Opinion: Don’t Send Your Kid To School With A Gun | Baruch Rivlin

A new study of over 650,000 children has confirmed yet again that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine does not cause autism. The vaccines didn’t cause those who were not at risk of autism to wind up on the spectrum, nor did it trigger autism in those that were high risk for the disorder.

Yes, I know you doubters will deluge the comments section with your conspiracies and pseudoscientific mumble jumble, Shaifeleh, give it a break. You’re wrong, the facts are not on your side, and you are being blindly led without ever giving yourself the opportunity to think rationally and logically. Without a shred of empirical, study-based evidence, you continue to spout your nonsense, using anecdotes and vague statistics from fringe and peripheral sources as backup to your foolish claims.

Sure, I’m being rude. But sometimes being rude is right. When you put my child in the way of harm because of your ridiculous notions, I will be rude. When you decide that your clueless utterances are more valid than researchers who have spent their lives studying vaccines, I will be rude. When you and your cohorts band together and literally cause lives to be snuffed out because of your cult mentality, I will be rude. And when illnesses that have nearly been eradicated and that haven’t been heard of in years are suddenly making comebacks because of people like you, you bet I will be rude. And don’t ever expect an apology from me.

Your unvaccinated child has no business being around other children. Don’t complain to me that the child did nothing wrong and they shouldn’t be punished for their parents misdeeds. It is not us keeping them out of schools – it is you. Just as you wouldn’t like it if a child brought a weapon to school, we don’t appreciate your unvaccinated child, carrying around nearly forgotten illnesses from being around vulnerable people.

There are people with compromised immune systems – whether from an autoimmune disorder or from some other illness, and you putting your unvaccinated child near them or near someone who can carry around diseases makes you a rodef. Don’t like the label? Then vaccinate your child. It’s not rocket science, it’s just science.

Let me be very clear: if you are an anti-vaxxer, you and your cronies should be ashamed of yourselves and you should start your own community, far away from sane people.

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  1. You are a liar. and I am rude as well. An unvaccinated person is NOT “carrying around nearly forgotten illnesses”. Do you know that every doctor in the world will allow an unvaccinated child to sit in the waiting room with all the other kids, sick or not? Including your doctor. They are not contagious and not carrying illnesses, and cannot harm anyone.

    At every moment there are unvaccinated kids who are in the doctor’s offices – some are actually there for their “well” visits, waiting to get their shot. If you think they are all rodfim, you should keep your kid home, and move to a place where everyone gets all of their shots at birth.

  2. So regardless of where you stand on vaccinations (my children are vaccinated) I question why some insist on calling non-vaccinated children (or their parents) murderers simply for being in the same room as others and demanding that they stay home, but feel safe in the presence of those who can’t vaccinate and don’t demand that they stay home as well. If you believe that a non-vaccinated individual, simply by their presence, poses a life threatening danger to others, shouldn’t that apply to *any* individual who isn’t vaccinated? Do not those who are unable vaccinate – whether from a compromised immune system, health concern, pregnant women, etc – pose just as much a danger to others as any willingly non-vaccinated individual. Yes, perhaps the individual who makes the willing decision not to vaccinate is wrong and those who are unable to vaccinate are accepted as they are without prejudice and rightly so. However, a non-vaccinated individual is either considered a danger (or not) regardless of why they are not vaccinated. Why demand one stay home citing life threatening danger yet be OK with the other who poses the same danger – and possibly a bigger danger, after all they are already sick and/or susceptible to disease and more likely to contract something.

    • Very good point. In addition, it seems that the author of this article doesn’t believe that vaccines actually work. He writes ” When you put my child in the way of harm because of your ridiculous notions”. If his children are vaccinated, and he is still terrified of these diseases, what is the point of vaccinating? Do vaccines work? Or not? Is he afraid that his 12 hour old vaccinated infant will catch hepatitis from my three year old who did not get the hepatitis vaccine ? If he is, then he will have to give a din vcheshbon of how he allowed his healthy child to be injected with medication (with possible side effects) that he knows doesn’t work. I wonder if he or his wife ever received the hepatitis B vaccine. Probably not, because in his heart of hearts he realizes that there is no point in it. I guess he does not think that vaccines actually work. Are there any instances of a person catching hepatitis B from an unvaccinated child? If so, please cite exact information. Vaccines were invented to protect a person from illness, not to inject in a person in order to protect others. If you don’t want your kid to get Hepatitis B, and you think vaccines are the way to do so, go ahead and vaccinate. But don’t tell me that I must vaccinate my kid so that your kid will be protected !! Absolutely no sense, and I can be rude just as you can.

  3. Baruch, please share with us the name of the study you mentioned, or where it can be looked up.
    I would also recommend keeping the “rodef” title for Palestinian terrorists.
    By calling your fellow Jews “rodfim” you might be transgressing multiple Isurim!!! I would speak to your rabbi about that first.

  4. Measles shmeasles. Not scary or dangerous. Stop with the drama and hysteria. I guess your kids who are unvaccinated against strep and rsv and thousands of other viruses are also rodfim.

  5. Where are the myriads of children that were ‘killed’ by the unvaccinated? From the tone of your letter it seems as if the streets would be strewn with dead children. It hasn’t happened yet that a healthy vaccinated child caught measles and died. And an immunocompomised individual could potentially die from the common cold. There has been unvaxxers since vaccines were invented and all lived happily and healthy together until the media and bloggers decided to create some fake news. So Baruch, please send over a mishloach manos to your antivaxxer neighbor and shalom al yisrael.

  6. The arrogance here is unbelievable!
    are you so sure vaccines are safe for everyone?
    are you so sure that they don’t cause harm?
    do you know that the vaccine court has paid out over 4 BILLION dollars in damages for vaccine injuries??
    don’t be such a baal gaavah

  7. the design of the study you mention is so convoluted that it literally means nothing.
    it is missing so much information.
    and the “unvaccinated” in the study were only unvaccinated for MMR vaccine, they were vaccinated with all the other vaccines.

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