Opinion: The Media Doesn’t Decide The Election | Shlomo Rudman

Here’s a reminder in case you forgot: the election isn’t over just yet. While Joe Biden and his allies in the mainstream media act as if the election is over, it is not. 

You won’t hear it much listening to CNN or even, sadly, Fox News, but there are still numerous lawsuits challenging the results of the election in key swing states. In Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani has just taken over representation of President Trump and is demanding that a court not allow the certification of votes cast in the state due to serious allegations.

Here’s the question: why is the mainstream media so intent on shutting down investigations into fraudulent voting? What are they so scared of? This is especially curious for a network like Fox News, which has been the most pro-Trump major network in the US. Why are they suddenly going along with liberal outlets like CNN and NBC? What’s in it for them?

Here’s my theory: it always comes down to the money. All the while that President Trump was draining the swamp, Fox News could capitalize on his accomplishments and successes by lauding them, thereby drawing in conservative viewers who wanted to hear of the moves he was making to make the federal government less skeevy and more efficient. But, at the end of the day, Fox News is also just another corporate interest. Fox News doesn’t benefit most financially from having Trump in office – they benefit most when corporate lobbyists, especially their own, are given attention by the president. And President Trump simply doesn’t do that type of stuff. So now that there is a valid excuse, Fox is backing away from supporting him as quickly as they can. They have pockets to line with cash, after all.

But let’s go through the facts ourselves: a recount in Georgia has already unearthed over 2,000 votes that had not been counted; most of those went to President Trump. And with Biden leading the president by under 14,000 in Georgia, it’s quite possible that the state’s electoral votes will wind up in President Trump’s column.

Another recount will be conducted in Wisconsin, another swing state both Trump and Biden need to win, and who knows whether that will flip the results of the presidential election on its head.

In Michigan, there have been widespread allegations of fraud, and if something nefarious is exposed, it could spell doom for Joe Biden.

Will any of this happen? We don’t yet know. But here’s what we do know: the media doesn’t get to decide the winner. Just because they are radically anti-Trump, that doesn’t give them the right to ignore what is actually happening. They might call Biden the President-elect, but he is not. That will only happen when the votes are certified in December – if they indeed become certified.

What the mainstream media is doing is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They want you to believe that they are the torchbearers of truth, that you can only believe what they believe, and you must accept Joe Biden as the president, despite there being no concrete facts to back that up.

Don’t take them at their word. Joe Biden might end up being president, but don’t for a second think that CNN, a network that was OK with throwing baseless accusations against President Trump, is suddenly now so committed to truth that they would never call Biden the president-elect if he wasn’t. You should know better.

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  1. What do you mean the “media” is anti-Trump? Then why do many Republicans have a different set of facts than the so-called media?

    Whatever you cited had to come from some source. Is not that source part of the media?

    I say Sam Donnelson, the reporter for ABC in the eighties, ponder why American argue over the facts today, unlike in the past in which argument would be limited to policy of what to do about the facts. Then there were just three networks. You had men like Walter Cronkite who was the most trusted man in America. The networks strived the present the facts as presented and there was little difference between the big three. Today, you have internet, cable television, talk radio, Fox News (a new network), social media and the list goes on. Yes, the networks still pride themselves on accuracy, but they no longer hold a monopoly over the news. It is kind of like the 1890 when NYC had dozens of newspapers such as Heart’s and Pulitzers, all trying to outdo the other with sensationalism. That is when the NY Times started the slopan “all the news fit to print.” People have to realize that a lot of what you read on the internet, hear on talk radio and from other sources are not being disseminated by people with degrees in journalism, history and political science but by people with degrees in broadcasting, literature, or no education at all.

  2. Hey Teacher, The slogan “all the news fit to print” is by it self restrictive.
    Who decides what is fit to print. The Times has shown it self to be a Left Wing paper. It decides what stories are to be printed which means if the Times didn’t print it either didn’t happen or not on the Times agenda. You will be guided by the Times to see only what they want you to see, very sad.

    • You seem to have missed the point. Our problem as a nation is that we have different sets of facts.You cannot argue policy if you cannot agree on facts. This is a recent development.

      As for the NY Times, the paper of record, it has won 130 Pulitzer prizes. It is the only paper in which I can read an article without walking away with questions. They answer, what, who, when and why not this or that. They interview both side. The more professional the journalism, the more the coverage of every aspect of the story. You do not have to like Time, but you cannot deny that its journalists are of the highest caliber. Together with its sister paper, the Washington Post, no two papers have more influenced the profession.

      Whether there is some kind of spin or bias in any part of the press was not the point. The point is that all more or less reported the same facts. People of different persuasion, perhaps liberals and conservatives, will not find middle ground if we are operating with different facts. Henry Clay, who kept the nation together before the Civil War, said that compromise is the essence of politics.

      One more thing, have some respect for your “hey teacher” and your elder who might, just might be wiser and significantly more educated.

      • One of those Pulitzer awards was for a story about Trump and Russian Collusion that was proven false, but you wouldn’t know that if all you read is the NYT.
        As far as this Country finding middle ground, it has to be middle ground not the Lefts way or the highway.
        If the NYT is all you read then you are not smarter than I.

