Mayor Coles: Send in suggestions for ‘No Left Turn/Right-turn-only’ streets

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles tells TLS he wants to hear suggestions from residents, where they feel the Township should install ‘No Left Turns/Right Turn Only’ signs – which will help alleviate traffic.

Currently, the Township has ‘No Left Turn’ signs along Route 9, but Mayor Coles says the Township will be looking into suggestions from residents as far as adding more of these signs around town.

“Nobody knows the streets better” than those who ride them daily, says Coles.

In the comments section below, list the streets you feel the Township should add these signs. TLS will forward the list to the Mayor, who will pass it along to the Traffic Safety division for review.

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  1. There’s no point in putting up right turn only signs around town as no one will obey these signs in town especially on RT 9. I have seen hundreds of times that these signs are ignored. And some of the streets on RT 9 that was originally put up are either taken down by someone or it’s on the ground. No point in adding more traffic signs/laws in this town unless it is ACTUALLY enforced by the LPD.

  2. I understand how these may deter dangerous turns, however they are SO annoying when you don’t use the streets often and then suddenly find that you can’t get to where you need to go due to all these no left turn signs. Especially when there is no traffic coming either way… I wish there was a warning sign at the beginning of the street – similar to a “no outlet” sign by a dead end.

  3. Clifton ave,Lexington ave, Monmouth ave, and Princeton ave should all be one way roads alternating between them, as well as 1st through 14th st

  4. Finchley Blvd. right now is a mess. There is no room at all for 2 sides of parking and 2 way street.. It has become a very busy street since it is one of the main entrances to the Hearthstone neighborhood. Very often buses and cars get stuck just trying to get thru and pass each other. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Either Finchley has to become a one way street, or one side of the street must have “No Parking”. But to keep it the way it is now is a accident waiting to happen. Thank you for taking my concern seriously.

  5. There’s a no turn sign at the corner of 8th and Madison. I live down the block. Hardly anyone pays any attention to the sign. I’m not sure that more signs will make much of a difference. I agree with “Long Time Lakewood Driver.” I’m also a long time Lakewood driver (29 years).

  6. James st by cross. Most of the traffic backups is due to vehicles trying to make a left turn. Until they figure out how to make a turning lane there,the left turn onto James from Cross st needs to ba banned.

  7. Totally agree about Finchley. No left turn until there’s a traffic light installed. Additionally, parking needs to be restricted to only one side of the street. Impossible to maneuver there

  8. The No right turn signs are great but we don’t have enough traffic lights on the 9 that allow you to cross over or how about making the existing lights green a little more often.. also it would help to remove where there is a traffic light the no right turn on red especially on 2nd street many cars are waiting to turn right but the 9 is backed up and they cannot make the turn while it’s green! is it dangerous to make a right on the blocks that have a traffic light but the blocks without a traffic light such as 1st 3rd etc. There is no problem making a right onto the 9??

  9. All intersections in Lakewood should be right turn only.

    That would help alleviate the traffic problems.

    And there should be a barrier to keep cars from Carantta from poking into the left turn lane on Central Ave to Route 9

  10. It is impossible to get out of this shopping center if you are heading to chestnut or 9 south or cross street.

    It really really makes no sense.

    This just proves that no left turns don’t help, it’s more about not building smart but that would be thinking ahead which apparently we don’t know how to do.

  11. OAK STREET NEEDS A LIGHT!!!! It doesn’t need a no left-turn situation; all it needs is a traffic light, desperately!

  12. There should be no right turns allowed at the intersection of Drake Rd and Old Whitesville Road (turning onto Old Whitesville) as well as no left turn allowed from Old Whitesville onto Drake. This will alleviate the thousands of vehicles that speed on the otherwise quiet small street of Old Whitesville Road, a small street with five homes and no sidewalks. There is a second enterance for Old Whitesville that gets you to Drake without passing through our quiet little road and endagering our children who play there.

  13. How about more turning lights? Left from rt9 on to North lake,left from 9th street on to madison,longer left turning light from county line on to rt9

  14. Let’s not waste our time and resources on this, we need Rt. 9 aka River Ave. fixed, we just have to add a lane!
    We don’t have to do the whole road at once, let’s get started one section at a time!

  15. Don’t waste ur time no listens anyway. Maybe put a cop by each one giving tickets till people take them seriously then go add more. On a different note I think non essential traffic lights should start flashing at 12 am. For example there is no reason why I should sit at light on corner of pine and mlk no cars around waiting for it to turn green

  16. CLOVER AND 88 (bet bergen and 88) – no left turns!
    Can wait a FEW lights to go straight if one or two cars want to make a left
    The other side, the direction coming down clover from Cedarbridge, there is usually enough room to go around but would be better if lanes are labeled one going straight and one for left tuns

  17. kelmonite +1000
    A simple plastic barrier that prevents vehicles from cutting on Carranetta to the left lane on Central. It not only blocks the straight/right lane, it slows the cars trying to turn left, causing less cars to turn per light. It is such a simple fix that would speed up traffic on Central immensly.

