Pedestrian Struck

hatzolah rig tlsPEDESTRIAN STRUCK: [U/D] Hatzolah and PD have responded to the area of 14th street and Ardenwood for a pedestrian struck. Units on scene are requesting Medics on a rush for the patient in serious condition. LPD’s Traffic & Safety have responded to the scene as well as CIU.

All are urged to use extreme caution while walking and driving during Purim. TLS-00/TLS-CCP

UPDATE 1:55 a.m:Patient has been transported by Hatzolah to Jersey Shore Medical Center.

UPDATE 10:00 a.m.The patient is a Meshulach from Eretz Yisroel and is in critical condition. Please be Mispallel for Pinchos Ben Sarah Esther.

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  1. When are we going to learn that this vildkeit and hoilelus and running around the streets all hours of the night is not the way Purim is supposed to be?

  2. There’s a big difference between Purim revelry and Purim stupidity. A person can be b’simcha without acting like a lunatic or being reckless. ALL bochurim who are running around collecting should have to wear reflective clothing (caps, hats, vests, arm bands, stripes on their pants, shirts etc.). This is a no brainer and should be mandatory. No reflectors, no check! The streets should be lit up better and the drivers need to slow down. (My husband stepped off the curb into the cross walk and was nearly mowed down by a maniac in an SUV who blew through a stop sign on his way to BMG.)
    That said, I wish the patient a refua shleima.

  3. person hit was here from eretz yisrael. horrific scene, but did not seem from the scene that driver was dwi or dwd. let’s hope not.i hope the injured meshulach can go back to his family in good health. we all would do good by saying an extra tefilla for a complete refuah for him, especially today on purim. also rabbosai please be mekabel panim people bsimcha, especially those that had to leave their dear families and spend purim in a strange land. the minimum we can do is to not act like we are strangers to them. be freilich and misamaech with other yidden.

  4. No alcohol or holelus was involved. Just a tragic accident. Patient is a yerushalmi yid that needs your tefilos not stupid comments looking to find blame where none is to be found.

  5. I was just making a general observation about what I’ve seen over the years. Most of us behave properly and in a Torahdike manner. However, there are some who throw decorum and caution to the wind, even when it’s not Purim. I’ve seen way too many of us lately driving without seat belts and/or talking on hand held cell phones. Also, there are pedestrians who are so engrossed in their phone conversations that they just waltz across the street, including Madison Ave., without looking where they’re going. And, let’s not forget the dark clad, reflectorless pedestrians who are practically invisible to drivers at night and who escape harm only through nissim. The botton line is…Safety first!
    A freilichen Purim.

  6. Amazing let’s blame it on drinking…..the driver is a true aideler neshama who was not vild. Another tragic ACCIDENT. Why is there a need to add insult to injury for the injured who is in critical condition and the distraught driver. If you are true people say tehilim or give a donation for the aided and his 15 children! Besuros Tovos!

  7. The fact that its purim i think it wud be nice to finish safer tehillem 4 this mishulach before purim is over. He had be”h 14 kids waiting for him 2 cum home. Ill start. I will say b”n perukim 1-10… who is taking 11-20?

  8. i know tht it purim and everyone is very busy but its a time for tefilla. This meshulach has 14 children. He is needed. Lets finish tehillem before the day is over. i will say B”N perakim 1-10…. who is saying 11-20?

  9. Same as everyone else, I am not in the position to voice an opinion other than to urge everyone to daven and do teshuva for the zechus of Pinchos ben Sorah Esther.

  10. So proud to live in this town. Lets count how many people were hit by cars this year, and last year. Have you ever seen this in any other Town? You can easily look it up. Lakewood is not what it used to be. I’m sure that my comment will be deleted; however, I’m only telling the truth.

  11. B’H there were so many crossing guards at many intersections. I still saw people going too fast through stop signs, and honking behind long lines of cars. There’s no reason to honk, everyone had to wait his turn. If there someone in front of you, who has someone in front of him, etc.what is honking going to help? Be patient. May this man who was hit have a refuah shelamo and go home in good health to his family with successful fund raising.

  12. Instead of putting a thousand lights out there for purim and hear everyone cry about their taxes going up from it, here’s a crazy idea….. Look both ways before crossing.

    WellWishes for the pedestrian and hope he recovers.

  13. everything is just tragic in Lakewood. If you would stay off the phones, stop texting while driving and stop at stop signs things like this would not happen.

  14. Right on #32… It’s hard enough driving around during the day, can’t even imagine driving at night with children drunk walking the streets. Children should not be drinking period. Maybe after such a horrific accident as this was, this might be a wake up call to stop this nonsense… But it probably will not be!!!!

  15. I passed by the scene just after the accidednt. The driver had gotten out of his car and had called Hatzala. They came within a minute of his call. The street over there is not lit well at all, and it was very hard to see. Relectors would have been a help….

  16. Hello, to all those blaming the driver— WAKE UP before you are woken up!! Imagine it was you- this was an accident!! Do you know the driver? What if this happened to you? Come on!!! I also get frustrated with the driving in Lakewood (especially bec. I grew up here and know what it use to be like ) but to go say Lakewood driving…

    P.S. to those who are talking about drinking… texting.. talking… since it’s not that -why bring it up?

  17. Ok people, listen up! I know the guy who hit the collector.he was going super slow and was NOT drunk! He’s a huge Talmud chachum and my family is really close to him so why don’t you just shut your mouth and DONT BLAME ANYONE!everyone must wear reflectors and look both ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. What’s with yashrus? The driver went slow and he was not drunk, its mamash a terrible accident rach mona litslon hashem will help and the meshulach will be fine refuah shlima bekorav mamash I said a kapital and we allshould say a kapital and hashem will help

  19. We can’t imagine the pain of the family back at home!!
    Father leaves 14 kids for purim to beg for $$, with hope that it will all be worth it if he can bring home enough to buy
    them new clothes or shoes for pesach, instead they get a phone call that their last hope is in a coma in a strange town!!

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