Petirah of R’ Yitzchok Follman Z”L [UPDATED]

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of R’ Yitzchok (Yitzy) Follman Z”L, following an illness.

R’ Yitzchok Z”L, a son of R’ Eliezer Dovid, was a Mispallel of Bais Mordechai. He was 51.

The Levaya will be tentatively taking place at 4:30 PM at Ateres Riva, 500 Summer Avenue. Kevurah in Deans.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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  1. Wow such a horrible tragedy.
    A unbelievable person, so unassuming yet so unreal.
    He should be a meilitz yosher to his family. May Hashem comfort the family

  2. Wow such a horrible tragedy.
    Such a unassuming person yet so unreal
    May he be a meilitz yosher for his family and Hashem should give them the strength to move on

  3. BDE what a tragedy. Yitzy was a tayere neshama a huge bal chessed and a true Ben Torah with a open heart for all. There are no words to menachem the chashuva beautiful family….

  4. Yes, he’s from funding resources (used to be eretz), levaya at 4:30 and moved to Ateres Riva as bigger place needed. Was a real nice n beloved person. True Bal chesed. Hello definite be missed!

  5. There are no words to describe what a special person he was. The most honest, giving, baal midos. Patience galore. A huge mensch!! Always looking how he can help and do for others with the least recognition. He was a walking role model. Klal Yisroel lost a giant!!

  6. Simply put, R Yitzi never raised his voice. Always a Ayin tov for others. But most importantly, R Yitzi was the best role model possible of a Torah’dig Baal habus!

    May his family have a true nechama and he will for sure be meilitz yoisher for us all.

  7. BDE

    what a tragedy to lose such a special person.

    Time for serious community teshuva right away. We need to put a stop to this non stop horrific tragedies hitting us R”L

    May his neshama have an aliya

  8. Ouch. This one hurts. He was a good friend of mine from Bais Mordche and from business. He was, like, seriously, the nicest guy you ever met. ust a great, cheerful guy. And very ehrlich & totally straight in business. Truly a rare gem. And the nicest family. We even went on a trip together, our families, it may even have been mId-winter, many yrs ago.
    Yehi Zichro Boruch; Boruch Dayan Emes.

  9. Yitzy was a very special tzaddik and a real mentch!
    I know him from the old days as a bochur when he learned by Reb Dovid. I learned then in Israel outside of Yerushalayim, his apartment Chagee 32 was always open to me and anyone else that needed a bed and/or food.

  10. BDE

    anyone think this tragedy is just a coincidence? Do you know which chapter in Tehillim is 51? The chapter of Teshuva (Dovid Hamelech sin with Bas Sheva)

    Time for Teshuva

    I’m crying in years as I write this and for losing such a special tzadik to the Lakewood community and klal Yisroel

    May his neshama have an aliya and
    May his family have a Nechama

  11. I used to Daven on the same table with Yitzy @ Zichron Yoel when he lived on Lawrence. What a special person in every sense. I once dealt with him in Bussiness he went over and above the call of duty. Yhi Zichro Boruch!

  12. BDE, I am just in shock!!!!!
    What a nice person Yitzi was.
    I grew up with him and his family on 45th street.
    The nicest family in Boro Park!!!!!!!
    Hasehem should be MENACEM his whole family, and let’s not forget about his great mother.
    I would write more, I just honestly can’t put down on paper how I feel about this great loos.

  13. Yitzi Amshinov will miss you.
    What a great person allways with a smile.I remember his father and his grandfather just died about 10 years ago.

  14. What a special yid! He once gave me a ride from Brooklyn as a bachur, and he drove me all the way to my yeshiva which was on the other side on Lakewood. He heard me on the phone telling my father that i forgot to take money for tbe week,when i got out the car he forced me to take $50 and didn’t want to hear no

  15. Hard to put thoughts down on paper! Although I have not seen him in the past 18 yrs, I did have shaychus for 1.5 yrs before! He was what people describe above and more! Every situation he took calmly, never getting excited. Such a nice person to work with. I was in shock when I read the news. I hadn’t known he was sick. He was the kind of person that would be around forever doing his good deeds!!!! May his family have a nechama, and WE must do tshuva. This is no simple loss!!!

