PHOTOS: ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protests taking place in Lakewood; Local businesses affected [UPDATED]

Immigrants took to the streets today to protest Trump’s immigration plan, and protests are taking place right here in Lakewood.

The ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protest asked workers not to show up to work and school today.

Many local businesses and schools are reporting being affected by their employees not showing up, and at the Lakewood High School, many immigrants reportedly did not show up to school.

One resident tells TLS his wife works at one of the public schools, and will now need to work an extra day at no pay due to the protests.

He explained, when there is less than 80% of students in attendance, the day needs to be made up another day. Today, he said, approximately 50% of students failed to how up to school.

Several dozen men, women and children – some holding signs – took to Red Square in Downtown Lakewood to protest.

The goal is to prove to the Government that immigrants are needed to keep the Country afloat.

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  1. I had 9 Spanish workers no show up today to work I fired them and already have non Latino workers filling their positions I hope that everyone fires their illegal workers hire Americans and these criminals will all go home

  2. Just because you think your needed doesn’t give you the right to break our laws, get out and wait on line and we the people of this country will decide if your needed

  3. fact is that they are illegal and that’s that. they make things quite expensive for us. im sure americans can fill their places since we need to create more jobs for americans. so just take the illegal’s places. and then we don’t have to pay for all their public schools and who knows what

  4. ICE should send a couple of buses and pick them up.

    Not sue why they think they have a right to be in our country. They drain the system and us fools pay high property taxes.

  5. Are they missing the boat? Immigration is great as long as its done legally!!!
    Don’t come here illegally when people are waiting and trying very hard to be legal

  6. Seen like u have a grudge against us immigrants but don’t forget that we worked harder then many people for far less than what you supposed to pay us???

  7. I don’t believe my eyes, come here illegally and are lucky to get a job and then start makin protests!!!! Get out of our country! I promise we’ll survive with out u

  8. Hey Mario you didn’t work harder for less then u deserve!
    You are ilegal and yummy don’t pay taxes. We who are either citizens or LEGAL immigrants get paid wages the legal way and we PAY OUR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES!!! in addition we also pay for your benifits such as medical etc.
    Lets also not forget the crime that are done by far to many illegals .
    So why don’t you just go back home and apply for legal entry.
    I’m not against immigrants but I’m against the iilegal ones

  9. The compassion is unbelievable. People like you and me, with families dreams and hopes, should not be treated as (moderated). Perhaps they broke a law or two, does that make their lives worthless? Should that remove any compassion from our hearts?

    Even ignoring compassion, what about self interest? We employ them, we use their services, we benefit from their being here. Why should we shoot ourselves in the foot for some high falutin idea of some laws (conveniently ignoring other laws)?

  10. What businesses need to do is what I heard a friend of mine do. Tell them if you don’t come tomorrow/today don’t bother coming back ever.

    Lo and behold everyone showed up the next day!

    It’s unbelievable to think that people are fighting something they really want, BORDER SECURITY! But because Trump is the one doing it, it is anti immigrants bla bla

    No one is anti immigration, we are anti open borders, illegal immigration!!!!!

  11. The U.S. accepts 2 million LEGAL immigrants per year. More then the entire Europe combined.

    There is a limit how many immigrants a country can absorb at once. Wages have been stagnant for 2 decades, ESL students cost the school district 17K per year per student.

    Illegal is illegal, and there is a reason for it.

  12. It’s very interesting how you all bash illegal immigrants yet you fail to realize all your cleaning ladies and all the people who work for you are almost all illegals. A lot of them have working visas and are still here illegally. Imagine having to do all your workers jobs. And having to clean your own house. Goodness!

  13. Sorry to repeat what others have commented before me, but it must be said again and again. Immigrants are great and we’re happy to help them, just as our ancestors were helped, IF THEY COME LEGALLY AND PAY TAXES. If you break the law, even if you don’t like the law, you take the chance of being caught.

  14. @mario Commenter “Izzy” is 100% correct! Factor all the taxes that we are paying to see if you are really working for less. If a cleaning lady gets $12 an hour, and doesn’t pay employment taxes ( and goes to the emergency room for free care every time she has a headache), I think that number is easily more accurate assessed $16 an hour. Not bad pay when you consider that a legal job at McDonalds pays minimum wage!

