NJ State Police Offers Tips To Prevent Leaving Children In A Hot Car

Stats: • Nationwide 2011—33 children died of heat stroke in vehicles • Nationwide 2010—49 children died of heat stroke in vehicles • Nationwide 1991-2011—613 died from heat stroke in vehicles • AVERAGE OF 1 EVERY 9.6 DAYS.

• Children’s temperatures rise 3-5 times faster than adults
• With windows rolled down, vehicles temperatures can reach 125 degrees in minutes
• Cracking window has little to no effect on slowing rising temperatures in vehicles

• Unknowingly left in vehicle 54.25%
• Got into vehicle on their own 31.58%
• Knowingly left in vehicle 11.94%
• Circumstance unknown 1.82%
• 87% 3 years old or younger

The NJSP offers the following prevention tips:

• Place your purse or briefcase in back seat requiring you to open door every time you park
• Place a stuffed animal in your child’s car seat. Place the stuffed animal in the front seat when your child is using the car seat as a reminder they are in the car.
• Have your babysitter or daycare facility call you if your child does not arrive when expected to do so.
• Make it a point to check the vehicle and car seats to insure no one is left behind.

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  1. If someone had even 10K cash would they ever leave it in the car for 1 second???? So how can you leave your preacious child that’s worth more than all the money in the world?????

  2. Don’t be sanctimonious, condescending or patronizing.

    Yes, sometimes people DO forget $10,000 in the car for well over one second. ANd sometimes more money than that too.

    Forgetting a child חו”ש is a horrible horrible MISTAKE. Everyone makes mistakes, some are horrible, and some are ל”ע tragic, but they are all mistakes.

    So don’t pat yourself on the back and think that you are a שיינע איד and better than everybody else.

  3. I was one of those childcare providers who spent most of my morning making phonecalls when people were running late, going to a bris, had a doctors appt…most of the time the parents forgot to tell me they would not be coming on time. But twice I spoke to parents who did, believe it or not, forget to drop off their child and was already on their way to work/Yeshiva. That made all of those calls very much worth the trouble…

  4. To all those that bash anyone that mistakly left a kid in a car. do you think the state police would put out tips for 5-10 crazy ppl??
    yes people forget a person is a person.
    yes if one was to forget more than once then i hear u can bash them

  5. Admit it or not, most people with multiple young children have on ocasion left a child in the car alone briefly. The problem is when one forgets or gets distracted for a minute that stretches….

    Examples: Come home alone with several children in the car that fell asleep. Bring one in and intend to immediately return for the other. Get interrupted by someone or the phone rings, etc.

    Drop or pick up a child at the babysitter/playgroup leaving other children in the car intending to immediately return. One instruction to or from the babysitter/teacher stretches into a short conversation.

    Picking up an order that is prepaid and allegedly ready and waiting at a business with parking right outside where children don’t belong expecting to be back in under a minute, but there is a problem with the order.

    Some people are dangerously more liberal with brief errands that unintentionally stretch, are easier distracted, are overtired, forgetful despite being caring loving and otherwise responsible parents.

    How many people never burnt a pot because it cooked out? It could have started a fire. We always need to be careful! I love these blanket hypocritical statements people interpret to be negligent as soon as it exceeds their hypothetical level of tolerance, that if they face reality would find they have themselves transgressed.

  6. #9 is correct, and to the one who said if you had 10k cash in your car would you leave it for a second, my answer is yes if you carried 10k in cash daily, day in day out then it could happen that you would forget it. stop judging people because i pray it doesnt happen but it can happen to you too

  7. How can u compare burning a pot to burning a child in 120 degree weather in a locked car with no ac and windows closed.get your head of the sand box for a change

  8. Forgetting children? What’s more important?

    That problem is not enough people understand the dangers not only due to heat, but kidnappers. If more people knew the horrors of human trafficking- nothing would be important enough to take precedence. Wisen up careless people!!

  9. To yaya:

    Yes, I compare the less direct but mindless forgetting of an unattended flame that has the potential to lead to a house fire endangering mutiple inhabitants and attached homes to the more direct danger of mindless forgetting of occupant/s in an unattended vehicle.

    Perhaps you would better understand the risk of smoking in bed, changing lanes without checking the blind spot, texting while driving which are all mindless danger to others. Do you only agree to a comparison if someone was actually struck due to such activity? Do you only agree if such driver was initially aware that there was someone present within the zone of danger?

  10. We try to spread this information every year, but the number of deaths each year do not go down – so this is not very effective.

    Sadly, there are a few famlies in lakewood who have lost a child after being left in a car. It would be very powerful and helpful if they were able to muster up the courage to go on video and tell their story. Explain how their routine got changed and it was completely unintentional. Explain the horror they felt when they remembered that the child they were supposed to drop off at playgroup 8 hours ago was still in the car. Explain the anguish they felt when they saw the childs lifeless body. There is nothing more real than that, and if they came forward with their story, it would move others to be more careful.

  11. Is this a joke? What year is this? Who in their right mind would leave a child in a vehicle alone, whether it’s summer or winter, in this day and age. Please, please do not have children if you can not take care of them.

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