Police: Driver of SUV Had Suspended License; Detained by ICE

The driver of the SUV which collided last night with a 15 passenger van, was here illegally and had a suspended license, Police Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS.

The Chief says the driver, a Hispanic male who was released from the hospital, was charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Bail was set at $1,000 and he is being detained by ICE, who could extradite him, the Chief said.

Traffic & Safety Officer Erik Menck says the preliminary investigation indicates that the driver in question was traveling northbound and the 15 passenger was turning left onto Oberlin Avenue, when they collided.

There was a total of 15 patients, Menck says, some with serious injuries. One patient was airlifted to Jersey Shore Medical Center, and three other patients initially transported to Brick and KMC, were later transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center as well.

The crash is still under investigation. TLS.

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  1. It’s alright, Mr. Obama will come to his rescue with his immigration reform. Poor thing! The first thing they do when they cross the border is BREAK THE LAW.

  2. I find it almost humorous to bring up that he is an illegal alien. Since when does anyone care? There are THOUSANDS of illegals walking the streets and no one cares. You are paying for their schooling and healthcare. Still no one cares. But all of a sudden one causes an accident and we are up in arms? Come on. There are lots of people who have no idea how to drive. Most of them are legal.

  3. Illegal drivers get a suspended license even if they don’t have one… weird when they go to court to try to do something right they pay their tickets and get a suspended license for 6 months even if they don’t have one. this is very weird but it’s the way it works. I hope laws change because obviously something is not working here.

  4. #7 agree with you
    #8 are you an American native? If not you should return to your country also!
    By they way, where it says he was the one who caused the accident?

  5. It’s common knowledge that the majority of illegals obtain their driver licenses and car registrations in Pennsylvania, ‘regardless’ of where their actual domicile might be. PA is known as the State with very lax regulations. Their economy in general stinks, and every extra dollar coming in helps pay their government workers. Unfortunately for us in the neighboring states, PA has been willfully turning a blind eye to the KNOWN problem, while placing the rest of the LEGAL citizenry at risk for injury and/or death.

    In the case that a suit is brought in court on behalf of the many injured passengers (and the other driver is licensed by PA), I would seriously explore if there is a way to add the State of PA as a defendant in the case.

    Disclaimer: The above should not be construed as legal advice. But I do believe that court/legal pressure on PA is what’s necessary at this point to protect us all from the gross negligence and inaction from those in position to serve and protect.

  6. If the suv was traveling north on new hamshire ave and the van was turning left onto orberlin wouldn’t that make it the van’s fault causing the accident?

  7. What probably happened is the suspended driver never had a license in any state and was ticketed for driving without a license at some point. The DMV then gave him a dl number and suspended it for a period of time. That is probably the reason why he was suspended. Happens all the time with illegal aliens.

  8. Maybe the driver was from tent city and its ot his fault. If we would have bought him a house and payed for a chauffeur then this accident would have never happened. He is a victim. It’s not his fault, it’s OURS!

  9. #13 there is nothing wrong with immigrants as long as they are here legally and they obey the laws someone thats here illegally SHOULD be sent back to mexico

  10. This problem with illegal drivers on Lakewood streets is not recent. Nothing has been done about it. I have personally been practicing defensive driving in Lakewood for over ten years. When I see an out of state plate, I drive with caution and courtesy. I let them turn in front of me so that I can keep a closer eye on their driving. I keep a safe distance in case they stop suddenly and have no working taillights. I leave myself plenty of time to get where I need to go. This has afforded me a clean drivers record and a clear conscience.

  11. $1,000 bail what a complete joke. They sent him to ICE(which is in Newark) where he will remain until bail is posted. He is going to post bail and you will see him driving away with his new PA licence that he get on line from I.D Chief for $200.00 so this acciden will cost him $1200.00 and tens thousands of dollars in other fees for the rest of us.

  12. Wow..talk about biased people….not everyone who has a suspended license is an illegal immigrant…and if we did a clean sweep of all illegals in Lakewood..all the slumlords would be broke…

  13. To Frank B # 25

    “Iliterate” is one of the words that comes to mind when reading your biased comment. Why can’t you bother to read the very first sentence of the storyline???

    It very clearly quoted the Police Department as stating the driver to be both an ILLEGAL and driving with a SUSPENDED LICENSE. And yes, they thankfully did the right thing and turned over to ICE.

    Hopefully, when your driving you do better with your reading. Otherwise you may also end up being a Legal citizen with a suspended license.

    And by the way, 98 percent of Lakewooders are not landlords to “illegals.”

    I don’t think any of us has a problem with these “landlords” (from whichever city they reside in) losing their illegal tenants. They’ll just have to find a different use for their properties, or invest more money into their real estate and find other law abiding tenants for the even higher rents.

  14. The drivers status in this country matters a lot. There is no responsibilty. If there is an accident they can just run. They can always take a trip down south. They have no reason to obey the law.

  15. It amazes me when I see ppl just refer to ppl as immigrants when in reality “WE THE PPL” are all ppl who have migrated here because of or ancestors. The true Americans are the ones who were here before us Native Americans.

    Second, it wasn’t the illegals fault it was the other driver’s fault who was doing an illegal turn. Do some research ppls and stop judging before even know. I’m not up for a refor for “ALL immigrants but do agree that some are good ppl and do the country some good, like submit their returns every year and pay taxes. How to determine which are the bad ones is much harder. I am a Hispanic myself and understand the growing problem. Another thing ppl are mistaken about is that many of these illegas are not being suported by the government bc they are afraid immigration will be called so they prefer to live a more modest life on tight budgets.

  16. According to police Sgt. Frank Work the van made a sweeping left turn from the far right southbound lane onto Oberlin Avenue when it was hit by the Ford Expedition. It has nothing to do with Lakewood driving and all to do with a non Lakewood resident making a stupid driving decision that got lots of people hurt.

  17. For those who say a $1000 bail is ridiculous……all he did was drive the suv, ppl have to get around somehow. Now the other driver is legandhas a dl but made an illegal turn that caused the accident. Statistics say that there is less crime in places where illegal immigrants live. Wake up ppl, it’s not really about illegals this is turning out to be aobut racism.

  18. to number 35 there are good illegals but they are still breaking the law.If you break the law and do good the law says you must be deported. Everyone here are immigrants and theyre parents immigrated legally. if they would have come here illegally they would have been deported . the law is the law and hispanics are no better than anyone else. Native anmericans are not here illegal they are citizens who did not break the law .puerto ricans are ctizens they are not breaking the law. mexicans and others are. no exceptions.You want to be a citizen then youy must go through the lawful procedures of visa green card and citizenship if its too hard then go back.

  19. Hello I see all the comments and the fact of the matter is people are fighting for there lives and people are hurt really bad that needs surgery after surgery inculding my husband who was one of the passenger on the van now I how see it is both drivers are a fault hands down its not about race I feel the drivers are both to blame and whatever actions needs to be done is just that. Which is my opinion and everyone is entitled to do as they please and my prayers go out to all the people and families in this accident

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