  18. The township should hire a “Real” traffic engineering firm that has only traffic flow in mind (not ghetto creation) to do a full study of the current traffic patterns. Traffic flow is a complicated science.

  19. on Bellinger street going left on new Hampshire needs a right turn only. There are alot of accidents and also there are bunch of kids on the street by making right turn only it will help this issue immensly

  20. How about we stop building new and more in town. The township cannot handle any more traffic or people! Maybe the police should enforce the traffic laws of the state too, I see to many drivers texting or just talking on their cell phones, drivers ignoring no turn on red signs, and cutting through school parking lots to avoid the traffic signal ( county line rd and Kent rd).

  21. 1) Courtney and madsion is no right on red from Courtney. Should be allowed.
    2) no left turning out of chase bank lot on Kennedy blvd.
    3) absolutely no left turning out of groumet flat lot onto the nine.

  22. Caranetta traffic cutting across into the left turning lane on central is a huge problem. I see how it snarls traffic on central on a daily basis. A plastic divider blocking access to the theft turning lane is a must!

    Also how about enforcing the no left turn signs that are currently along route nine? They are ignored with impunity.

  23. From all the responses that I have read above.

    I came to the realization how to fix the traffic in Lakewood.

    They should ban driving in Lakewood!!!!!!


  24. Caranetta and central- no right or left

    It kills people’s speed and so close to the traffic light.

    But that would make everyone use the streets before… caranetta specifically has caused many near accidents though and it would be safer to cut in earlier

  25. Intersection of Route 9 and Central Ave. is dangerous .
    If you are driving on River Ave. north (Rt. 9 north) and you want to turn
    left onto Central, we need a left turning signal there desperately.

  26. Hope Chapel rd from South to Northlake. The right lane should be right only. As it is now 2 lanes become one and cars try to outrace the left lane causing a dangerous situation.

  27. No one will ever be satisfied or pleased, regardless of what the township does.

    People don’t obey or respect the basics. Too many variable types of drivers from socially clueless to driving negligence.

    The only rational and constructive solution is to place Law Enforcement Personal on every intersection to control traffic and issue tickets once-and-for-call, until the law begins to be obeyed!

    Everyone will do whatever they choose and justify their reasoning.

    Back to the basics. Things cannot progress and be stabilized until the township is under Law Enforcement guidance.

    Begin placing PD vehicles all around town and clean up the mess.

    • “No one will ever be satisfied regardless of what the township does” The township is the one who created this mess by constantly downgrading zoning requirements.

  28. Squankum and Kennedy!!! There should be no turn on red from Kennedy onto squankum. The cars all turn on red, blocking the people going down squankum towards lkwd, from going straight.

  29. People coming out of yesoide court should take the roads leading to oak and use Bellinger street coming down speeding un safe and reckless..please make sign right turn only coming out of yesoide court by Bellinger . There have been many dangerous accidents at intersection of albert and Bellinger

  30. If you make a “Right Turn Only” then you must give the drivers a place to make a U Turn or the drivers will make the Left Turn. If you make it hard no one will obey the sign.

    My suggestion, start building new wider roads that run parallel to existing heavy traffic roads. Do not allow any more cul-de-sacs and widen streets before the Builders get in.

  31. Ok so what the township has to understand is that we don’t need more “no left turn” signs. But what we actually do need is left turn arrows added to the traffic lights. Which should have been added when they added the turning lanes. It’s very unfortunate that people don’t actually thing when doing things. Or perhaps even look. Stop with the nonsense and actually do what is correct. Install more turning arrows on all traffic lights and let more then 2 cars through at a time. This town would do a lot better. My job is the drive the streets of lkwd.

  32. A turning lane at new Hampshire and oberlin on both sides. Maybe a light by James and William’s. And I agree with one of the people above. A light by finchley and the presidents. And also a light by marc and pine possibly? It still backs up traffic but would help making turns a little easier.

  33. From cedarbridge onto clover needs a left turn arrow desperattto!

    Vine and Arlington must be opened up on both ends desperately!

    We need a light at every street from 1-15 on rt 9

    And lots of one way streets are necessary (Clifton Lexington Monmouth Princeton) and 1-15th (leave 2,9,14 to be two ways with NO PARKING EITHER SIDE)

  34. If you can make james crossing from james onto pine into 2 lanes so the left turning vehicles dont have to stop all those trying to go straight or make a right. Theres enough space to make 2 lanes!!

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