Multiple sources called this election differently | Ron Benvenisti

Multiple sources called this election differently

That’s what Twitter marks your tweet if you have a different opinion than their fact-checkers. (Politifact). So much for the First Amendment.

I chose this headline, as I did the headline for my previous article here on TLS: False Claims of Hacked Voter Information Likely Intended to Cast Doubt on Legitimacy of U.S. Electionsso that Google wouldn’t flag it. In that article I showed how the election results could be manipulated.

This article shows not how the election results could be manipulated, but how, in fact, they were manipulated in numerous ways. I want to make it clear that this is not an opinion piece. I am presenting facts and I urge you to come to your own conclusions. You are free to follow up on anything presented here.

 First, let’s look at Wisconsin. The following graph shows a clear spike in Biden votes, yet an estimated 381,000 votes were not yet counted!

As Wisconsin was counting the absentee votes, they discovered more than 2,000 votes were signed with the same initials, “MLW”. And this is just one county. All these ballots were put into the same pile:

This is happening in many areas in Wisconsin. On Saturday, President Trump tweeted:

 Today is Monday. We shall see the exact number, hopefully by tomorrow. Already a new lawsuit was filed in Wisconsin Supreme Court seeking to block the certification results. The argument is that, all the votes cast via drop boxes are illegal and should be rejected. The suit states that In Wisconsin, over 500 drop boxes were installed in 72 counties in violation of the law. The Wisconsin Election Commission did not have the authority to approve their use as the US Constitution only grants such power to Congress or the State Legislature, not the Election Commission. That is Electoral fraud, on top of the Voting fraud.

Election fraud is when the election is manipulated as in the alteration of vote statistics. We’ve actually seen that in real-time as the vote count was displayed live on main-stream media, just before the so-called glitch when the Dominion systems went down at the same time. (More on that later). Voter fraud is when the vote is rigged or there is illegal interference in the process of voting by increasing or decreasing the vote share of rival candidates against each other.

Wisconsin illegally created a new election law. If the lawsuit is won, the Wisconsin State Legislature will have to nominate their own state electors as stated in Article 2, Clause 2 of the US Constitution:

Clause 2 appoints electors from each state who will be directly responsible for selecting the president and vice president of the United States. The number of electors from each state is equal to the number of representatives and senators apportioned to each state under the US Constitution, with the stipulation that no elector can at the time be serving as a senator, representative, or other position created by the federal government.

This is just one of many lawsuits filed in several states. In Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell, who is not part of Trump’s legal team (contrary to what the main-stream media is reporting). In any case, Pennsylvania dismissed the lawsuit but is moving to the Supreme Court. This is a pattern that we are seeing in many states. Many of these lawsuits are not being filed by Trump’s legal team, as in the case of Sidney Powell who is not on the Trump team. Here’s what the President had to say about Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano tweeted out a chart, that he screen captured, which was posted on the Pennsylvania Department of State website. The chart has since been deleted. Essentially the chart shows that 1,823,148 ballots were mailed out. 1,462,302 were returned but the total of mail-in votes numbered 2,589,242! That’s 1,126,940 extra votes that appeared out of nowhere!

Trump responded to Sen. Mastriano’s findings:

We’re finding out that not only is this happening in Pennsylvania, but also in Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, so far.

People Voted in Multiple States

Matt Brainard, of The Voter Integrity Project which is focused on ballot and election result issues that are determined from statistics of quantifiable voters, actual people voting. This is separate and distinct from the ballot fraud and manipulation discussed thus far. Brainard compared actual residency to actual votes. Brainard found that many people intentionally changed their residency to vote in swing states:

Brainard also analyzed how many Absentee votes went unreturned, yet somehow were counted:

Brainard’s research was so compelling that finally the FBI got interested in the election, as they should have been from the outset of the election and before, to specifically test the Dominion hardware and the Smartmatic software used, as well as the last minute multi-million, multi-year contracts for the equipment.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. What will the FBI have to say, and how long will it take?

General Michael Flynn speaks out:

Screenshot of WVW Broadcast Network exclusive interview.

“There is no doubt in my mind that he won this election. Hands down. In a landslide, probably somewhere between 350-400 electoral college votes,” Flynn said. “Over the last two decades, and probably longer, we have seen a complete shift in how fast communist China, in their long-term plan, decided to move up their pans to become the sole global superpower on the planet.”