  16. Wow bde!! Such a genuine mensch in all aspects. Always spoke to everyone with respect and calmness. I got to know him as was his tennant for a number of years. What a great loss!! Oy vey.

  17. Bde He was a Gadol Hador in midos. I was once walking past his house on Purim night he told me to come in and gave me an all you can eat buffet about 10 other people were there I stayed there for over a half hour in awe at how the entire family was welcoming people all walks of life nonstop.
    May we see moshiach soon

  18. In shock over this huge loss! If we can all take a few extra moments to care about our fellow friends and neighbors, and to give our children more love and care, that will be a huge zchus to R Yitzy who lived for another yid! Yehi Zichro Boruch

  19. So sad I’ve been crying over this horrific news since I found out… May his beautiful family have a nechama… We should only share besuros tovos

  20. What an awful terrible loss… Yitzy was such a special yid. I have no wordr to comfort his beautiful family may hashem give them tge strength to move on… Besuros tovos

  21. Baruch Dayan Haemes

    Yitzy you was such a special person A smile for everyone A listening ear and always a helping hand I grew up with you and I will miss you so much,Hashem should be comfort the whole family and all your friends, you should be a mailitz yosher for all of klal yisroel

  22. What a loss for klal yisroel, what a special man. Chani, Malka amd Raizy we feel your pain and we love you and we’re davening for you…

  23. Klal yisreal really lost a gadol!! Yitzy was a royal prince! Everything about him was extra-ordinary! From his tzedaka to his Torah. May Hashem give a nechama to klal yisreal and his family.

  24. R’ Yitzy was a special yungerman. No-one could fully understand what a gem we lost… May he be meilitz yosher to his special family… May we be zocheh to greet mashioch very shortly…

  25. It’s been 1.5 days and I still can’t believe our great loss. How will we manage without yitzy- who is going to give tzedaka the way he did, who will be available at all hours to listen to everyones problems with such a patient listening ear, who will do such chesed for the community, and who will help his grieving family move on from tremendous tzara? Now let us all give back to yitzy a little bit from what he have us and be there for his special family and support them at this hard time. Yitzy we will truly miss you. May he be Meiletz yosher for the whole follman family and gantz klal yisroel…

  26. i cannot believe that R Yitzy Follman is no longer here with us. He had a golden heart and there was room for all inside. Everyone was invited. literally. his warmth and and genuine ahavas yisroel were unusual! he was a true tzadik. Hashem should give the family strength to deal with this devestating lost. R Yitzy obligates us all to work on ourselves and become better people.

  27. R Yitzy Follman was an absolute tzadik. i am devastated for the loss of his family and all that knew him. he had a golden heart and room for everyone inside there. literally! he never said no to another yid who was in need! His genuine ahavas yisroel and warmth for all is unusual! he had a love for life and always found things to smile about. Hashem should give the family strength to continue.

  28. BDE I just found out about this terrible loss. R Yitzchok was truly a hidden tzadik. I was privileged know him personally and see a few of his many hidden chasadim he did for others… One story that immediately comes to mind is something that only I witnessed: I am a busy caterer and I was meeting with clients to plan their upcoming wedding they left a credit card number which unfortunately was being declined due to the fact that there wasn’t enough money to cover this enormous cost but I have to make a living so I was getting ready to call them when my next client walls in… yitzy to discuss his daughters upcoming expensive wedding and if sees what’s going on and without paying a word if takes out his own credit card and says for that unfortunate family’s wedding and not only that he made me swear to never tell the family the real truth… That is what I call a special gem. May his family have a nechama and the strength to move on.

  29. Yitzy what a loss
    tremendous baal midos
    love of torah always calm nice and helping hand for anyone
    I did with him a lot of askunis always with such a nice touch he would give tzedukah and help another as if it was a business deal with a geshmak not to make the other person feel uncomfortable

    never did he get angry or lost even when in very difficult situations
    very strong emunah and betuchon
    I remember when someone opened up the same business as his he helped him with a lot of advise with no problem and there was a time that the other person was doing better than him and he was just happy for him


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