Poll: Do you agree with the Democrats’ refusal to pay for the wall?

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  1. @Observer
    Research your example of the Berlin Wall. After fortification it was extremely effective. It is actually a good example of the wall needing to be done right the first time.

  2. Its not just about a wall. It is about slowing down the influx of people crossing the border and making it manageable. There won’t be illegal crossings because there is only one way in. Through the gates that are manned by border patrol. You have to look at the whole proposal on the table.

  3. I definitely believe in foreign aid and in providing a place of refugee for those who need it. But if we don’t first take care of ourselves (by securing our borders) we will no longer have an economy stable enough to support those things. Fed, you have to take care of your own kids first!!

  4. Where was President Trump last year when the republicans had majority in all houses of Congress? Why didn’t he campaign so hard then for his campaign promise and perhaps shut the govmnt down? Why the show now when he has less leverage?

  5. As I said 2 days ago:

    “I wish President Trump would have touched on the fact that aliens entering America illegally are not screened for diseases, such as TB, Hep-C, Leprosy, and similar highly contagious illnesses.

    It’s hardly a secret that the “migrants” entering from the southern border commonly find work in the restaurant industry, so every American citizens’ health is potentially put at serious risk, every time they eat out.

    It is absolutely ludicrous for Democrats to claim they have Americans’ best interests at heart, while refusing to endorse strong border security policies.

    It is also ludicrous for them to claim that the government will protect us from terrorists, as long as the borders are left wide open.”

    I will add that I am a son of immigrants to America. My parents came here, and worked very hard. They helped others along the way, and became naturalized citizens (even though they considered themselves to be proud Americans the moment they arrived).

    My parents, and every legal immigrant like them comes here believing in the opportunities that America has to offer.

    These Illegals have no interest in becoming American.

    Unlike LEGAL immigrants, they’re just here looking for handouts – if they were interested in becoming Americans, they would have enough respect for this country and her people to realize that they need to obey the laws of the land.

    Politicians allowing illegal aliens to come here at all is not only an insult to every American citizen, but also to every American immigrant who came here the right way, i.e “the legal way”.

    • Leprosy is a rare condition in the US. If you are concerned about contracting the disease, avoid wild animals or armadillos. The chances of contracting measles is higher.
      In your comment, you stated illegal immigrants have no interest in becoming American citizens. Where did you obtain this information?

  6. Hey Observer
    Do you know anything about the Berlin Wall? It works very well that’s why it had to come down. over there the goal was to take it down so that there would be no separation. over here we need just the opposite we need a wall up so that it stops

  7. The democrats are such spoiled rats all they care about is going against trump they don’t care much about america , its just 5 billion , democrats support border security but they can’t let trump get his way ,when trump said to pelosi if I open the goverment would we work something out with border security or a wall she said NO , she didn’t even say maybe or will think about it, simple and plain NO they don’t have any reason, all they say is that it’s so sad people aren’t getting paid ( and by the way the wall works 99.9% in israel)

  8. He promised that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. He very clearly said in the Wolf Blitzer debate that he would make Mexico hand him a check. It’s still on his website. If he wants taxpayers to fund the wall, he needs to explain to the American people why he is either unable or unwilling to do what he promised.

  9. The president promised he would build the wall and Mexico would pay for it. He failed and now he wants Americans to pay for it. He’s a lousy president and an equally bad negotiator.

  10. Of course the border wall is needed to control the rampant immigration of which many are trouble-makers and/or dangerous.
    I would agree to let them in if they end of living near Schumer and Pelosi. Maybe they can take a few into their homes.
    But even worse, is the disrespect that they show for the Presidency. Pure sore-losers. They could care less about America.

  11. Under Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) the feds funded $18 billion in soundproofing walls along US and State highways, yet the Dems won’t spend $5 billion for needed border security. Also if you believe the news media there is no support for the wall. We’re doomed by the far left progressive/socialist agenda.

  12. the argument of “he said Mexico will pay for it” is the most childish (or actually down right ridiculous) thing to claim as a reason for not building a wall and securing our borders.
    If the wall is needed for border security (and we desperately need it), then it should be built regardless of who pays for it.
    5 Billion is a small amount of $ when you look at our entire defense budget.
    it is also small compared to the return we will get on this investment. We will save Billions on not having to arrest, house, judge the illegal crossers and also on all the free things they get like health insurance, schooling etc.
    This is not even counting the lives that will be saved by preventing gangs, drugs and terrorists from crossing…
    So all you democrats that are brainwashed by your anti Trump party can keep throwing a tantrum while pounding the table saying “its not fair, he said Mexico will pay for it…

  13. How about punishing those who provide housing to the illegals, and who employ them. With no places to live, and no jobs to earn from, they won’t come, and those already here will start heading home. Likewise, public schools should not have a single illegal alien as a student.
    Those methods are cheaper and more effective than any walls.

  14. @ Concerned Citizen:

    If ILLEGAL ALIENS were interested in assimilating into America, and becoming Americans…they would COME HERE THE LEGAL WAY.

    That’s basic common sense. You don’t automatically make yourself a criminal in a country you’re hoping to obtain citizenship in.

    My parents came here, learned English, worked hard, became citizens, and started a business.

    NOT ONCE did they ever:

    – demand a handout of any kind.

    – demand that the laws be changed to accomodate them.

    – commit any kind of crime.

    – bring my siblings and I into the world, for the “anchor baby” status, a legal loophole many illegals use to circumvent our laws.

    The fact is, if we’re going to allow immigration of any kind, America should import worthwhile people, who intend to be productive members of American society, who intend to follow the laws we have.

    The last thing America (or the taxpayer) needs is additional freeloaders.

    The illegals should fix the messes in their own countries, instead of coming here to add to ours.

  15. Yechiel- like your family, my grandparents gave up their culture and language to become proud citizens. My niece is a military baby, and when my sister in law tried to get citizenship, my family had to sponsor her, agreeing that they wouldn’t collect assistance for 10 years. An American citizen baby wasn’t entitled to benefits so easily collected by illegals. (I’m not talking an anchor baby American. I’m talking a child whose father was proudly protecting our country).

    Most illegal immigrants work hard to support their family. They don’t commit crimes because they don’t want to be noticed and deported. Don’t blame them for wanting a better life. Instead, blame society and the owners that hire them. How many people pick the dry cleaner that charges less because the owner pays a Mexican $4 an hour? If you replace your roof, do you hire the $5000 roofer with an illegal team, or the $9500 American workers? Do you look the other way because that $4500 is your children’s food and tuition?

    Society says that they hate illegals. But when it comes to spending extra money, most people are hypocrites.

  16. Just wanted to add that we blame the immigrants for taking jobs away, but what about the corporations?

    Everyone from Ford to Nestle has plants in Mexico (now cheaper than China). L’Oreal closed a factory in NJ, taking away 300 AMERICAN jobs, so that they could open a larger one (1200 jobs) in Mexico. And the kicker is, it’s all “made in America”! Central America, but we’ll overlook that.

    Immigration is slowing down as the Mexican economy is increasing. But whether or not we have the wall, Americans are still paying dearly.

  17. It isn’t about the wall. I’ts about making it ILLEGAL for illegal people to live here. If it’s impossible for them to do anything here for fear of being caught, it would change around a lot of things. Instead of giving them programs and drivers licenses to help them…

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