“What’s happening in this country should never happen, and there’s no doubt in my mind we are going through a crucible of history, and if we don’t correct what it is that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, then I hate to really even think what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and certainly into the next month,” Flynn noted. “This is the greatest fraud that has ever been seen in our history.”

“I cannot believe the media…and the censorship that is going on,” Flynn said. “The only way the president has to communicate is through social media. Look at what Twitter is doing to the President of the United States. This is an abomination of the First Amendment.”

“We’re in this sort of period of information warfare that is unprecedented. I’m going to stand on my box here and say the President of the United States of America is being censored by U.S. companies. Think about that. I’m at a loss when I think about that. At a certain point in time, that has to stop being allowed. When a company says, ‘what you just said, Mr. President, is not totally the truth’ or there’s fraud involved here or fraud hasn’t been proven, I mean, how dare they do that to the President of the United States … he’s not going to get a fair shot going out to the mainstream media crowd.”

“I believe that at the end of the day we’re going to find out that he won by a massive landslide and he’ll be inaugurated come this January.”

“… he (Trump) represents the presidency of the United States of America, he represents our flag and our country. So, what we are seeing right now is more than just an assault on President Trump. This is an assault on the American republic, on this great country that we have. I know the people around the country are fed up with it and they’re not going to put up with it.”

“And just because CNN or Fox says it’s certified – and if there’s a legitimate legal challenge then they cannot sit there and certify it while there’s a legal challenge to it – big media is not going to cover any of that for you. It’s sad because they’re trying to shove it down our throats, and the American people, they see right through it.”

Remember, it was Flynn, who formerly directed the NSA, and he is an expert in information warfare, and he said, “that it is being deployed here in the U.S. with the help of the media.”

“The whole thing about psychological operations is you have to make sure that you pick the target and then repetition with the message over and over and over has to occur … you have to get the media on your side,” Flynn pointed out. “Everyone knows that the mainstream media, which is a pretty robust group of organizations, and that includes the big tech companies, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are all trying to control a narrative, instead of just giving the information and then letting the people decide.”

“If you study Chinese doctrine [of war, it] has six phases” the general explained. “The first five phases all have to do with information. The last phase would be if those failed and you need something with an additional oomph, then you ‘go to the gates’ as I used to say, and that’s when you might see something kinetic.”

In conclusion, General Flynn states:

“You really do have to go and dig into the filings instead of reading a soundbite here and there because it’s our life, it’s our country. This is the time in our history that, if we don’t get this right, this country is done. It will be over, as we know it. And as I stand here talking to you, I’m not standing here for me, I’m here for my children, my grandchildren, and frankly, the beacon of hope that we are as a country.”

“Over the last couple decades, it’s amazing how fast we’ve seen a shift with Communist China moving up their plans to become the sole global superpower on the planet,” Flynn noted. “I believe in the last election in 2016, when [the Chinese Communists] didn’t get their candidate that they needed, and they saw the kind of ideology in the candidate who won, they decided they were not going to let that happen again in 2020.”

Over the past few years, there’s been a big push to install Dominion Voting Systems in key states. The result, as Flynn points out, is massive fraud involving foreign actors. “So now what we’re seeing is the theft with the mail-in ballots and theft with the Dominion and SmartMatic software systems. I mean, these are systems that are not in this country. They were introduced into this country. How can we say we can accept a system that was not made in this country, and in many cases the ballots are not even tabulated in this country? How can we say that we accept that?”

“I do not believe for a second that our country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president,” Flynn said. “That’s based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud our country has ever experienced in our history.”

General Flynn ended on a positive note. “I’m really not frustrated. I’m determined…We’re going to straighten this out, it’s going to be done legally, it’s going to be done correctly, and it’s going to be done with American patriots who love this country, and who are fighting like warriors.”

“I think we’re going to find out in the end that President Trump won in a landslide.”

As I showed in my last article, the Dominion Voting System was easily compromised. In fact, it was so poorly built that the SmartMatic software was totally incapable of altering the votes (as it was programmed to do) because of the unexpectedly large number of votes that were cast. The supposed “glitch” was actually a system crash because the system was incapable of crunching the results. It would work in Venezuela or Argentina or Cuba or somewhere else in a smaller election, but not in the United States Presidential Election; maybe in a state but not the whole country. You could see this live as the main-stream media displayed the results in real-time. Suddenly, the numbers just froze. The system was shut down for hours in many states and then when the numbers came back, they were totally skewed for Biden and the media crowned him “President-Elect”. Flynn himself said that the Dominion system was not able to handle the votes that would get Biden “over the top” where he needed to be. So they had no choice but to shut down and use fraudulent ballots that came in by the truck load and were entered via 47 USB drives, all of which have gone missing. From November 4th through the 7th, suddenly, thousands of mail-in votes showed up and had to be back-dated by hand to before the postmark deadline.

