Opinion: A Fraud Among Frauds

By Shlomo Rudman. Americans across the political spectrum posses unbridled disdain for politicians and their shtick, Washington, DC is seen by the vast majority of US citizens as a cesspool of dysfunction, corruption, and cronyism. Our lawmakers truly do have a whole lot to answer for regarding their behavior as representatives of the American people. Yet one politician stands out as a unique breed of these parasitic politicians: New Jersey’s own Senator Cory Booker.

After serving as Newark’s mayor from 2006 to 2013, Booker was elected to the US Senate in a 2013 special election and then elected to a full six-year term in 2014. All along his political career, Booker engaged in political shenanigans to raise his profile as a selfless public servant, including in cases where his input wasn’t necessary or misguided. A prime example of this occurred when he was mayor and Newark was hit with a snowstorm. A constituent tweeted to him that she was stuck at home and had run out of Pampers for her child. Shortly afterwards, Booker showed up at her home with a case of diapers. He got national attention for his supposedly selfless altruism. However, when the woman who he helped was interviewed, she said that her street hadn’t been plowed for days which is why she ran out of diapers. If Booker were a competent mayor, there would’ve been no need for his “heroics”.

There was also Booker’s infamous (and non-existent) friend, T-Bone, a drug dealer who threatened to kill Booker, yet would also cry on his shoulder. T-Bone was created by Booker to add to his repertoire of dramatic and heart-rending stories which resonate with voters. Booker’s tears, like T-Bone’s, were complete forgeries.

Since his election to the Senate, Booker has continued and even increased his political grandstanding and self-aggrandizement in a sheer attempt to ingratiate himself to leftist voters ahead of a 2020 run for president.

Booker voted for the Iran Deal even whilst he sold himself as a pro-Israel Senator. His support for the deal was in direct contradiction of his publicly stated views on Israel and Middle East policy. But had he not voted for the deal, he may have taken heat from Democrats, so the decision to vote in favor of the deal was really quite simple.

During the confirmation hearings for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Booker went on a rant about civil rights, implying that Sessions, without a shred of evidence, was a racist and xenophobe. His act once again earned him national attention as a Democratic force in the Senate. Yet Sessions and Booker co-sponsored legislation to award a Congressional medal to civil rights leaders. Very interesting that Booker would co-sponsor such a bill with someone he thinks is a racist….

More recently, Booker made a show of releasing “confidential” Kavanaugh emails, in violation of Senate rules which theoretically could’ve resulted in Booker’s removal from the Senate. Booker compared his action to an ancient hero, Spartacus, who led a revolt against the Romans. It turned out that the documents released by Booker were cleared for publication the night before at the request of Booker. This time, Booker received national mockery for his attempt at seeming like a fearless leader.

Booker continued his antics throughout the Kavanaugh hearings, wringing his hands over the alleged assault Kavanaugh committed as a teenager. Booker decried the concept of allowing a man tainted by such allegations to be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court. In 1992, when he was a student in Stanford University, Booker wrote a column in which he admitted an attempt he made to assault a classmate when he was in high school. By his own disclosure, Booker admitted that he is at least as bad as Kavanaugh. If Booker was truly so disturbed by the allegations made against Kavanaugh, he wouldn’t have thrown a tantrum in the Senate about it; he would’ve resigned. Which would be nice.

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  1. “In 1992, when he was a student… Booker wrote a column in which he admitted an attempt he made to assault a classmate when he was in high school. By his own disclosure, Booker admitted he is at least as bad as Kavanaugh.”

    There’s a huge difference between someone who does something and denies it, and someone who does something, admits it, owns it, and regrets it.

  2. The Vaad knows best who will help us out in time of need . I follow the Vaads recommendation even though I sometimes have to hold my nose while voting

    • the vaad did great with our traffic? our taxes? it is inconceivable to vote for booker or any democrat which will tear our country apart as well eretz yisroel, arm Iran, destroy the moral fabric of america…For what? a few dollars? how stupid can we be! I, for one, could not care less what the vaad thinks. VOTE REPUBLICAN !

  3. To Moshe Yehuda Glick: what happened to innocent until proven guilty? NOT ONE person corroborated her accusation, even people she claimed were present when the alleged attack happened. Who said he did something an disgusting denying it? Maybe it didn’t happen?? Or maybe it happened but wasn’t him?? Imagine if someone you knew 35 years ago accuses you of something they said you did when you were 17. You know you didn’t do it.. Is it right to lose your opportunity at a job just because you were accused? Anyone can make accusations, if it can’t be backed up by evidence or witnesses you don’t condemn the accused.

    • Since Justice Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court between 30-40 years,the Republican party & the future justice should have been interested in continuing the investigative process until the truth was discovered. Remember Merrick Garland, the Republican Party sat on his nomination for close to ten months.

      • Even the Dems didn’t think he was actually guilty, if they did, they would have brought it up alot earlier to allow for a full investigation.

        FACT all 4 of HER supposed “corroborating witnesses, denied the event occurred.

    • Look back at what R’ Rudman wrote. He was going L’shitas Mr. Booker that Mr. Kavanaugh is guilty. I responded along the same lines.

  4. Snooker Booker. A DC poser. Not a player. Another donkey who hitched himself to the wrong wagon. The guy is doomed.

  5. He played the lkwd orthodox community as a fiddler plays a fiddle
    Coming to the Shai dinner quoting a few pesukim and gemoras
    And we were all fooled thinking we had a friend
    But that all went out the window with his Iran vote and backing obama against Israel every chance he got
    So far lkwd hasn’t received any $$$ because of his votes
    Get rid of him before he runs for president
    He’s a smooth politician and that’s a compliment he’s actually a CON MAN
    he carefully crafted a public resume and opened his mouth all the right times to gain exposure only benefiting himself
    Throw him out

  6. Just wait for election time when he’ll come to Lakewood and give a “dvar tooorah” and the vaad et al will fawn over him again and endorse him. As the great late Bob Grant would say, he’s a fake, fraud, phony.

    • Democrats promise aid but the most you get is a pre-infected Band-Aid.
      Spartacus was the chief Antifa activist of his time.

      “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool — how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”

  7. Booker voted against our community in addition to Iran. Kavanaugh was the only one on the appeal to vote in favor of Rubashkin by the National Labor Relations Board. Kavanaugh was fair to us, and Booker needed to be on the side of Schumer, not with the one fair justice who voted in favor of Rubashkin. Thank you Booker, we remember your votes, and who you really support. Elections have consequences, keep that in mind.

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