Opinion: Democratic Danger l Shlomo Rudman

The Democratic Party, as it is right now, poses a serious threat to the continued prosperity of the United States of America. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than a bill they passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

In a mostly party-line vote, the House approved 231-199 a bill which increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. The bill will now be sent to the Senate where it will be dead on arrival. But the very passing of such a bill is indicative of the direction Democrats will take the country and the economy if a Democrat is elected president in 2020.

A $15 federal minimum wage has long been an objective for leftist Democrats, who say that a higher minimum wage will help pull people out of poverty. But raising the minimum wage to $15 has for decades been politically unpalatable, and most presidential candidates shied away from officially supporting it. There’s a good reason a $15 minimum wage has been politically infeasible for so long – it’s a bad idea and the majority of Americans know it.

The people who would be hurt worst from a federally mandated minimum wage of $15 would be small business owners and low-income workers – those low-income workers being the very people who are supposed to be helped by a higher minimum wage. A minimum wage of $15 makes business owners cut down the amount of jobs available to low-income workers and also causes a rise in price in consumer staples.

But the new Democratic party, the one led by so-called progressives and literal socialists, think that even a $15 minimum wage isn’t enough. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist from the Bronx, said that they wanted a $15 minimum wage in the 90’s; now she wants it to be even higher. Talk about extreme.

The fact that House Democrats passed such a disastrous bill, even with the knowledge that it would never get passed in the Senate, tells you a lot about them. If this is what they will pass when they are not in control of the Senate and White House, imagine what extreme and radical bills they would put into law if they were.

The Democratic party is slowly being taken over by socialists. This isn’t conjecture – look at who the biggest names are now in their party and you’ll see a bunch of socialists mixed in with a handful of moderates.

Americans will hopefully overlook President Trump’s flaws in the 2020 election and re-elect him, if for no other reason than to stave off socialism in the United States of America.

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  1. What a horrible take. You believe that someone who works 40 hours a week is not entitled to make a barely living wage and take home $450?

    If a small business cannot afford to pay an employee a decent wage that is not poverty, they have no business being in business!

    Will some jobs be lost? Yes, however, since many people will now be able to survive on 1 job instead of 2-3, those job loses will have a minimal effect. Overall, millions of people will be lifted out of poverty. They will have more money to spend, money that will go right back into the economy.

    Shame on you for defending a businesses right to pay someone $300 a week for a full time job.

    • you must be oblivious about what will happen if its raised to 15, i dont even know where to start.so im not even going to bother. do u have a basic understanding about how the econamy works?? gosh, its really scary how socialism is spreading.

      • LOL.
        Only the republicans who give trillion dollar tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires that leave all the low and middle income people still in the dirt understand how the economy works.
        No thanks.
        I will take direct help to the poor than indirect trickle down baloney economics from the republican’s any day.

        • oh seems like u also dont know how the economy works. look around and see how the socialist countrys are doing.. places like Venezuela etc .. wake up and take ur head out of the sand(or out cnn) and go try to make ur own money for a change.

  2. @wow the job losses will have maximum effect on those who lose their jobs. Business owners need to make money if you raise their expenses they will fire workers and/or have them work less hours so they will be making more or less the same as before oh and they will raise the price of their product which will lower the purchasing power of the money the workers are making so everyone losses as seen everywhere where the minimum wage has been raised to $15 an hour. If the government i.e. democrats would stop with their costly over regulations and raising taxes on businesses then they would have more money to pay workers more. If the minimum wage is so high no one will hire low skilled workers because they aren’t worth the expense to have them work on the job because they must be paid more than they are worth.

  3. Democratic Party have become so dangerous and no one should vote any of democratic this year. You should vote for Trump 2020 again …

  4. The “Fight for $15” crowd has obviously never run a business before.

    Once they see what happens to prices under the new minimum wage, they’ll just have a new cause to kvetsch about.

  5. I not only support making it $15 but I believe it should be $18, too many workers struggle and inequality grows, in addition we must raise the tax on the rich to levels in Norway if we are to tackle growing inequality.

  6. @Wow, I think you’re missing the takeaway here. This isn’t about Walmart and Target. It’s about the local bagel shop or tznius dress store where the owner has to raise prices and lay off an employee. The new $15 people aren’t running in to spend their money when they’ve been going to Walmart for years but the middle class shoppers can’t afford the new prices, and the business slowly folds.

    My boss was happy to hire 2-3 part time employees rather than a full time person that qualified for insurance and vacation time. How many more people will lose their benefits so that we can have higher base pay?

    And a federal rate of $15 is different in states where taxes, insurance, and rent/ mortgage are half of N.J.

    This is another idea that sounds great. But the reality is very dangerous for the economy.

  7. Restaurants Unlimited, a Seattle based chain with restaurant locations in 47 US cities, announced last week it was seeking Chapter 11 protection, citing “progressive” wage laws. $15 per hour reduced profits and prices had to be raised to make the pay increase and the customers stopped coming. So instead of making $15 per hour now no one makes any $ per hour.
    So keep the progressive policies coming and no one will have jobs. If people can;t afford the service they will stop using it, eg… go out to dinner less or not at all.

  8. The Democrats are dangerous but their push for a $15 minimum wage isn’t the issue showcasing their danger.

    It may or may not be bad economic policy but it is a stretch to say that it is dangerous.

    Their danger in their increasing hostility to religion, family values, law and order, and personal responsibility as well their reintroduction of radical policies that failed elsewhere in the world

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