A Concern for Republicans and Democrats Alike

With hundreds of affidavits submitted by both Democrats and Republican poll watchers, workers, voters and casual observers attesting to the above unscrupulous behavior, under the penalty of perjury, this rapidly became a non-partisan concern as we saw at the hearings in Gettysburg, PA, where the Trump legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani rolled out hundreds of affidavits and lined up credible eyewitnesses before the Pennsylvania House. The eyebrows of Democrats as well as Republicans were raised, to say the least. Now the State Legislature is going to pick the Electors.

The Dominion Software Code

After careful expert witness analysis there were hundreds of thousands of votes lost, votes were switched from Trump to Biden in at least two states: Georgia and Minnesota. In a normal situation votes would be gained and not lost. Losing and switching votes is a Red Flag. That was a “feature” of the software.

Here’s a copy of the actual source code around 11:03 – 11:43 PM EST on November 3rd, before the “glitch”. You can see the votes being tallied and, as expected they are going up:

Trump votes were coming in at close to 8,000 per minute.

Now let’s look at the code (in readable report form time-stamped an hour later at 12:04 AM EST, November 4th:

Notice that around 2:17 AM, Biden suddenly takes a steady lead. Following the timestamps, it appears that a surge of half a million votes for Biden were created out of thin air. That is the conclusion of the analysis. There’s no other conceivable way those votes could have been added. To add insult to injury, it was discovered that more votes than registered voters were tallied so that had to be sliced off the skewed results to fall in line with the expected total. On November 21st, when 479.000 fraudulent votes for Biden were discounted in Virginia, Trump won by 6M votes. That’s 13 electoral votes.

Extrapolate this to other states and Flynn is correct. Trump won by a landslide. Having realized the original statistics showed Trump won, a cover-up was now needed. That’s where the loads of new mail-in ballots and 47 USB drives come into play. However, the cover-up was completely botched. They weren’t careful. Biden won a record low of 16.7 percent of the US counties but had the most of any Presidential candidate in history. They just needed to win the election by any means necessary. The smoking gun: they ignored the fact that Republicans won all 27 state’s house seats. This will come back to bite the Democrats should the state legislatures ultimately decide the electoral votes because the voting numbers don’t make any sense. This is likely to happen after the complete analysis and evidence is in.

Consider that the winner has always carried more than 15 of the 17 “bellwether” counties but Biden won just one! Consider that Trump had the highest percentage of non-white voters in history. Even so, Biden was up in battleground cities but not enough to beat Trump in this arena even though Biden had no down-ballot votes there (only the President marker was filled in). Obviously they were working so hard to cover things up, they only had time to check off Biden and nobody else.

What about California?

Consider this tweet from Sidney Powell:

Hispanic Advisory Council member Steve Cortes chimed in about Los Angeles:

In the video he shows how Trump and the Republicans fared in Los Angeles in 2020. The numbers have grown since 2016. Every Hispanic County voted against affirmative action and are generally opposed to government handouts! The percentage of Hispanics matriculating into the University of California went from 14% to 34% under President Trump. I take this as a strong indicator that Powell is correct: Voter fraud in California was deliberate.

The Narrative is Lost

It seems that even the main-stream media is starting to acknowledge that their narrative is lost. Yes, Twitter continues to label everything in sight. Google, Facebook and YouTube continue their censorship. Consider this tweet from Rasmussen Reports where the poll shows that almost half of US likely voters now believe that Biden would win only by fraud.

It seems that the people that are paying attention is starting to grow. As more and more evidence comes out that this election doesn’t make sense, the more people will see it. Even CNN.

Look at this tweet from Jenna Ellis (Trump’s legal team) showing Fareed Zakaria of CNN’s conclusion: Article 2, Clause 2 of the US Constitution (see above) will come into play and Trump will win the Electoral vote:

Fareed shows how “Trump could lose and still win” with an Electoral runoff in the House, which looks more likely with every passing day:

Fact Checking

As I stated above it is PolitiFact that is responsible for all the Twitter tagging of so-called disputed, incorrect or otherwise disagreeable to Twitter tweets. Candace Owens, who is the outspoken founder of the Blexit movement (people of color should leave the Democratic Party) calls out PolitiFact here and wins!:

Beyond the Election

Does the cover-up go deeper than the election? Here’s what Arizona Representative Andy Biggs has to say:

Is it Possible?

