Mrs. Ava Blau A”H; Morah at Hillel Yeshivah for 35 Years

PHOTO: We regret to inform you of the Passing of Mrs. Ava Blau A”H (Chaya Tzipora bas R’ Yedidya) who was Niftarah over night. Mrs. Blau A”H, of Boro Park, was a Morah at the Hillel Yeshivah in Deal, NJ, for 35 years. She was 76.

She leaves behind her husband Rabbi Moshe Blau, and children, Mrs. Shuvie Fuchs of Flatbush, Rabbi Dovid Blau of Lakewood, R’ Menachem Blau of Far Rockaway, and Rabbi Gavriel Blau of Lakewood. She also leaves behind two siblings, Mrs. Hedy Heimlich and R’ Yossi Schlesinger of Boro Park.

The Levaya will be taking place at 11:00 AM this morning at the Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

(Old class photo, provided by Michael Lipkin. Seated in the red sweater, is her daughter Pearl A’H).

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  1. Dear Morah Blau z”l,

    From the 1960s on, you taught many, many generations of students the fundamentals of Chumash, Neviim, Dikduk…and so much more. Your expectations of us were extremely high, and we rose to them because you made us want to. You were the paradigm of what a great teacher should be.

    From memorizing everything “By Heart” to learning how to parse out a pasuk, you truly held us to your own very high standards. Even in first grade, we just knew we had to excel. And we did, because of you. No teacher before or since was quite as successful.

    One of the greatest lessons you taught was how to be kind and fulfill mitvot – even difficult ones. As high as your expectations were in the classroom – that’s how kind you were as a person. You always invited us to sit with you in shul. You showed us what Kavanah really meant. You were always the first one there to comfort mourners. When my Bubbie passed away, you didn’t even bother to call – you just appeared as soon as you heard – and took over.

    You were also incredibly talented – nothing you couldn’t do well – everything was perfect. You designed and created clothes that rivalled the finest Italian designer. Your skills as a chef and baker were just…amazing.

    I know you have many close to you who will mourn you. But please know that there are many out here who are thinking of you and mourning your loss at this time. There are thousands and thousands of people whose lives you have enhanced from a Jewish perspective, and from the perspective of menschlichkeit.

    To Rabbi (and our beloved former AP Chazzan) Blau, to the children and grandchildren, I extend my deepest condolences, and those of my family. Morah Blau, you will always be remembered with the greatest respect and honor. You will always have a place in my heart.

    HaMakom Yenachem Etchem b’Toch She’ar Avlei Tzion v’Yesrushalyim.

    Hannah C.

  2. I second everything Hannah said. There are certain teachers that stand out, she was one of them. The things you learned in her class, even though it was 3rd grade, you never forgot. I’m sure she touched hundreds of young lives with her special gift of teaching.

    Here’s a picture of my 3rd grade class at Hillel. Mrs Blau, A”H, is in the upper right and her daughter, Pearl A”H, is seated in the red sweater.

  3. Wow! What a shock! I can not believe it! Such a terrible thing!

    The tears are burning my cheecks. So many years of knowing Mrs. Blau and the Rabbi teaching me and my children Tora.

    My fondest memories are of Mrs. Blau’s 3rd grade Hannuka parties. How she would sing with us and her smile was brighter than the sun.

    Then of course her stories of her youth, surviving the Shoa, becoming a teacher to thousands of my peers and and to generations of Jews is her lagacy.

    How will we go on without her? How will our generation keep losing jewels like her and be able to survive as educated religious Jews? Who will fill this void in my heart? Who will lead us?

    To the special special family starting with Rabbi Blau and the children, Shuvee, David, Mendy, and Gavriel- may you all be comforted in knowing that Mrs Blau is remembered and cherished by people like me, thoudands and thousands of people like me have had their lives touched, changed, and molded forever and ever.

    We will always love you Mrs. Blau and may your memory be blessed and live on forever.

    I know it will in mine.

    A loving student

  4. I have the fondest memories of Mrs. Blau, and the greatest respect for her husband, who was my bar mitzvah teacher while I attended Hillel School.

    I am sure she will be an inspiration to her family and to the many students who benfeitted from her teaching and caring.

  5. My deepest condolences to the entire Blau family. I, too, was in that third grade class pictured above (thank you, Michael). Pearl A’H was my dear friend and playmate beginning in kindergarten. When I was old enough, the Blau family kindly had me sleep over their house for Shabbos many times (even though I lived very close by) and gave me a warm and fundamental education in how beautiful Shabbos could truly be. And I third everything that Hannah said.

    HaMakom Yenachem Etchem b’Toch She’ar Avlei Tzion v’Yesrushalyim.


  6. I was a classmate of Shuvie’s in third grade at Hillel. Mrs. Blau taught us a lot and had very high standards. My condolences to Shuvie and the rest of her family.

