Police Chief: Gun Permit Applications in Lakewood Spike, Especially Among Orthodox Residents

EXCLUSIVE: The recent talk about stricter gun laws in the works on a federal level has prompted a lot more residents to apply for gun permits in Lakewood, Lakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS.

The Lakewood Police Department, which reveiws the gun applications, has seen applications in 2013 already doubled from the average gun applications issued per month during 2012.

In 2012, there was a total of 235 applicants for firearms in Lakewood, which averages about 20 gun applications per month. 

In January of 2013, the Police Department has already received 43 permit applications – more than double the 2012 monthly average.

In an interesting twist, says Chief Lawson, recent applications is especially strong among the Orthodox community.

Several Orthodox Lakewood gun-owners tell TLS they have a collection of dozens of guns including pistols, rifles and others.

In 2011, TLS reported exclusively about a Frum (Orthodox) homeowner who held a would-be burglar at gunpoint after he attempted to burglarize his home in middle of the night. The burglar was held until police arrived and placed him in custody. There were no charges filed against the homeowner.

Though the application has not yet changed in New Jersey, the talk about stricter gun laws has prompted more people to take advantage of the easier process while they can. TLS.

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  1. Dear UncleMo,

    He has to make up for all the Jews that dont have firearms. All other Jews will now be motzie their chiyuv with these people who are moser nefesh to own so many firearms.

    Yours Truly
    Uncle Hersh

  2. Uncle Mo,

    Ok UncleMo, I will tell you WHY:

    Because they WANT to have DOZENS of firearms. Last I check, frum people also have coverage under the United States constitution. Sorry but nobody other than UncleMo really cares how uncleMo thinks they should live.


  3. #1 why does a frum person need a 6 cylinder car why can’t he have a 4 cylinder ? Do me a favor don’t worry about my needs and I won’t nosey into your needs

  4. the constitution makes no distinction as far as religion ,all rights guaranteed are to everyone so why would you say this Quote “Please tell me WHY does a frum person need DOZENS of firearms????”
    As long as you are not mentally challanged or have a crimminal record this question makes no sense? you do not need to explain why you have more than one car, one gun , one house, one boat ,for that matter more than one of anything . none of your business ……………………

  5. if they want to have a weapon it is their right to have one. I feel with the police department shrinking could be a reason as to why people are wanting to get a weapon. LPD is really short of Officers and soon there will have to be a breaking point and our town is going to have to hire a lot more police offficers. in my opinion.

  6. Wow!! Didn’t realize how many diehard gun-owners/supporters are on this site. I couldn’t care less if you guus own 100’s of guns. In fact, I’d love to own ONE myself if I felt it was safe around a home with children. I was just asking why a FRUM person NEEDS dozens. I didn’t ask about their RIGHT to own….Noone has answered the question yet. Relax everyone!

  7. Uncle M, I understand that you were not questioning the right for one to own dozens of guns, but why question the reason for owning anything at all???

  8. I think it’s one thing to have a firearm. It is another to have enough weaponry to stop a small invading army! I hope those things are locked away safely too. Kids find things.

  9. #1 UncleMo says: “Please tell me WHY does a frum person need DOZENS of firearms????”

    1. First of all, who are you to question, why any Jewish person does what with their money and other time?
    2. Because the person has an individual, American right too.
    3. Because your and my grandparents are ashes in Europe due to not have any guns to defend themselves from tyrants.
    …..any other questions?

    Now i have a question for YOU:
    1. If you are such a ‘die-hard’, what are you doing on the internet?

  10. assuming laws will change how will that affect ultimatly getting a permit if one is legally intitled to own one after going thru a security check
    it may take a month or 2 longer so what why the rush now??

  11. Mr. Conservative,

    What does guns and being on the internet have to do with each other??? And fyi, our grandparents are ashes in Europe because G-D wanted that to happen. Your dozens of guns ain’t gonna make one iota of a difference to G-D’s plans. I repeat; I never questioned the RIGHT to own dozens of guns, I never said it makes a difference to me…..All I asked, and still ask, is what use are DOZENS of guns to a frum person.

  12. It’s great, Obama the most anti gun guy. He Would love to Confiscate all guns (like all dictators) is causing record number of people to purchase more guns and stuck up on more amio.

  13. to # 26:
    in new jersey you need a firearms purchasers I D card to buy a B-B gun (rifle) if you want a B-B pistol you have to apply for a handgun permit just like you were buying a real handgun . yeah, i know that someone is gonna say “a bb gun is not areal gun?” yes it is but it is not powdered charged !

  14. I’m all for a non auto rifle/shotguns

    concealed handguns should be illegal
    just as submachine guns
    (they are responsible for more than 9/10 homocides)

  15. Banning concealed handguns only serves to make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

    The police have no constitutional obligation to protect you, so the state shouldn’t be making it more difficult to allow you to protect yourselves.

  16. Quote”(concealed handguns should be illegal
    just as submachine gunsthey are responsible for more than 9/10 homocides)’
    almost all are done with illegal weapons , so once again criminals dont care about laws WHY DONT YOU GET THAT?????

  17. Uncle Mo… (moderated)?

    And to answer your question “why would a frum (or anyone) need to own dozens of firearms?” It is to satisfy his desire to have something… anything that he rightfully and legally desires. I have a friend who owns dozens of pairs of sneakers. I don’t need dozens of pair myself and don’t think I ever would deisre to, but who am I to question him? People like to collect many different things. Stamps, baseball cards, figurines, Civil War relics, etc…
    I don’t understand why you would even care to ask that question, but I respect your right to ask. Respect his rights too.

  18. Uncle mo,

    If Hashem wanted the holocaust to take place (proof being: that it happened), then obviously Hashem wanted this frum guy to stock up on all sorts of firearms and weapons (proof being: that he actually stocked up).

    So that sort of answers why a frum guy has so many weapons – because Hashem wants.

  19. For the “misinformed”, (those who oppose my right to protect myself and family), please look at the history of Nazi Germany—look at how Jews fought off the German army in the Warsaw ghetto-look at the guns used- semi automatic pistols and rifles. What should they have used? Flintlock muskets. Wake up, never again!

  20. Meir Kahane said every Jew a 22 he was WRONG it should be a minimum of a 9MM better yet a 45ACP

    YEAH I have more than one

    Wouldn’t you like to know where I live BTW they are ALL LEGALLY LICENCED


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