Let’s have a look at the reaction to the November 22nd Johns Hopkins University Newsletter:

The study shows that the percentage of deaths per age category was no different in 2020 than in previous years, despite COVID-19. These numbers were actually from the CDC weekly Covid report of 10/15/2020. It shows there is no effect on the death rate from COVID-19. Shortly after this report was published, the CDC deleted from their website. Furthermore, the stats show there was a significant decline in deaths caused by heart disease and other causes between 2018 and 2019.

Surely the virus is not fake. The news around it, just as the election seems to be, more and more as each day passes.

Is Hashem in the Picture?

Is it coincidence or providence that Biden fractures his foot while walking his dog in Great Falls Park? If that’s not enough, the address of Great Falls Park is 9200 Old Dominion Road, McLean, VA. Who else is in McLean, VA? The CIA.

Ron Benvenisti

FEMA Certified – NIST Counter Terrorism Licensed – Patented DHS SaaS Cybersecurity Assessment, Remediation and Management

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  1. Have you even read the First Amendment?” CONGRESS shall make no law abridging free speech”. Twitter,CNN, foxfakenews, or even oann can censor whomever they want, as can your local school newsletter, or your local Friday Parshsa. sheet.But keep repeating your lies. Im sure the ProudBoys will read it, after they stand up, down, and sideways.

  2. Explain it to me again. Is it multiple scources that call the election? I was under the mistaken impression that the electoral college decides the election.

    • You are 100% correct. If the election cannot be certified, the state legislatures pick the electoral college reps. The title was simply a quote of the Twitter fact-check stamp as to confuse the search engines so TLS and the article are not flagged by the algorhithms.

  3. None of this piece is facts. It is all lies.

    Twitter is a private company and is allowed to enforce users to follow its rules. Nothing to do with the first amendment.

    Lie #1 – First, let’s look at Wisconsin. The following graph shows a clear spike in Biden votes, yet an estimated 381,000 votes were not yet counted!
    Lie #1 – What is the source of this graph ? It is meaningless.

    Lie #2 – As Wisconsin was counting the absentee votes, they discovered more than 2,000 votes were signed with the same initials, “MLW”
    Lie #2 – Why do you show a picture of just one absentee ballot with MLW ? Show me the 1,999 others.
    Trump’s campaign paid $3 million for a partial recount in Wisconsin that ended up increasing Biden’s lead in the state by 87 votes

    Lie #3 – The argument is that, all the votes cast via drop boxes are illegal and should be rejected. The suit states that In Wisconsin, over 500 drop boxes were installed in 72 counties in violation of the law.

    Lie #3 – This is an attempt to throw out valid Wisconsin residents votes after they voted. This will also fail.

    Lie #4 – Wisconsin illegally created a new election law.

    Lie #4 – False.

    This is a pattern that we are seeing in many states. Many of these lawsuits are not being filed by Trump’s legal team, as in the case of Sidney Powell who is not on the Trump team.

    – Sidney Powell is not on Trump’s team because even he couldn’t defend her lies.

    Lie #5 – Essentially the chart shows that 1,823,148 ballots were mailed out. 1,462,302 were returned but the total of mail-in votes numbered 2,589,242! That’s 1,126,940 extra votes that appeared out of nowhere!

    Lie #5 – The number of mail-in ballots that Pennsylvania reported had been requested by persons registered as Democrats as of the voter registration deadline of Oct. 19. That figure did not include the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots that were also requested by persons registered as Republicans (or persons registered with third parties affiliations or with no party affiliation) as of that date:
    The deadline for requesting mail-in ballots was several days later (Oct. 27), and by then over 3 million mail-in ballots were requested, of which over 2.6 million were ultimately returned by the specified deadline for ballot counting:

    Lie #6 – We’re finding out that not only is this happening in Pennsylvania, but also in Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, so far.
    Lie #6 – False, False and False

    Lie #7 – Braynard compared actual residency to actual votes. Brainard found that many people intentionally changed their residency to vote in swing states:

    Lie #7 – Braynard does not have the raw data. Therefore, anything he says based on his lack of data is worthless. It is very not compelling.

    Lie #8 – Michael Flynn – Blah, blah blah.

