Pitbull Attacks Child, Runs After Children Into Shul

UPDATED: A child is lucky to have escaped serious injury after being attacked by a loose pitbull, TLS has learned. Children were playing outside their Shul this past Shabbos afternoon, when a pitbull began attacking a child, sources say. The children began scattering, when two passing men witnessed the incident and pulled the dog away from the child.

But as the hysterical children ran inside the Shul, the dog reportedly got loose again and gave chase after the boys, and ran into the Shul.

One brave Mispallel however, grabbed the dog by its collar and threw it out the door.

The child suffered scrapes to his face, and was brought to a Doctor after Shabbos.

Police were called about the incident, but were reportedly unable to locate the owner. TLS-CCP/FL.

UPDATE: Tony Arrechi from Animal Control tells TLS they have located the dog and owner this afternoon in Coventry Square, and the dog  has been quarantined.

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  1. No one to blame but our dear friends
    Thank you again for renting out your house to…..

    But one message to my friend
    Could you please become my neighbor
    Put your kids in danger

  2. If the children weren’t taunting or abusing the dog, and the dog was just being vicious, it is very likely that they will euthanize the animal. Before killing the animal, please be sure that the kids weren’t terrorizing the dog. I’ve seen the nicest of dogs “lose it” because they were being severely abused by neighborhood children. Again, if this is a case where the animal attacked out of nowhere, they will put it down, and rightfully so.

    1. illegals
    2. drug dealers
    3. criminals offenders
    4. wanted fugitives living on the lam
    5. multiple adult illegal day laborers
    6. low life walks of life

    1. rob/steal
    2. assault
    3. shoot
    4. deal drugs
    5. invite low-life friends
    6. (moderated)
    7. degrade the property
    8. lower property values
    9. increase crime in town (further reducing property values)
    10. own dangerous animals that are trained to attack.

  4. not all dogs are bad, i must say. were the boys doing anything to get the dogs attention/bothering the dog? Lakewood boys often know nothing of the concept of tzar baale chaim….but im not pointing fingers bc i dont know the details. Just saying,duznt hurt to teach ur kid to respect animals, as then they will respect you (some dogs will attack anyways, but most wont)

  5. Hey Doggy Dog World: there is a leash law in this state, dog got loose and went after these children, tough, the dog gets put down and the owner fined, next time the owner will be more responsible.

  6. just for record this was the third incident with this particular dog and the landlord was contacted by coventry board and the tenant was dealt with. The dog was not being terrorized . Dogs are a mans best friend but not pitbulls, rottweilers etc. The only guys that own those kinds of dogs are drugdealers and gangmembers etc

  7. I live on this block and this was the third time that this dog attacked children. Police reports were filed , animal control was called but the dog still running loose ! It’s outrageous ! Why do we have to wait till someone really gets heart for something to be done ?

  8. Hey #13 Anonymous:
    “The only guys that own those kinds of dogs are drugdealers and gangmembers etc”
    I have a “pitbull” and i am a legally-employed, taxpaying, non gangmember. So whats your logic now? Most of the time its the way the dog is raised, not the breed. And i’ve seen neighborhood kids terrorize dogs all over lakewood, no that this is the case in this instance. Please dont generalize- you dont like it when others do it to you and i cant moderate your comment.

  9. “its the way the dog is raised, not the breed.”
    -WRONG. character is character. just because your dogs character TODAY is timid, doesnt mean tomorrow it cant snap and go nuts tomorrow. these dogs were engineered to be fight/attack dogs. owning this dog is like owning a lion. they can be great and sweet, but if it snaps- WATCH OUT.

    i have 2 chihuahua’s one year apart and both raised together the same way. 1 is a lunatic k9/patrol-dog-wannabe, and the other is a stuffed toy/loving/lap dog.

    dogs are animals. lions are animals. animals SHOULD NOT BE STRONGER OR MORE DANGEROUS than its owners- otherwise its like buying a bomb and giving it a name, a leash, and taking it for walks. the only way i would ever live with a pit-bull or rottweiler is if i was armed constantly and the dog was on an electric collar.

