PHOTOS: Mesivta of Eatontown Kicks Off Building Campaign

Alumni Group ShotPHOTOS: by J.S. On Sunday, February 16th, the Mesivta of Eatontown kicked off their building campaign with an alumni event at a local restaurant.

The room was filled with alumni, hanhalah, and supporters of the yeshiva who gathered to start the next phase in the yeshiva’s growth. As the rabbeim mingled with their talmidim the sense of joy and excitement was palpable.

The Rosh Yeshiva R’ Sender Kaszirer spoke of how, when discussing the donations for the Mishkan, the parsha says there was “dai v’hoser”, ‘there was enough, and there was extra’. If there was “enough”, the Ohr HaChayim asks, why was there “leftover”?

The answer illuminates an entirely different aspect. The material donated for the construction was actually exactly enough. What was “left over”, however, was the feeling and passion with which Klal Yisroel had donated to the holy Mishkan. This priceless love and connection to Hashem and His House would forever remain, and be ‘left over’, for generations.

Rav Hutner, ZT”L, used to say that in the old days a yeshiva was a Mishkan, a place where people went to be elevated and closer to Hashem. These days, however, a Yeshiva is not so much a Mishkan as a Teiva, an Ark in a Flood: an individual unconnected to a yeshiva, beis medrash, or a rebbe is adrift. The Mesivta of Eatontown, Rabbi Kaszirer said, provides exactly this life giving connection for its talmidim.

The Rosh Yeshiva closed with the famous words of Dovid HaMelech: “Even moau haboinim haysa L’rosh pinah, the stone that people ridiculed is not the cornerstone”. In his youth, everyone made fun of the idea that Dovid HaMelech would amount to anything—and yet he went on to become the beloved King of Israel, and began building the Bais HaMikdash. The Mesivta of Eatontown, Rabbi Kaszirer continued passionately, has heard plenty of naysayers claim that it would never last–but here, tonight, looking around, surrounded by the successful graduates of the yeshiva, it is truly “haysa l’rosh pinah”.

R’ Mordechai Kaszirer, a Rebbe in the Yeshiva, spoke of the dreams the hanhalla has for each talmid… and how wonderful it is to sit in a room full of realized dreams.

He recounted the story of how, when he was the school administrator, the yeshiva board made a decision one year that due to increasing budgetary concerns it could no longer offer any tuition breaks to its students. One day he received a call from a parent whose son was applying for the next year, who needed a tuition break. With a heavy heart R’ Mordechai told the parent that although he would love to give tuition breaks it was simply not possible that year. After he hung up, however, R’ Mordechai felt terrible. He called the Novominsker Rebbe, shlita, to ask his advice on the matter. “The Mesivta of Eatontown is doing vital work,” the Rebbe told him. “It is imperative to do whatever you can to accommodate each bochur.” Since then, R’ Mordechai finished, to applause, the Yeshiva has never turned down a bochur for financial reasons.

With an unparalleled blend of hadracha and sense of family the Mesivta of Eatontown is truly a unique yeshiva that produces unique results. For dinner ads, dedications opportunities or more information please call 732.344.0663. You can visit MOE online at

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  1. Ah, mamish a chizuk to once again to see MOE on the scoop!

    This article just brightened my day. Too bad it wasn’t posted in the morning 😉

    The mosad is an amazing makom aliyah.
    The bochurim there love it.
    The rabbeim and rosh yeshivah are awesome.
    What more could you ask for?!

    Rabboisay, please open your wallets and give with an open heart.
    Your money will go to good use, guaranteed!

    Hatzlachah with the campaign .

  2. I love Mesivta of Eatontown!!!!! I know the Rebbeim there personally. From Reb Sender Kaszirer to Reb Modche Kaszirer to Reb Meisels to Reb Avrohom Yeshaya Mermelstein to Reb Pinter-such unbelievable Rebbeim. These Rebbeim give up so so much of their time to give each and every Talmid the Love they need to succeed. The yeshiva should have much Hatzlocha in their new location. The talmidim are so happy there. MOE keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

  3. As a proud parent of Mesivta of Eatontown, Kol Ha kavoed. Continue in your Holy work Rabbi Kaszirer. You are continuing Klal Yisroel. May you go forth. Chazk!

  4. Rabbi Mermelstein, we can’t thank you enough for your endless hard work that you put into the Bochurim. Our son is a changed person. Your love and devotion is unbelievable! Hatzlocha with everything!

  5. I had the opportunity to see one of the bochorim meeting a Rebbe, (I believe it was R Zvi Pinter), in a seforim store in Woodbourne this past summer .The love respect and affection one had to another, made me and the others in the store wishing we could have gone to MOE as well .Thanks for helping all the kids in klal yisroel and much hatzlocah in your new home

  6. This yeshiva is wonderful.

    Kudos to rabbi sender kasirer, rabbi Modche kasirer, and rabbi mermelstein.
    They do a great job.

    Oh and how can we forget the amazing rabbi meisles.
    He is a one of a kind spectacular rebbi.

  7. If people knew what this mossad is accomplishing,
    they would chase rabbi kaszirer to accept their donations.
    Every person in that room was once out of yeshivah, out of luck, out of last chances.
    Look at their smiles, their obvious happiness to be in their rabbiems presence.
    This is hard work.Please Lets Be Mechazik this mossad.

    This Mossad is hatzalas nefoshos mamash

  8. oy i wish they would of had this yeshiva around when i needed it,rabbi merms would have for sure saved me.He is the best man on two feet.I would like to they his rebbetzin for always allowing her chosuve husband be there for me and the klal,and especially the sushi pie!

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