  15. It’s hard to think that u say that Izzy or wherever ur name it’s we do pay taxes and for us medical care it’s more expensive some people say that we steal jobs from American citizens but the truth it’s the no one does those jobs but us

  16. It would have been a great opportunity for ICE to gather up all the illegals around the country , they are all in one place, no finding their hiding spots.
    Their employers should be boycotted and fined for hiring them anyway.

  17. Every word I have read it’s totally understandable. But in a way I can’t believe someone would hired “Criminal Immigrants” everything was done in a wrong way. If they wanted to be heard their was no need of all of this or they could’ve have think on their jobs. Maybe if someone would actually take a little of their time to listen it wouldn’t have gone this far. Ask for a day off and make all of this happen. Now to be a CRIMINAL you don’t have to necessary be illegal. There’s tons of Legal people out in this country killing, robin, hurting. etc.. I’m not defending and I’m not against anyone. But what gets me frustrated is people talking and bashing immigrants. Come on there’s so much hate all around the world, so why make it worse. If they don’t hurt you or disrespect you there’s no need for you to do it. Yeah they should be thankful many people out here are willing to give them jobs. But not because of that they should be treated like they are worth much less than any other. Can’t believe all of this is happening and most of all can’t believe how much hate you all have for Immigrants. Not trying to argue or disrespect anyone, I’m trying to make a point on all of this. Everyone has an opinion on all of this, just keep your negativity aside and continue with what you’re doing. At the end of the day we all have the same destine, if you want to help them out by hiring them go ahead you’re doing a great thing because they have families. Though if you don’t want to, no one is forcing you. Enough of this.!


  19. The best way to deal with illegal immigration is to start upholding the laws on the books and fine / take away the business licenses of those that are caught hiring illegal immigrants.

  20. Yes many are illegal and many are not, but to use terms like “ship them back” sounds no different then racists saying it about African American and Jews. I know a lot of these workers from Mexico, alot of them came here for the American dream and to get away feom proverty which was no different than our grandparents. Yes they may be here illegally, but they are looking for a better life. Hundreds if not thousands work hard in Lakewood, and it’s just so discusting the language that is being used.

  21. Can’t believe at all the ignorant comments. I suppose you do not know the history of the land in which you are in. We are all immigrants whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not. We are all humans, we are all equal like it or not. The fact that you guys hire these “illegals” and then shame them makes you no better. If you did not like them why hire them in the first place? America depends on immigrants the same way you hired them because no “americans” know how or work like immigrants do. How many times do you guys go down town to pick up these people so they can construct all the building in lakewood? Or do any other job? Everyday because no “americans” show up. You and like America need immigrants!!

  22. to Amazing! im so unimpressed that all you care about is your food. im actually quite upset that I work so hard every day and sit at work when I should be at home taking care of my house and children and then a ton of money goes to taxes for these illegal immigrants. total stealing from our country! if you become legal u are welcome

  23. I have nothing against immigrants, I have nothing against immigrants but one cannot take it lightly that those who come illegally are… Guess what?- doing it illegally! I’d love to get free health care, no taxes, etc. If I who was born and bred here, who works hard and follows laws cannot benefit from that, why in the world should some illegal be able to??
    Do you think I can March into any country try now and demand services without following the law or attempting to become a citizen?

  24. Everyone is saying it over and over. There is nothing wrong with immigrants. Legal legal legal. Everyone is basically an immigrant ,they came here legally and pay taxes and are part of society.
    The problem is the illegal immigrants,who take from this country and give nothing in return. Plus they are breaking the law by being here illegally.
    The solution is not to hire illegals.
    Stores hire legals. Cleaning help hire legal.

  25. Why is everyone so upset about the illegals? I”m sure many of them wish they could be here legally but there’s a quota and many laws and waiting periods to become legal. and they need to support their families,t hey’re not here on vacation to chill. Why make it so much harder for them? what’s with all the hate??

  26. Anyone who strikes because they are an “immigrant” makes this whole strike laughable and proves their low IQ. There has never been any action against immigrants or this country wouldn’t exist. The term illegal immigrant should be changed to simply “illegals” and there would be nothing to talk about

  27. I urge each and every commenter to think before they post. You are referring to human beings and each person deserves love and respect. That being said, think of what happened to the thousands of Jews that attempted to enter this country while fleeing the war.

