Police Presence Quadrupled in Some areas in Lakewood; Expect to be Pulled over for Minor Infractions

Chief Lawson TLSIn light of the recent burglaries around town, police have been heavily monitoring certain neighborhoods around town, Police Chief Rob Lawson confirms to TLS.

“We have in fact quadrupled the presence in some areas,” says the Chief, though he did not specify the exact locations.

Many found the added police presence comforting, while some were wondering why there were that many more traffic stops in their neighborhoods.

“We are looking for criminal activity,” says the Chief, “so the officers are being proactive and will pull over a vehicle even for a minor infraction, such as failure to use their blinkers.”

The Chief also added that there is a lot of proactive police activity going on that residents are unaware of.

“What you see is only the tip of the iceberg – it’s only about 20% of what is going on,” said the Chief, and will obviously – for security and other reasons – not detail the extent of their investigation.


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  1. Happy to read this. Residents should still be careful about locking doors/windows. If you have cameras installed make sure they are set to record. If you have an alarm system – make sure that it is being used. These thieves will eventually slip up and make a mistake and get caught….. hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. Getting pulled over by a Police officer can be a harrowing experience. For many, it is their very first interaction with law enforcement and therefore is a very unfamiliar experience. Therefore, many people stopped by a Police officer will make the mistake of saying the wrong thing, and your case can be won or lost depending on what you say, or don’t say, to the Police officer.

    Always let the Police officer speak first. The Police officer will probably ask to see your license, car insurance and vehicle registration. Say “okay” or “sure,” then give over the documents. Many people make the mistake of insisting the officer tell them why they were stopped before they’ll comply.

    A police officer knows before leaving their vehicle, whether they’re going to give a ticket or just a warning. They may act as though they still haven’t made up their minds and are going to let you off only if you’ll cooperate. Don’t fall for this. The Police officer may be trying to appear open-minded in order to extract admissions out of you, to use them against you in court if necessary. The strategy is to try to get you to admit either that you committed a violation or that you were so careless, inattentive, or negligent that you don’t know whether you did or not.

    A Police officer may ask “do you know why I stopped you?” Or, “do you know how fast you were going?” Keep your answer brief and non-committal. Do not argue with the Police officer. Silence is not an admission of guilt and cannot be used against you in court.

  3. @esq-your permitted to ask why your being pulled over. Yes it’s a good idea to comply. There are officers that bully and try to flex muscle. Fortunately the great ones still weigh out the not so good ones. What I find funny is when they have a mini van pulled over full with kids and their mommy it appears they need backup.

  4. Don’t listen to Tom. The officer is obligated to give a reason for the stop; yet you as the person being stopped have an even greater obligation to comply with the law and identify yourself/provide documents. If you don’t have your license, your name, date of birth, and possibly address will suffice instead (expect to get a ticket for failure to produce license which is $180.00).

    Feel free to ask why you’re being stopped before handing over your documents, just don’t expect and/or demand the answer. Even a little respect goes a long way; however there is no need to be apologetic or make an admission of guilt. Some officers may tell you right away, others may have a practice of withholding that information until they know who you are. It’s truly a matter of personal preference for them.

    You may not be able to talk yourself out of a ticket, but you can certainly talk yourself into one.

  5. If you follow news in Lakewood, you’d actually know that many wanted criminals are caught when pulled over for minor traffic infractions. So maybe…..stop kvetching and try, just try to drive safely.

  6. So basically they will be giving tickets for not using blinkers even if no one behind you, 2 points.or stopping at the corner not 3 feet before at the line etc. To minivans that are obviously not criminal Instead of fighting crime

  7. Jog a thon did you know Son of Sam, serial killer was arrested based on a parking ticket. And 14 years ago there was a murder in Toms River. The suspects were arrested because they had a faulty wire with there break lights. So don’t sit there and say a traffic stop for a blinker won’t do anything

  8. It’s about time that they are pulling people over for minor infractions. Theu should pull people over for all unsafe driving habits and at least give warnings… seatbelts, stop signs, broken tail and headlights….

    Its time to clean up our roads.

  9. I got pulled over Thursday for giving a ride to a yeshiva Bochur. The cop wanted to give me 3 tickets – 1) for giving a ride to a hitchhiker 2) for obstructing traffic the third one I forgot.
    He told me has was nice and only gave me a ticket for obstructing traffic, and made the yeshiva guy leave my car
    Is this what the cops are busy with?
    I hardly do any chesed which is why I like giving rides to people that are standing on the street corners asking for rides. Should I stop giving rides? Not sure what to do but am pretty upset about getting this ticket

  10. To Moshe
    If u would have pulled over in a safe area I assume u would not have been stopped. We do not own the road. Use Sechel and pull over at a safe area u will b ok

  11. I wasn’t there so I don’t know
    But did you pull over to the side of the road and pick up bochur when safe to do so or just stop in the middle of road and pick him up

  12. I did not pull over to the side of the road but the cop told me that it is illegal to pick up a passenger even if I would have pulled over and was going to give me a ticket.
    Did anyone ever get a ticket in Lkwd for that if he pulled off to the side of the road?

  13. Moshe – it is illegal to give rides to hitchhikers, so you should stop doing it. You must obey the law.
    We expect Syrian refugees who come to America to obey American laws; we expect the same of you.

  14. I am always excited when there is a post about the Lakewood Police Department having the audacity to enforce these silly traffic laws (sarcasm). Inevitably, I am treated to posts that explain to me perfectly why driving in Lakewood is usually a nightmare. You get these geniuses (sarcasm) that typically argue 1) these are minor infractions or not infractions at all (invariably, their legal opinions demonstrate remarkable ignorance of the law); 2) LPD should not be hassling us with these silly things when they could be enforcing the laws against “serious” crimes; 3) the cops are anti-Semites or bullies, anything but the possibility that the commenter does not know the traffic laws or think he/she is simply more important than these silly little laws.

    As I say, this is a demonstration of why driving in Lakewood is a nightmare. Even on a short drive you can have the “pleasure” of experiencing drivers: stopping in the middle of the road to pick up hitchhikers; who have no idea what to do at a 4-way intersection and play “intersection roulette” ; who don’t fully stop at stop signs; who stop 20 feet past the stop sign if they stop at all; who think turn signals are simply “recommended”; who execute their left turns well after the light has turned red by simply tailgating the last vehicle that made it through the intersection on time; speeding; stopping to talk to a friend, “just for a minute”; double parking, “just for a minute”; parking in a handicap spot, “just for a minute”; blocking a driveway, “just for a minute”; not letting another car enter the road or change lanes, even though it is not going to cost more than a split second to extend the courtesy; and one of my favorites, executing a left hand turn by simply cutting in front of the intersecting cars on a 20 degree angle, rather than making a 90 degree turn around the intersecting cars so that they don’t almost have the front of their cars sheared off. These are just the ones I can think of on the spur of the moment.

  15. Simply follow the law. Most of you arguing about a simple traffic stop are probably the ones committing the infractions. If you cant follow a law dont drive. The article doesnt say lakewood pd pulling people over for no reason. It says minor infraction which is still an infraction. Brush up on how to drive and move on

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