    ITS TIME FOR SPECIAL PERMITS FOR PITT-BULL & ROTTWEILER OWNERS. — IF I HAD TO GO THROUGH CLASSES AND PERMIT PROCESS TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE….. these dog owners should go through the process of owning such a dangerous “toy”.

  10. I’m happy the dog was taken away because it is irresponsible of an owner to let it’s dog lose. I don’t care if the dog is friendly but it obviously wasn’t to these children. I’m happy the child is okay and I hope the owner got a fine for this.

  11. I own 2 Pitbulls. I work for the government, pay my taxes and I am a responsible dog owner.
    I have personally seen children in the community taunt dogs. It is cruel and can only lead to no good no matter what the breed is. Stop teaching your children to be afraid!!!!

  12. Any dog can bite! Any animal with teeth can bite. Teach your children to not run. Dogs will chase you even if it is just to play. Some dogs like to run and play and don’t realize some kids don’t know better!

  13. Have a friend who rescues pitbulls. They can be the sweetest pets and are especially great with kids and protective of their families. Unfortunately, some are abused, raised for fighting, and are left to roam the street; others, left for dead. It’s the responsibility of their owners. Happy to hear that no one was seriously hurt. As far as “only drug dealers have them.” Someone has been watching too much TV.

  14. All you proud dog owners: I wanna see you just stand there at the tender age of 5-6-7 or 8 years of age while being mowed down by a pit-bull. It isn’t fair to just jump to conclusion that the lakewood children have no clue how to treat animals!!

  15. I work in a hospital. Have worked with three victims of vicious dog attacks. ALL 3 were mauled by pit bulls. I think this does say something about the breed. Some, though, are sweet and child friendly – but I personally don’t think it is wise to take chances ona breed of dog that it known to frequently behave unpredictably and violently. More importantly, though, only 1 of the 3 pet OWNERS I’ve met was “interesting” (don’t want to characterize more than that). 2 of the 3 were nice normal citizens, 1 of whom had adopted her 2 pitbulls from a shelter. And many more fine, upstanding people own these dogs. So please, you can encourage people not to own this breed or bring into your neighborhood – but don’t characterize those who own them!

  16. To #21, the children have to be taught how to treat a dog. My experience in Lakewood is; you do not own dogs, so therefore education needs to come into play how to approach and treat them accordingly. So stop being so defensive!!!!!!

  17. There was a comment here that I no longer see; their child was scratched in the face by that pit bull and they waited to bring that child to the doctor after Chabbos, isn’t that considered child abuse????????? I personally wouldnt care what day or time it was, it my child my attacked by a dog. I would high tail it to the doctor………..

  18. Why is it always illegals and gang members? Maybe the children were teasing the dog, I have seen this happen. If you don’t know the dog just walk away. Even the smallest pet can turn to protect itself.

  19. The only way to deal with it is to publicize the name of the owner of the home. After all they believe there is nothing wrong with renting to these thugs so why are they opposed to their name goin public.

  20. Resident: you asked if Mr.C has a job, because he has a lot to say?

    Look who left 3 comments in a row!
    Don’t be immature and question irrelavant things. Stick to the topic.


    stick to the topic, just because people dont agree with your views, doesnt mean you can resort to ghost-lighting and talking about me or my job/free time. silly liberal.

  22. I have a staffordshire terrier aka bulldog and 3 small children. They climb all over him and tug on his ears and tail and he just cries until they realize they are hurting him. It’s definitley the owner and not the kind of dog it is. Chihuahuas are known to be nasty as are a lot of other small dogs but no one recommends a permit for them. That’s ridiculous. A lot of bad people who have trained their dogs to be mean shouldn’t ruin the reputation of a entire breed. I’m glad the child didn’t get seriously injured and the owner who didn’t keep the dog chained should get a fine.

  23. From the article:
    The child suffered scrapes to his face, and was brought to a Doctor after Shabbos.

    Who knows where that dog’s mouth has been or what diseases he could be carrying.
    Yes, the parents should have taken the child immediately for medical care, even on Shabbos. I’m sure G-D wouldn’t have minded.
    As for child abuse, one of a parent’s jobs is to protect their children from harm (by providing medical care when necessary) . You can be the judge.

