Poll: Have You Considered Becoming a Teacher in Lakewood, but Were Discouraged by the Pay?

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  1. I’m not sure I understand what is going on all of a sudden. For years from the beginning of time people have been complaining about the cost of education. I’m wondering where this money will come from when people are encouraged not to go in to careers that pay significant amounts.
    On one side people are encouraged not to get in to a career at a young age on the other you want more money .


  2. How true. We are living in the craziest of times, the WANTS and MUST HAVES are so crazy. No more pashtus, no more histapkus b’muat. Everything has to be the best,most,top…… how much more, aren’t we getting Any of the messages from above. Enough!!!!!!! Be thankful for the beauty of life and all the blessings that HaShem showers upon us. Enough talking about MONEY MONEY MONEY. אוהב כסף לא ישבע כסף

  3. wow.., Nothing here is about being money hungry… i don’t even think the teachers are the initiators here. This is about addressing an issue so that teachers can live- basic living – on a basic Low income. Do you anyone who can support a family with 25 k? And plus a few thousand more for extra summer work or other side work.

  4. The reason I didn’t become a teacher is because after all those years sitting in a classroom memorizing hundreds of irrelevant facts and meforshim and learning all kinds of unnecessary subjects I was done with school. Honestly half our teachers especially high school just rattle off their notes and then give a test and expect the girls to be robots and spit back all the information and the cycle continues. Most teachers r just tape recorders don’t know why the schools can’t just put a tape recorder in the classroom with all the info prerecorded would be so much cheaper then paying teachers. Or to make things even cheaper give the girls the recordings to listen to at home and to make things even cheaper skip the tests so u won’t have to pay anyone to mark the tests. It’s all so pointless it’s such a stupid cycle send girls to school to listen and memorize and study they take the test and do it all over again hundreds of times and when they’re done school they come out knowing…. Nothing!

    • I feel this is the underlying truth of the issues in our education system, and I’ve been through it both as a student obviously, and as a teacher for many years. I had a passion for building students for life and not just to get through school. Even though I kept it quiet, covered the school’s curriculum to the tee and the parents and students loved what I was doing, it did not sit well with the schools who sensed I had a different bottom line even though they couldn’t place their finger on what it was. I believe what’s happening now is human nature simply taking it’s course. Everyone feels the need to utilize and bring out their full potential, which is officially the job of the chinuch system to do. Students have been stifled for years, and now it’s hitting the teachers too. It will hit the schools themselves once the people become so disenchanted with the system that they’ll be forced to face reality.

  5. It’s not so much about the money, all though that is an issue, but also about rules of how some teachers look, dress and type of sheitel they wear,I’ve met some young women who have been turned down cause of how long they wear their hair,if someone is good at their job that shouldn’t be an issue, also they only give few hour a week. Maybe I’m wrong but just my opinion.

  6. When u have a school in which the vast majority of families pay nowhere near full tuition, it makes it difficult to increase teachers’ salaries. But the real question, is how families who have paid reduced tuition for 12 years all of sudden come up with $30,000 for seminary in EY? And the another $50,000 for an online degree?

  7. The teachers are not complaining there is a shortage of people wanting to be teachers and our elementary children are suffering, with principal begging girls to be teachers in beginning of year the principles are so desperate they take any one, so as of parents if we want good teacher we have to do something quick

  8. To : Not Surprise there’s a shortage: is correct. My high school daughter told me she used to love Chumash, but after being forced to memorize so much she now hates it. It’s true, why would someone want to become one of those teachers? schools, principals, say it MUST be that way ridiculous..

  9. I run an out of town Mesifta and BM.

    What hurts me the most is, when a parent tells me that he can’t afford tuition because he is sending his daughter to EY for seminary!!!

    I had parents tell me this, and when I ask them why is Seminary more important that a Mesifta or BM? They come up with all different types of excuses.

  10. I have a feeling that many of the comments are posted by school administrators and principals. Most families pay some form of tuition. Combine that with a lot of government grants and recently a large Covid payout. I know for a fact that many Lakewood school owners and administrators are taking nice salaries, driving fancy cars, owing a second home in E”Y while their female teachers are borrowing money to pay for food. The same school that employs Rebbeim & Moros- the Rebbeim will alway be paid and on time. The women rarely get paid on time and their salaries compared to a rebbes is a joke. The same Rebbe who just graduated from BMG and has 1-2 kids to women who are working full day and may be the main breadwinner it is a disgrace. Many of the women teachers are better trained .People shouldn’t be paid male vs female they should be paid according to experience, as well as degrees/training. Teacher shaving to borrow money for Gemach’s is not acceptable. In our world we are so worried about driving the eighth car, every other day another massive house goes up in Lakewood, the excessive Kiddushim, the name brand 200-300 dollar dresses per child, the summer home, the $50,000 dollar hotel Pesach programs- basic salaries should be given to our wonderful women teachers. We are losing women teachers to public schools, and other industries why would someone want to be paid if they are treated worse than a cleaning lady. Worse is the Rebbeim are treated like Melachim. Why are our Jewish sisters treated like dirt. The we wonder why no girl wants to teach. We need to do better and take accountability starting from the top. All non-profits have to publicly show their expenses I would love to see the administrators and principals salaries.

  11. Firstly, teachers work a quarter of the time anyone else does in an office unless they’re working morning and in the afternoon. So 25,000 plus 25,000 is 50,000 which is what 9-5 office jobs are paying now. They also generally get a break on tuition, plus programs which can amount to another 50,000 a year. So I think they’re doing just fine. It’s the hard working middle class that need the break and pay raises. Definitely not tuition increases! Teachers should appreciate that they can do a job they love and if they don’t love it then go elsewhere. Stop making another crisis out of nothing!

    • Teaching is a very fulfilling yet incredibly incredibly draining job with massive amounts of take-home work, and many women teachers are therefore physically unable to take a second job in addition to their teaching job. I can tell you that I tried to do it and it was literally grueling to the point of impossible, while the very few women I know who do hold down a teaching job as well as another job ALWAYS look beyond normal levels of exhaustion when I see them. So the $25k that teachers are making for part-time work needs to be raised to acknowledge that their part-time work precludes full-time work unless we plan to drive our teachers to the point of illness.

  12. Please, if teachers really feel that their job is soo hard then let them get an office job… no more midwinter, no more chanukah, no more pesach vacation or any erevs off, no more chol homaoade, no more summer. . .

  13. Not sure why people are saying that moros are not appreciated. This is simply not true. There is always a certain respect given to a teacher. Remember when someone redt your son a shidduch to a girl who is a teacher. It is automatically a huge plus. You know she’s probably a solid girl

  14. Be careful what you wish for. Too much money will make them lose their food stamps, Jerseycare and HUD and will not be enough to make up the difference so they will end up being a part of the poor middle class. They are better off making less money and keeping their programs.

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