  7. Thank you Michael for the post. I remember Mrs. Blau very fondly. Not only did she teach us how to be a proper Jew, but also how to treat your fellow man. I do recall she did plays with us, and even taught us a bit of yiddush. Having her daughter in our class made us all be a bit more alert and aware of how we behaved. Her patience and kindness will never be forgotten.
    It is so nice to see so many remember Mrs. Blau and her humility and kindness.

  8. Thank you all for your posting such beautiful words above.

    The Blau family, sitting shiva right now, is being informed of every posting and many of them are read word by word to the members of the family.

    They are greatly, greatly appreciated and very moving.

    Today the 7th and 8th grade boys and girls of Hille Yeshiva came today to be menachem avel to our Father, Rabbi Moshe Blau. It was a beautiful sight to see and it provided immense comfort to the family as a whole.

    Thank you so much.

  9. I am writing on behalf of my parents, sisters and brother who all are very saddened by this news. This is such a tremendous loss to the Hillel family. Mrs Blau aH and Rabbi Blau were such a pillars of our entire community in deal and were integral in the foundation of Hillel. It was a privilege to be her student. I remember clearly her warm smile, brilliant knowledge of Torah and exemplary practice of midot. I will never forget all the rides back and forth to Brooklyn where I was able to witness the essence of the Blaus .. Hillel will always be indebted…
    Sophia paula Isaac kelle and Jaime
    (Dweck family)

  10. I would like to wish my condolances to the entire Blau family upon the petira of their mother. Although I am married 37 years the name still rings in my ears about how much they did for the Asbury Park community. I really have not kept up much , but my sister Abby, who was best friends with Pearl AH and lives in Manchester England called me yesterday and gave me the sorrowful news. May Mrs. Blau be a Malitza Yosher for the whole Klal Yisroel, And may rabbi Moshe Blau as well as the rest of the family only have simcha and nachas and from now and in the future and never know of any more tzar. Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Bsoch Avelilei Zion Veyerushalayim.

  11. “אשת חיל מי ימצא?”

    מוזר. מילות שבח אלה שאנחנו שרים מהמלך שלמה מידי שבת בשבתו לנשים של ביתנו, אבל נדיר שנעצור ונחשוב לכמה מעט בודדות שאנו פוגשים בחיינו שבאמת מתאימים פסוקים אלה כמו כפפה ליד. אני פגשתי לפחות אחת – מורתי אווה בלאו.

    אין לי הרבה זיכרונות מאותה תקופה. הייתי רק ילד בבית הספר, וככזה, אני מניח שלא הפכתי את משימתה לקלה. מצד שני, אני יודע היום איזה זיכרונות נשארו לטווח הארוך.

    מי היה מאמין שהחומר שלמדתי בכיתה ג׳ ישרת אותי היטיב לכל כך הרבה זמן? זה כמעט יובל מאוחר יותר, אבל הידע הבסיסי שלי בעברית, ובמיוחד הדקדוק, נבנה בקפידה על ידי הגברת בלאו. ידע זה עזר לי בכל מסגרת עברית מאז, בין אם בבית הספר התיכון, במכללה, באולפן בקיבוץ ,כחייל בצה”ל, או בעבודה שלי היום.

    כמובן שזה גם היווה בסיס מוצק ללימודי קודש לאורך השנים והפך את התפילה לחוויה משמעותית יותר.

    מלבד הערך הרב של הידע הזה, שלא יסולא בפז, ראוי לציין את אישיותה המיוחדת. אמנם קשוחה ותובענית – אך גם אוהבת – הצליחה להשאיר חותמת בל תימחה על הילדים שלימדה. היא לא הייתה מוכנה להתפשר על בינוניות עבור תלמידיה. שנים אלה לא תהיינה רק תקופת הישרדות. לא במשמרת שלה. הם יהיו שנים של בנייה – של מצוינות. החומר ש״נצח ישראל״ נבנה ממנו.

    באופן בלתי נמנע, אווה וידאה שאנחנו נגביל את הצער, ונפרדה מאתנו בחודש אדר, בין מנהיגים הגדולים ביותר של כל הזמנים.

    “ויהללוה בשערים מעשיה”

    יהי זכרה ברוך

  12. I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mrs. Blau. The fond memories I have of her teaching us in Hillel, her kind, gentle demeanor was second to none.

    Even though it’s been over 35 years since she was my teacher, I personally feel the loss along with her Family.

    Together with Rabbi Blau, Mrs Blau left a legendary footprint on the students of Hillel Yeshivah. We will never forget the wonderful experiences we’ve had with the entire Blau Family!

    I hope that the entire Blau family see only Semachot for many years to come.

    With Deepest Symapthy,
    Jonathan Setton

  13. Thank you to all that posted such beautiful and touching posts above as well as to those who came to visit in person and share their memories.

    If anyone (especially you Michael Lipkin) has ANY pictures at all of our Mother we would be so grateful if you would share them with us.

    Her son Menachem (Mendy) will be the one to contact for this. Or if anyone wishes to share any other recollections privately that too would be appreciated.

    Please contact him at
    [email protected]

    The Blau family thanks you once again and may we all share in each other’s simchos.

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