  24. Putting the Pitbull issue aside for a moment, I would like to draw everyones attention to the last three comments posted by “resident”. He – or she – is a testimony to the few boneheads who comment here: He lambasts Mr. Conservative for spending all his waking hours commenting on this site and then “resident” posts an additional two comments! Now, whereas Mr. Conservative on the whole has very valid points, “resident” is actually showing us where his/her true residence is: in a room with rubber walls. And by the way, your subliminal anti-semitism isn’t too subliminal. And the word is Shabbos, not Chabbos or Chopstix or whatever.

  25. I thought the Coventry association banned pit bulls as pets in the neighborhood? I think the association needs to clean out some of the renters ASAP!

  26. How is a scratch or scrap an attack??? If the dog was “attacking” the child the child would have had more then surface injuries. Some dogs don’t realize how big they are and how over powering they can big, regardless of the breed. If the child was “attacked” emergency treatment would have been needed.

  27. two pointa..first of all,i agree with the person regarding teaching childen brhavior with animals..most residents [adults/childen] are extremely fearful of dogs. there are lessons to be learned when approaching or being confronted by an anim,al. the major lesson is don’t run.look at the animal and with a stern voice say “go away!”.children need tp learn defensive tactics,not fear. perhaps an animal expert [possibly someone from animal control]could post some pointers.finally,as a previous dog owner and having neighbors with pets..i have/and witness children teasing and abusing animals. parents,even if you don’t like pets..you must teach your children proper treatment.of animals. as for this dog,it probably was raised to be aggressive. i recently visited a relative [with my young grandchildren] who own a pitbill. my only problem with this dog was he was too friendly with the kids!

  28. Yes me again! I was talking about the issue, but of course you think I am throwing stones, which I am not. I said children should be educated whether the dog is large, medium or small and breed. And no matter what day or time it is, that child should have had medical care PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. in defense of resident

    to # 32 you cannot tell someone they have anti simitism and have a secular lifestyle.
    Because i think that when you have this life style you desire to be away from other cultures and lifestyle ,you are yourself anti social.

    in other words the pot should not call the kettle black

    we illegals embrace everyone no matter what race , culture , religion
    this is just my opinion,,,,, don’t get uptight about it,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    (we cant all be on welfare, some of us have to work)

    (and dont blast someone for not having a life/job – and then post 3 comments in a row. hypocrite!)

  31. if anyone remembers the show called THE LITTLE RASCALS, Petey the dog was a pitbull, they have been around forever, they are sweet dogs as long as the owner raise’s them right

  32. I too live on the block of the shul. I don’t know or care much about the type of dog, all I will say is, this one had issues. This was not the first incident with this particular dog. It had nothing to do with how the children were treating it. It was out to attack innocent people, and it should be eliminated. Period. I don’t care if pitbulls are sweet, this one was sick in the head. My children have become so scared of dogs, as it is frightening to see such a thing.

  33. To Mr. C., I did not post anymore comments, guess these are from other liberals, LOL. Guess other people feel the same way I do. And to add I am not on welfare, I work very hard each and every day to keep others on welfare.
    And to #45 loved Petey what a great dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. This dog has done this _how_ many times??? 3??? Shame on animal control for not removing this dog from what I would say is a very irresponsible owner. If this was going on in _my_ neighborhood, for the sake of the children, that dog would _not_ again see the light of day. Children have a right as human beings to play outdoors in a safe environment…no dog owner has the right to take that away. The residents and administration of Coventry need to take action if the police/animal control won’t. Someone wants to own a dog that attacks people needs to take up residence in the middle of the Pine Barrens where they don’t have neighbors.

  35. This is the third attack by a pitbull within the last month in our area alone. A toddler was hospitalized with severe bite marks by a dog that jumped two fences to get at her. The dog was involved in another attack just two weeks prior. A woman was attacked by a pitbull whose owner ordered the dog to attack. She suffered severe injuries. An owner was attacked by her pitbull and hospitalized. I haven’t seen any other breed involved in attacks. They should be banned.

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