Police Officer Transported To Hospital After Injuring Wrist During Arrest

ems_rigA Lakewood Police Officer was transported to the Hospital a short time ago after injuring his wrist while attempting to make an arrest, sources tell TLS. The officer was caught in a scuffle while attempting to arrest a middle aged man at the Leisure Village community, for an unknown offense, when he was injured.

The officer was transported by EMS to Kimball Medical Center.

The suspect was taken into custody by the injured officer and a backup officer, and charges are pending. TLS-CCP/TLS-JR/TLS-00.

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  1. And why is this news? Every time an officers runs out of breath chasing a suspect that should be news too? He was doing his job and had a minor injury get over it!

  2. It is news because a resisted arrest in Leisure Village is extremely rare. I’ve not heard of one before.

    Jeff Miller,
    Leisure Village Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

  3. Thanks Jeff, and to # 1, # 2, # 3, remember thanks to Unions they have excellent benefits, but since it was on the job, real tax payers like # 4 and myself have to pay the bill and we don’t mind.
    On a side note, the villages too are now plagued with minor problems as more and more siblings are living with their retired parents due to the current economic conditions. And it is Lakewood we are talking about where the officers really deserve every cent and benefit they get.

  4. Most of the arrests made in Leisure Village are “warrant arrests”. Such arrests are made in response to warrants issued for failure to appear in response to a court summons, or for contempt of a spouse-support or child-support order, or other situation not involving the commission of a crime within the village itself. In such cases resisting arrest is invariably futile, since the person has already been “caught” before and his/her identity is known.

    So, the “middle aged” person who was reportedly arrested and participated in a “scuffle” might not necessarily be a resident living with retired parents. We call in the police on occasion to arrest trespassers.

    Still, considering that Leisure Village is a fairly large tract (2433 homes, 3400 residents, 21 miles of roads with 45 bus stops, 53 miles of sidewalk), arrests are fairly infrequent.

    Jeff Miller
    Leisure Village Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

  5. To #1 and #3, why is this news and call LCSW? Ummm to #1 first, an officer was injured making an arrest this is news when it happens in the community you live in, if this person will fight an officer what would he do to you tough guy, and besides being injured the officer still made the arrest. To #2 what in the world can LCSW do against something like this, I didn’t know they were allowed to get physical with someone, oh yeah THEY CAN’T, THAT’S WHY YOU CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. #1,3,4 and 5 why dont u use your real name rather than hide like a coward u talk a big game, but while us officers put our lives on the line u just sit behind your computers, do us a favor if u ever get robbed beaten or u get scared because someone who isnt of your faith is walkibg by your house dobt call us figure out what to do on your own

  7. To number 8 first off I don’t believe your an officer maybe a crossing gaurd at best because if you are that’s pretty scary that you would threaten online not to do your job and about being a coward I don’t see your name posted so back off the hypocrisy thank you. Ps I have nothing against police officers esp in this town was questioning the need to make this new it maybe should be on a police blotter but its a small story

  8. If you even are an officer the problem really is you forget who you work for its not the township its we the people and the taxpayers who pay you’re salary so stop with you’re bickering grow up and be a man and do the job you were hired to do

  9. All the officers that have been killed on the line of duty why dont you go tell there families they dont deserve the benefits and there husband or wife made to much money, we dont make enough.

  10. Again buddy you’re missing the point if you don’t make enough go find a different job try that in the private sector you probably make more than three quarters of the tax paying residents who once again pay you’re salary

  11. And another thing the high crime rate in lakewood reflects very bad on the overpaid policemen if I was you’re boss I would start firing cops on who’s shift its happening on instead of hiring more and I guarantee crime would drop I’m just saying it the way it is sorry if I hurt anyone feelings

  12. To #7 justplainecrazy,

    The lcsw has hassled the police in over 3 arrests in Lakewood.
    The first was a kid stole a bike the second was a stolen stroller and the 3 rd was a stolen wagon from shoprite. So please don’t bash them they do help the lpd

  13. Maybe if the officer wasn’t so aggressive and had it out for everyone he wouldn’t have gotten into a scuffle. There r some cops who just think they r above the law and everyone is a criminal.
    Its cops like certain ones who issue citations to responding medical personnel that give the GOOD cops bad names. What was the officers name? Because the officers that work that section r great officers. I find it hard to believe it was one of them. And to the supposed officer. Stop being so defensive its ur job. U don’t need a pat on the back for everything u do. Nobody wishes any harm on an officer and its wrong to use the death of an officer as an example. But a sprained wrist requires an ambulance. if you were not on the job and sprained ur wrist would you call ambulance??

  14. Before you post a story TLS PLEASE get all the facts correct.
    It wasn’t a wrist injury it was an injury that warranted a transport.
    I’m sorry I can’t go in to further details.

  15. the officer probably has aflac insurance and is going to get paid a little extra for taking an abulance ride. vote 306 for sgt next yr…

  16. Steve2012 says:
    DECEMBER 12, 2010 AT 2:24 PM
    An ambulance for a sprained wrist? Who’s footing the bill? AFLAC!! is

    butterworth for sgt says:
    DECEMBER 13, 2010 AT 7:26 AM
    the officer probably has aflac insurance and is going to get paid a little extra for taking an abulance ride. vote 306 for sgt next yr…

    If you don’t already know you can not “vote in officers to positions”, it’s not done like that..Ye of little knowledge should not voice it here

  17. The scoop says a sprained wrist and everyone takes it and runs with it and posts their ignorant comments. As #18 stated, it wasn’t a wrist injury. But it really doesn’t matter, I can see the sheep blindly following one another. But we see everyday who puts on the uniform to go to work, and who don’t. Most of the ones who don’t can’t wait to post their comments, they have nothing else to do.

  18. The residential eyewitness account that has come to my attention indicates that this incident was no minor “scuffle”, but rather a very serious physical assault on a police officer. For the record, the residents of Leisure Village are grateful for the sacrifice police officers make by putting themselves in physical danger to enforce laws, keep the peace, and protect others. Let me remind you that last year four officers were shot executing a warrant in another part of town. It takes bravery and commitment to undertake that type of job, and the suggestion that an officer sought unnecessary medical attention is offensive.

    Jeff Miller
    Leisure Village Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

  19. thanks Jeff Miller,

    at least someone does a little research and doesn’t forget so easily what happened in our backyard last September.

    nothing against TLS at all… i visit the site quite frequently but people have to realize most of the information or “news” on websites such as this is second hand information. A lot of the times the information may be extremely accurate but people have to realize just because its on the internet does not mean that the information is verified and accurate all the time or at all.

    ignorance is bliss.

  20. #23 and #24 Thank you for your comments. And I agree, I also have nothing against TLS, they report what information they have, and try to get it to their readers while it is still news. Sometimes it isn’t always accurate, but it’s the responsibility of the readers and especially those who post comments should make sure they have the facts straight.

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