  28. This whole conversation is a perfect example of how the left and their pals in the media haveturned the whole concept inside out and framed the issue into something it is not.
    It is NOT about immigrants. Nobody is saying that immigrants shouldn’t come here (except for the regular racists and xenophobes) Nobody is saying that we ourselves are not descendants of immigrants. What we are saying is that immigrants have to come in legally – as did my ancestors. there is a reason for the laws on the books. No country can just throw open their borders and allow whoever wants to to just come in. It might make Jesse and all the libs feel good about themselves, but it is a recipe for disaster. Just like Jesse herself wouldn’t allow 150 strangers to just come in to her house to sleep or work one day, we cannot allow just anyone to come in and overwhelm our education, our healthcare, our social services etc.
    This is the reason why trump was elected! People are sick and tired of the media telling us that boys are really girls, that every cop who doesn’t allow someone to kill him is a racist and that everyone who wants common sense immigration laws to be enforced is an evil racist.

  29. Happy to weigh in! I had illegal immigrants cleaning my house and every time they stole jewellery or money until I got sick of it. I called the cops, and the women would lie to the cops.
    So now I hire American women who do the job very well for the same price. They also do not demand a taxi. They do not steal. They speak English. Very satisfied!

  30. To: Loops
    I’m not tying to make myself feel good. I just left my opinion openly as you all are doing it. Totally understand what you said but I can’t and will never try to make people agree on what my thoughts are. I just didn’t like the way everyone or almost everyone is talking. No need to disrespect. I also would love to follow every rule that every country has as if it was my home. Though I know I sometimes don’t even follow my own. So all I try is to do things without affecting others.
    In conclusion all I wanted was people to give the respect they think they (themselves) deserve as well. May everyone else have a great day.

  31. im frankly disillusioned to see such hate posted by our fellow community members .what happened to compassion and mercy ? Compassion doesn’t stop because you feel illegals are a burden to the system .

  32. It is so sad the the main stream media keep saying immigrants, implying all immigrants are being targeted. This is false. President Trump is targeting illegal immigrants, starting with the convicted felons. He has NEVER said he was against immigration just the illegal immigrants. The press needs to stop the lies and half truths.
    And as far as not having a heart for the immigrants, again false just the legal immigrants are welcome.
    This is a smear campaign by the media and the Democrats against the President. The only way we can stop this is by voting out the Democrats in November.

  33. Please don’t post messages that are as uncaring as these. I’m horrified reading the shameful opinions. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. BTW, my cleaning lady is fantastic. I’m so glad she’s here.

  34. you can blame the govt for allowing all this illegal immigration – they havent protected the borders as they should have. true that many of these people are nice and work hard, but a day without (illegal) immigrants is not really a fair thing, unless all the (illegal) immigrants ALSO withdraw from medical care, food stamps, free schooling and other social programs that are draining us.

  35. To all those people that think that by ramplacing them is that solution just wait a week working with the new workers and then u see what’s the a business owner

  36. Oh yeah replacing them by Americans that don’t work on holidays,call out on sickdays so often,want a break every 2 or 3 hours,and work less lol
    By a business owner

  37. A man must take a stand against such shameful and hypocritical voices.

    How many of you have entered the trades but do no work because it is good enough for you to use unskilled laborers? How many of you do not do your civic duty of taking out your garbage because it is good enough for you to use your cleaning lady to bring it out? Does it blow out onto the street?

    The people protesting and their Lakewood born children are here because of you employ them and most of you use them to do what you properly should be doing yourself as citizens.

    You should be grateful that this protest was not on eruv Shabbos.

    These people are at risk of not staying with us. Their children are under our wings for their education and we have invested in their welfare.

    The worst shame is not the hypocrisy but the lack of respect for our American First Amendment.

  38. Illegal immigrants am very proud of u for not showing up to work. Stay home tomorrow and the next day until the rest of the year. And go back to your country

  39. This is very sad to read. I expect more from this community. The fact of the matter is everyones house in lwood was built by illegal immigrants who take far less pay then the averaage american worker. I have an extremely hard working wonderful housekeeper who has kept me going for years. She does not steal and she is honest and kind. if she were legal i do not know that id be able to afford her. i just built a house and need work done and every “american” i get price quotes from is astronomical. All of you should think before you speak. these people do not want to be illegal but the process of becoming citizens is EXTREMELY difficult. there are many different kinds of people on foodstamps who do not necessarily need to be. Do not open hate no one will benefit from it.

  40. Maybe the US should think of making immigration easier and they won’t have to deal with all those illegal immigrants! Many people would be glad to come in legally if only the US didn’t make it so difficult..

