Poll: Are You Vaccinated for Covid?

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  1. Of course I am! What kind of tipesh do you think I am?
    I read the propaganda pages against it that were sent around, and I was even more convinced that I should.

    • It’s not true to say that everyone who doesn’t is a tipesh. By the way the poll is going, it’s about hand and half, so you’re saying that half the people who took this poll are tipshim? There are conflicting opinions out there, and someone who doesn’t have all of the specific knowledge about it, which includes everybody, doesn’t necessarily know who to believe. In all honesty, I don’t think I’m a tipesh, and by the way people speak to me and act towards me, it seems that I’m not regarded by others as a tipesh, but I feel that I don’t know the truth in this.

  2. Even those who had Covid, it’s recommended you vaccinate. The antibody level is much higher (mine was 1500 from being vaccinated and not having had Covid) and provide a broader level of defense against reinfection from a new variant.

  3. of course I’m vaccinated

    #Thank you Hashem for the vaccine

    and #Thank you Hashem for

    MMR polio chicken pox vaccines

    thank you Hashem for dor yesharim for eliminating Tay-sachs

  4. I think the poll should be, if you are not vaccinated why are you not vaccinated? Did you get Covid and recovered so don’t feel the need or are you against the vaccine (tipiesh).

    • I am vaccinated, and I had covid. But I am not a tipesh, if there is something that can make me safer, why wouldn’t I take it?

  5. You should rather be asking whether s/o is immune. Who cares if they got the vaccine or had covid or whatever. The point is to be immune.

  6. Since when is everyone’s private medical history asked about in a poll?? everyone should come to a logical decision for themselves regarding taking the vaccine by asking YOUR doctor and YOUR rav and then minding their OWN business. We mock the media for influencing our decisions when we ourselves our doing the same exact thing by taking this poll and then posting comments with our “know it all” tone. There is no right and wrong- its person specific and should not be discussed. (

    • Since the start of covid, people have been whining about their own rights and their personal opinions. They have still not understood that a pandemic is not a private illness. If you want to eat a high carb, high fat, high sugar diet, and get sick, that is only the problem of your family, nobody else.
      But this is a plague, a pandemic. Your decisions affect others. You can’t announce, “I am making my own decisions, and everyone else should just go shove it”. There are others in the world besides you, and they need to live.
      Some things are private and some are public. You don’t ask YOUR rav how fast to drive on the highway, you can’t ask him about endangering the public with your behavior.

  7. I read that it could be a chiyuv midoiraisa to vaccinate! After I die I don’t want to find out that I killed someone. I’m not the least jelous of The olam haba of anyone that was responsible for someone else’s death, no matter whatever good things he or she did their whole life!

  8. Why would I take the vaccine if it kills ppl especially when it wasn’t approved by the FDA… And if u don’t believe that they didn’t approve it go on they’re website

  9. Yes, you are a tipesh if you haven’t vaccinated.

    Worse than that, you are being selfish because the longer people don’t vaccinate, the longer this accursed virus will circulate and mutate. I see rishus in that too.

    And no, there doesn’t need to be a 3rd option in the survey. The survey’s author doesn’t care whether you have antibodies. S/he wants to know if you got the shot – plain and simple – no chochmas.

    Most people going around saying they have antibodies probably don’t know if they have them, never got tested or even if they did, they are not taking into consideration that antibodies wear off.

    The fact the 50% of the TLS respondents say they have not gotten it is a chillul haShem.

    Go out and get it!

  10. So the vaccine is more effective against the delta variant than having recovered from covid? That’s not consistent with reality. If you have kept up with the recent data, the vaccine is barely effective against delta. However recovered covid is still extremely effective.
    Just see – Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monsey, Bnei Brak, Jerusalem which have almost zero covid now vs the rest of the world where its raging again vaccinated or not!

  11. @Simcha,
    Wow! What a mouth full!
    Other people disagree with you. But of course when it’s any other opinion against yours, the only possible right one is you. Right?

    A person who isn’t sure because there is a dispute, and he knows that he himself isn’t an authority, because he didn’t learn this subject sufficiently, isn’t a tipesh. Someone who fulfills what is written על מה שלא שמע אומר אומר לא שמעתי is referred to in the mishna not as a tipesh but as a Chochom.

    But someone who cancels other people’s opinions, with pompous self righteous confidence… What should we call a person like that? Or maybe we should not do name came calling, huh? Also a good idea.

    Work on your middos, Simcha. Then you might realize that you aren’t the be all and end all of all truth and wisdom. And then you might actually be able to learn some new things.

  12. I am not a tipesh. I can think for myself and I don’t need people or the government telling me to vaccinate. I hear how people who had the vaccine are still getting Covid, are able to transmit Covid etc. If you believe getting vaccinated works and your are vaccinated why be afraid of getting Covid from someone not vaccinated? Do what you want and I’ll do what I want and leave me alone if I chose not to vaccinate.

  13. If this would be just like any other vaccine from the past decade, I can agree that there is a low risk. But with a new mRNA vaccine not tested on women and children (some children in a recent study suffered neurological damage) and still not FDA approved, people have a right to be hesitant in harming themselves more. The risk of getting Covid vs vaccination side effects is higher for those over 55 but someone who is otherwise healthy or recovered from Covid the risk of getting Covid again (and dying from it) vs the risk of the side effects of the vaccine is lower. So each person has to weight the risks involved for themselves. There is a theory going around that the Delta variant is a result of the vaccine and it hasn’t yet been proven to be wrong. In addition, the CDC came out and agreed that vaccinated individuals can pass on the variant even more since they might be asymptomatic and not careful about wearing masks etc. so things are constantly changing. Five million people in Israel vaccinated and yet many vaccinated are getting sick five months after the vaccine as it’s shown not to last. We also don’t know the side effects on fertility yet and those who say they do, they are lying to themselves and to others.

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