    Lie #8 – Flynn confirmed that he lied twice to the FBI. Enough said about his trustworthiness. He was pardoned by trump. Enough said about his loyalties.

    Lie #9 – Dominion Software Code

    Lie #9 – This is definitely not the software code

    Is it coincidence or providence that Biden fractures his foot while walking his dog in Great Falls Park? If that’s not enough, the address of Great Falls Park is 9200 Old Dominion Road, McLean, VA. Who else is in McLean, VA? The CIA.

    That gave me a good laugh.

    Total truths – 0.

    • Hey anonymous, Submit your affidavit and welcome to your new apartment in Federal Prison as you get laughed out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

    • Thankful that you took the time to research and fact-check these lies one by one.
      With all due respect you missed a big one. The Wisconsin pic shows the signature MLW under Absentee Ballot RECEIVED BY (the clerk obviously).
      Her name happens to be Maribeth L. Witzel-Behl (MLW!)

  4. INSANITY. So holocaust deniers should not be labeled. 1-39 is Trumps track record in court because no evidence, he spent this month raising 150,000,000 for his life after white house. In Georgia the dominion voting machines print out receipt ballots showing you who you voted for and those and the machine ballots matched in the hand count,
    No such thing as an anti-semite its only alternative facts. It not anti-semitic to talk about the Benjamins. I am sure someone can bring multiple examples to prove their theory. Therefore how can it be anti-semitic. Lakewood scoop has nothing else to publish. This week Mishpacha did several pages on makeup, but hey it doesn’t mean we are focusing on gashmius. Priorities? This is what observant Jews should be focusing on. Insanity. May the yeshuah come!

    What has happened to the Jewish community.

    • One would have to be INSANE to follow your post. Forget about disparaging the Jewish community (which I take to mean that’s what TLS is doing), take a look in the mirror. BTW I prefer Mashiach to “Yeshuah”.

  5. Absolutely terrifying. I’m speechless. I shudder to think my kids and grandchildren could live in such a world. Please, Hashem bring Moshiach now.

  6. In Military parlance “DOGS” refers to usually covert communications (COMMS) between military or para-military (hired mercenaries or operatives). Hence the description of top DOD, CIA, or FBI positions as “The Big Dogs”, dog tags, etc. Is something else up with this? Is this a coded message? Why was Marine One over the scene when Biden “tripped”. Does Trump have more “intelligence” than we know?

  7. In the first chart of code the timestamp only makes sense if it is GMT. Then the timestamp will correlate with EST (as stated). That makes sense given that Dominion servers were located in Barcelona and Frankfurt. We now know that the Frankfurt servers were located in a CIA facility and were confiscated under fire in a US military operation.

  8. How interesting! Michael Flynn supports Trump. Who would have thought?

    Much of this post is regurgitated hogwash, and it is no more true this time than the last few times it was posted. Every time we hear about a spike, we find out the real reason. Nobody asks about the weird Trump spike at the beginning of the vote count. How about that fraud? Because the left is still sane, it isn’t all reading from one cheat sheet of nonsense.

    Btw, whatever happened to the secret marks on the ballots that will prove the fraud? When are we going to see those? Also, what happened to the caravan that was invading the US before the 2018 elections? The news stopped the day after election day, unlike Covid19.

  9. Regurgitated hogwash? Make a list and sign an affidavit with your assertions listed one by one. You are an uninformed coward and I dare you to send your assertions to a court of law. They would love to have your evidence contrary to the legal filings in this article. Step up or shut up and stop wasting our time on TLS. Let us know when you’re affidavit is notarized. BTW I am a Democrat.

    • No. 10 – Why would I need to send anything to court? The courts have already thrown out all of the claims of the Trump campaign. They wouldn’t have the gall to claim fraud in court, because they know it is nonsense. All of the claims are easily debunked through a simple search.

      You seem to misunderstand the concept of notarization. Notarizing is like kiyum shtaros, it just says that you said what you said

      • If you’re so sure of yourself, put it in front of a Judge. A shtar is not a psak beis din. Follow through. Sign an affidavit. Just cut and paste your comment. You think it won’t get thrown out? Stand behind your comment and make it count like the true blue patriot you think you are. All the claims? all the courts? How about you write an article and show us. That would take courage. You know, like Brian Stelter.

  10. After researching everything in this article, by going to the sites listed, following the hearings, and just plain Googling, I find it to be truthful and credible. I showed it to my professor and he agrees. Good job. I know how much work went into it as we basically duplicated the results independently. Kudos to TLS for informing the community at large, whether they accept it or not, as the author states is their call.