    The comment about stealing, lying cleaning lady was unwarranted – I have had the same lady for the past 9 years, she has never stolen a pin, is hard working and reliable. She left 2 young children behind in Mexico and my heart bleeds for her. If only the US didn’t make it impossible to come in legally, she could live here like all of us with her kids.
    At one point I had an American nurse, born and bred here, and she not only stole cash and jewelry in a span of 2 days, she even walked out with some of my newborn’s undershirts hidden under her uniform!

  41. Mexicans and Canadians can not do the green card lottery. I am unfamiliar with visa process in canada but in Mexico if you dont own land or animals and have appro. $20.000.00 in the bank then you can not even get a visitor visa. If a family member applies it can take up to 10 yrs. I worked for 23 yrs in social services undocumented aliens do not get benefits their us child does yes. Charity care at the hosptital is based on income undocumented can not get medicaid but can get emergancy service if they are income eligible. “Illegals do file taxes but can not get earned income credit or any other tax credits. Just straight dependent and straight deductions. They can not get unemployment or disibilty and should they die and had worked their children can not get RSDI because whosever ss# they used gets the funding.They are forthcoming when they apply for benefits for their us born children their income is counted when determining eligibilty for their US born children but they are not counted in the household more then likely making them ineligible. Most importantly their are many illegals from many countries but Mexicans stick out because they look different and speak different.There are undocumented canadians Isrealies irish and other European countries but many look “white” so they are not harrassed As far as taken jobs well I don not see many americans lining up for those menial jobs. Maids farmhands landscapers bus boys dishwashers and stock clerks even construction. Anercans complain but try advertising your open jobs long hours no ot work on their holidays and off on your holidays get their pay dates changed or held until the boss feels like paying.See how many Americans apply. Before spewing facts you think are right look them up wrfare laws are online. So are snap and medicaid. Do not judge someone until you have walked in their shoes….

  42. Some of you have no shame. How dare you say take all these illegal immigrants and take them back to their country. Half of these people saying all those thing come from parents or ancestors who were or are illegals. Don’t come and say that “illegals” take jobs away from americans, when half those americans will not do a job that immigrants do. Im tired of seeing people offend others because of their status in the United States. If all of these immigrants had a chance to work here legally they would do it. They come here to work, no matter what they have to endure, no matter whos house they have to clean or if they have to go to a farm and work. I respect all this people who do that. All you so called business owners who are firing your workers just because they didnt go to work for 1 day to stand up for themselves are just plain dumb. You can fire the people who worked for you and find others who will work but i bet you they wont work as well, meanwhile those “immigrants” will work twice as hard. Don’t you have any morals or manners?

  43. This is a perfect example of how the right create an issue to divert eyes from the real issues.

    Yes, they broke the law. Is that the sum total of their lives? They work hard, as a rule. Many of them can put many of us to shame. They are humans like us. And please lay off the taxes. Your taxes stay the same regardless. They tax as much as they can and disburse as much as they have to. There is little correlation betweem the two. That’s just the way government works.
    The real issues, the endless wars we pay for to enrich the few, the big medical business that make enough ‘non profit’ to fuel a fifth of the GDP, yet make it impossible for anyone to buy Healthcare without going through the Mafia called ‘insurance’. These are real issues, not the illegal immigrants.

  44. Immigrants help a lot of people especially the seniors in nursing homes and group homes for the disabled. They help with cleaning / changing diapers even feeding and these are considered hard jobs for people leaving negative comments about immigrants.


  45. To Confounded,

    Why must you be ignorant?! Do you think “Illegal” immigrants like being here with no rights what so ever?! Many people risk their lives coming here illegally crossing the border simply because they have no future or any way of a good life in their own country if not they would sure as hell stay there! It is NOT easy to get a visa to come into the country legally why don’t you people understand that?! It is NOT easy for immigrants to leave their families, culture, and homes behind and to come to America and be discriminated against!! Thank GOD my family and I are now citizens and residents of this country but we still stand by our people! My parents came here to work, we thankfully have a good life but they sure had to work harder than any of you will ever know!!

  46. My parents work long and hard hours to pay not just for their children, but for the hundreds of illegal immigrants in this town to go to school, get free medical care, and other benefits that we as citizens have to pay for ourselves.
    Furthermore, one of my friends just lost his job after his boss fired him and hired Mexicans instead for half the price. So yes, we are losing out on jobs and we are paying too many taxes. Illegal aliens are a burden on the economy.
    I don’t have much of a problem with legal immigration, that is not the issue here.

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