        • Actually I only recently started looking at the Times again so I cannot comment on the Russian Collusion but I can tell you from my knowledge of history, which it ten times more important to me and to people in government than reading a newspaper or looking in the internet (think George Kennan, Walter Lippman, Paul Nitze, and others who influenced US policy, all having deep knowledge of history), that the Monroe Doctrine was directed toward the Russians. Tocqueville warned that the Russians would be our adversaries in the twentieth century, the Russians are still our enemies, the Chinese, with the exception of the time between 1948 until Nixon, have alway been our trading partners with a common interest, and for the present administration to cozy up the the Soviets, again I do not know current events enough to say that everything all or sudden changed, is quite disturbing. I really do not care if Trump supposedly colluded with the Russians. Yes, that would be bad but the bottom line is that the Russians are the bad guys and either way they have to be held accountable. They never had the chance to successfully invade and win, just as we cannot take over their territory, but they will rot us out from within.

        • The Russian collusion story was never proven false, I don’t know where you get your information from.
          The investigation proved that the Russians meddled into the election, low level collusion happened, and high level collusion could not be proven in court.
          That is not ‘proven false’ at all

    • That would be; “All the news that fits the print”. Or “All the news that fits the agenda”. They don’t call the NY Times the old gray lady for nothing. She’s on her last legs.

    You should read the transcripts from Rudy’s performance.

  4. Michael chertoff, head of DHS Under Bush, said Trump is being vindictive because he lost the election. Ben ginsburg, Ted olson TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION. Not because the media is reporting the facts and the math. Last i looked we are not A dictatorship, Trump and right wing radio are pushing this false narrative, and then cite how he convinced 70% republicans that is rigged somTrump can monetize is or soothe his ego. Truly undemocratic, no matter what you vote, it doesn’t matter. This is Obscene. There is nothing tat they can do to delay the certification dates all Trump is doing is try to hurt the coming administration and he will continue o cause more lives lost. Trump legal cases has led him to loss, after loss. He is hurting the system and jewish websites parroting the ridiculous do the community no favors. The military voted against him 2:1.

  5. I am single. Ii go to jewish websites to know what is going on in the community. I am flabbergasted at what gets put on as opinion. Is it that they don’t teach civics in the yeshivas. The media did not decide the election. They are reporting the news. When the media says that abu muhammad al masri was secretly killled in Iran . It doesn’t mean they killed him . They are reporting the news. If al queda denies that he was killed, well it doesn’t mean he is less dead. Integrity is one thing you can destroy and no one can take away. To quote orin kerr “the most important dividing line in American politics these days, it seems to me, isn’t between liberal and conservative. It’s between those who saw the con early and those who still don’t see it. Mr. Rudman it is about the math. What Trump and the Republicans are doung is very dangerous and irresponsible.

  6. I think Mr. Rudman should expand his editorial and include the courts who are ruling against TRUMP and all the world leaders that are calling to congratulate Biden. It is all rigged. Who do these people think they are trusting in American democracy when Trump is still in power.

  7. We do not have different set of facts. The weatherman doesn’t make the weather he reports on the weather. Biden is the apparent winner of the election because people voted. We are in a pandemic that coming soon 2000 people are going to die a day and Donald Trump is rage tweeting. Americans voted, Trump loss, he will go. Regarding collusion, they did not find conspiracy to collude, but they did find obstruction to the investigation. Roger stone sentence was commuted, he wasn’t pardon, so he can still claim the fifth. When Trump leaves all the documents that they did not want to release will be released. If you want to drink kool aid, fine, but don’t tell people. These people are horrible.

  8. Whenever Fox News has a Democrat on one of its shows or reports real news. Trump criticizes them. At the Trump supporters march last shabbos(thankfully it was on Shabbos) his supporters were chanting Derogatory sentiments about fox, fyi Trump supporters still go to Clinton’s house and chant lock her up. Fox became prominent during Monica Lewinsk saga, now they are going to have to deal with the monsters they stoked and created. So happy they now have competition. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy like Murdoch. Want unbiased news pbs news hour.

  9. Clearly there’s a lot of people that still think the main stream media reports the factual truth.. so much to learn about the world.. What would happen if they found out that almost every single main stream media outlet is owned by the same people.. they would probably go “fact check” it on facebook and then go back to watching their “programming” lol

  10. I declare myself President-Elect. Apparently, if JB can do that so can I. I can’t wait to find out. Might take some time for either of us if it comes true so I won’t hold my breath.

  11. As of todays date the President’s attorneys and others have lost over 30 cases regarding election fraud and the lack of evidence presented. Only one case on the President’s behalf was not denied. (The remedy was put in place so that the litigation was unnecessary.)

    I’ve noticed a gross misunderstanding of the election process on both a state and national level. Time to educate yourselves.

    If you don’t like the way your county elections process ballots or your state’s rules regarding the process get involved. It’s more than boring to hear citizens complain about state elections observers when they haven’t a clue how the Republicans and Democrats jointly determine the observation process.

    I’m also tired of hearing folks claim abuse of the elections process every time a specific state audits votes cast. Many states require recounts or audits before the states election results are certified.

    Time to quit whining about the process and actually learn how it works in your state.

  12. So you “lose” in corrupt lower courts, then you move to corrupt appelate and then maybe compromised State. Then you move to Supreme if that’s what it takes. You may need $75M. That’s $1 from every Trump supporter. You can’t get that money from dead, non-existing, no sig voters but China and Iran might chip in except it’s illegal. Are you willing to put your money into Biden so he can rob you blind? Asking for a friend.

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