    • That’s absolutely hilarious, as I picked one random thing to look up to see whether this article warranted further investigation and it was false. (It was the stuff about the difference between ballots requested and votes-by-mail received.) He’s 0/1 and that strongly implies something about the rest of the claims here as well…


      • @write a comment and @jk:

        Wow! I hope you took notes and have the sources. That would be a fantastic article. Can’t wait to see it. What a shame to waste all that “hard work” you did, especially Jk’s unspecified “one random thing”. You said, “Basically duplicated”. Is that like basically pregnant? Can’t wait to see the byline? I’m not holding my breath, the mask is bad enough.

  11. Do Ron and the other commenters hear realize that the democrats and Biden do not have to prove anything ?

    They do not need a single affidavit or proof.


    Trump and his lawyers can say conspiracy theories and false accusations against our election system until they are red in the face, but until they can actually prove anything in a court of law, it can all be taken with a grain of salt.

    I am posting this on December 1.
    On January 20, 2021 , Joseph Biden Jr will take the oath of office as POTUS and Trump will be history and this whole post will be proven false and hogwash.

    I expect a post after that from TLS showing how everything here was pure hogwash so that people don’t doubt the next president.

    • You’re right about the Democrats and Biden not having to prove anything. It’s the states that have to disprove everything and decide whether the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt. Until that happens I would withhold any predictions and expectations. So far, if you follow the publically available events, your predictions don’t look like they will hold up. More states in play are refusing to certify the elections as each day passes. Again it’s publically available information if you are willing to do your homework instead of some bizarre meditation trance. Excuse me, I apologize, your prophetic proclamations obviously exclude you from the general public. After all you’re the divine chosen one. Who am I to question? Let me know which mental institution where you are going to set up your house of worship. It’s not going to be the White House.

    • I am also posting on December 1st.They didn’t win yet. The media said they won. They might yet win if the judiciary fails our country. Hopefully the big tech and big media have not been able to influence the Supreme Court. Unfortunately it seems that Chief Justice Roberts has been bought out by the left. But as long as Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett are able to withstand the pressure, democracy will be preserved. It’s amazing to see how big the reach of big tech and media is and how deep the swamp is. If heaven forbid Biden is sworn in the millions of Americans who know that there was fraud will not support him, because for four years the Democrats hounded our duly elected president, and now all of a sudden we should just be quiet and have unity!!! In regards to affidavits there are hundreds of affidavits about the fraud, while not a single affidavit was produced about the Russia Hoax. When Biden said on October 24th that the Democrats made the biggest most extensive fraud organization ever he meant it. May Hashem give the Supreme Court the ability to preserve our Democracy.

  12. Not disparaging community. Questioning choices and the propagating false narrative. Chris ruddy owner of Newsmax was asked why he prints news that is false, said that is what his readers want. I think we stick to the truth.

  13. Bill Barr failed to find something that doesn’t exist.

    The King of Trump TV, Chris Ruddy. thinks you are dumb enough to buy it all.
    Mr. Crebs says it was a clean election.
    Sean Hannity himself says he doesn’t verify what he puts on his show.
    Trump keeps taking a wreaking ball to Democratic institutions for corrupt reasons.
    What is true is Trump is responsible for the voter turnout on both sides.
    Our President does not defend or appreciate the sanctity of our institutions. He is not the Law and Order President.
    So many Trump supporters were surprised at the results because they get fed nonsense and lies, which sadly continues on Lakewood Scoop.

  14. After January 20th this will all be moot. Only one who is profiting from this is Trump, only donations over $5,000 go to futile lawsuits, anything under $5,000 goes to Trump’s newly formed PAC to finance his life after the White House. You need to read the fine print. $150,000,000 so far can keep him going for a while.

  15. The only thing Barr can act on is what he gets from the FBI and DHS, whose leadership have been asleep at the wheel. It has nothing to do with the AG until it hits his desk, which has been zero. On the other hand Durham has all the goods on (C)rossfire (H)urricane. First things first. (C)linton, (H)illary and friends in high places including Biden. Great Falls. LOL. Those deep in Torah know the leg/ankle is Netzach. The foot is Mashiach. Look it up, ask a Rav. Thanks for reading.

  16. I just want to add to my last comment that it’s been 569 days since Durham was appointed. Granted that the FBI stonewalled him, I can’t rule out that the Durham probe could take forever or just end without any action. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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