedule, and thereby miss work because the school has an external reason for not having school, such as no electricity?

  11. So what if the girls are off every Sunday. Every child needs to have a break from school to be with their families and to just enjoy being home. It’s important for familes to be together as much as they can to show how much they love each other and how much each of them are important to each other. Families have to bond.

  12. I dont understand kids look forward to a day off from school cause that is the most exciting thing for them! if you cant handle them being off maybe you should not have gotten married!! do you want your kids to be happy do you like your kids?! cause it seems to me you dont enjoy your kids they are a burden to you! you want them in school as much as possible

  13. It is irrelevant if it ids beneficial for the kids since it sure gives a break for the teachers that overworked and very very very very underpaid . we pay our experienced teachers less than a quarter than in the normal education system starting salary. The only other option would be that the teachers should get a paid vacation while school will be resuming with subs.

  14. to #16 HOCKSTER To I know some families that would be delighted to adopt your children.

    BTW you dont need a vacation you have to STOP working PERIOD. women were created to take care of their children

  15. to #21 AS IS: I believe #16 was being sarcastic. I mean just look at the name he posted under. I think he is one of the few individuals who actually ENJOY and LOVE his children.

  16. Vacation is good, kids need a break. But, really, I feel terrible for the Moms that can’t take off. And, btw, if ur son neds a break, at any time during the year, speak to the Rebbe. I give my kids a day off randomly throughout the year – with the Rebbe’s permission.

  17. Didn’t read all the previous comments, so disregard if somebody said this already.

    I understand that its very hard for working parents to take a day off to be home with the kids, but please understand, for the kids sake it is absolutely necessary and instrumental for their well being.

    They are overworked amd need a brake. If it was up to me – I think the schools should give mid winter vacation once a month.

    The school curriculum these days (at least in lkwd) is very intense and overly strenuous on both the teachers and the students.

    In summation – brakes are very good. Give them as often as once a month.

  18. My previous comment was not made to make me sound ungreatful for merely living without power or school during Sandys aftermath. That being said, it was still difficult for those who could not maintain a normal schedule for an extended period of time. We were still adversely affected, even though not to the same extent as those who lost loved ones or homes.
    As for mid winter vacation, my children happen to be the type to thrive on structure. A weekend off is plenty for them. Mid winter for my little ones and my girl is 5 days. As much as we try to “spend quality time” and do projects and keep them busy, they are absolutely ready to get back to school by the third morning.
    The fact is for -my- family, midwinter vacation benefits the teachers more than my children, i feel. I dont in any way begrudge them, but they need the break more than my children do.

  19. I’m a student in high school and I could say first hand that we work VERY VERY hard. Even over weekends we study… One weekend without studying, especially midterm season is a huge blessing for us. Really. We can just relax and get ready to face the next half of the year. Even just a few days. Thank you to those who realize that.

  20. Dont worry. Just because TLS is taking a poll does not mean mid winter vacation is being taken away. That would require c.h.a.n.g.e. something we are very resistant to unless it is without any (real or perceived) risk.

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