Many Vehicles Towed On Forest Due To ‘No Parking During Snow Removal’

towing at bmgResidents and several officials have notified TLS that many vehicles were – and are currently being – towed from Forest Avenue this morning due to ‘No parking during snow removal’. Plows were unable to clean the roads and continued on while police had the vehicles towed. If you’re reading this now and have a vehicle parked on Forest Avenue, it may be a good idea to move it.

Some┬ádrivers – who immediately came out to move their cars – were given the courtesy by police to┬ámove their vehicles before the tow truck did.

It may also pay – and save you from paying – to adhere to the ‘no parking during snow removal’ signs posted on the streets. TLS-CAC/TLS-50/TLS-CCP.

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  1. 10 days later and “snow removal” law can tow your car????
    did anyone post a sign that this applies 10 days from the last time it snowed.

  2. How are people supposed to know that today is “snow removal” day? A week after the storm!!??? Or, are people just not allowed to park on the street fot the entire winter? Just curious. I’m sure there’s an obvious answer for this one…

  3. It is a shame that LPW could not notify TLS about which streets were going to be cleared so the cars could be moved. It is 10 days later how are we to know what they are doing, the roads have to be plowed yes, but at the same time life goes on. Thank you LPD for allowing those who showed up to move their cars, move them without being towed.

  4. Are they out of thier minds! this is rediculoous! they wake up a week later and expect people to know that “today” is snow removal day? This is salt in our wound of the dismall snow removal job they didAnd apparently the “officials” of this town are behind it!?! What a disgrace! Next time please give us a warning when you awaken from your slumber to remove our snow!

  5. as long as the snow was never moved from the side of the street you can not park there if the snow was not cleand up yet thats still called during snow removel its very very simple

  6. incompatent LPD and DPW at its best.10 days later!!!!! while they never plowed it in the first place.NO warnings NO courtesy just ticket and tow shame on our officials.They know the makeup of town has limited parking they know many students are in BMG. so instead of letting us know in advance that we wiL be removing snow.They just show up when its convinient for them what a you expect residents not to park 10 days after the storm??? yes you all enjoyed your vacations and were off over the weekend .have some courtesy and let people know.

  7. What a CRAZY town! 10 days after snow is snow removal? Where was the dpw untill now? If their excuse was cars blocking why didn’t they tow it untill now? What happened to promise to remove the snow on saturday?

  8. I am very disheartened to hear how the police Dept, hand in hand with the DPW, are treating the tax payers. The snow fall was 10 DAYS AGO, yet because of their incompetence and mismanagement, there is still snow on nearly every street in lakewood.

    According to their logic, it is illegal to park on roughly 90% of Lakewood’s streets. Any street that has snow past the curb qualifies as “no parking during snow removal.” The town has been crippled enough as it is, do they just want everyone to stay in their driveways until they take their merry time cleaning up the snow for another week?

    So instead of saying “we are sorry that we did a lousy job, and we inconvenienced you in excess of a week, and created a situation where there was no school for a week” we see in the shopper Mayor Langert praising the DPW. And to add insult to injury, when they finally do decide to get around to plowing Forest Avenue, they decide to do it at a time when everyone is at seder. They could have waited until 2:30 and the street would be empty. And if they could only do it RIGHT NOW because they are so efficient and on a tight schedule, then the least they could have done was to simply tow the cars without ticketing and charging them towing fees.

    And the most ridiculous part is that we tax payers just stand here and smile with dumb looks on our faces as the township yet again takes advantage of the tax-payers.

    I am truly sick to my stomach.

  9. Is there still snow on the ground and in the road? Answer: Yes!!!!! Then that means don’t park there because you never know when the plows will come through, just because it’s been 10 days means absolutely nothing………

  10. I hope if you have a car parked on Forest Ave (which means you are in yeshiva) that you are not reading this, but rather learning. Not that I want people to have to deal with this, the police should have given warning which streets are being ploed.

  11. why chastise the lpd and the dpw when the same nonsense happens every year when it snows. people still leave their cars in the street when they know it should be in the driveway.then when dpw can only plow down the center of the street they are the first ones to start crying and complaining they do a lousy job .instead of complaining why not try and cooperate a little more then it wouldnt be such a problem.but i guess its easier to call the mayor and get better results.keep up the good work LPD and DPW

  12. They came by neighborhood today with 2 trucks plowing the middle of the street as many cars were out and good timing from PW it IS trash day so everyones bins are in the street. Maybe they should toqw the bins…. They are on top of the game. 10 days later plowing in middle of the road. I guess it is good for the environment that they remove the sand that accumulated on the road it will spread to other areas and will be unsightly.

  13. Can TLS get some answers on how people are supposed to divine that today is snow removal day? Maybe it is the first Tuesday after the new year?

  14. Why r u blaming the lpd.

    You were warned. The sighs say NO PARKING DURUNG SNOW REMOVEL. as long as there is still snow near the curbs THERE IS NO PARKING. 1 day or 2 weeks…..

    You were saying during the storm why is Monsey so much better at snow removel than us, This is one of the reasons.

    In Monsey you are not allowed to park on the street AT ALL during snow storms & snow removel this way they could plow streets with out any cars on the roads.

    Here were we think no rules apply to us, we do what we want.

    Well now maybe you will learn.

    READ SIGNS…………

    ps on a side note, it would have been nice for dpw to inform someone that they were going to plow there today.

  15. How would anyone even think snow removal was today? I guess someone getting kickbacks from the tow company & impound center.
    I hope the judge has the decentcy to throw out these cases, & return the money. They may have to use the federal money to cover the towing & impound.

  16. The signs are up. Obey the signs and obey the law and you won’t be towed and you won’t be ticketed. Maybe just to be fair, maybe the people who were parked there can’t read. Maybe they should be given a reading literacy test.

  17. Why isn’t the mayor out there defending the residents.IT sEms he only cares about the township unions regardless if they do a good job or not.We need true leadership enough with the the spin.

  18. signs are up. yes for the township to REMOVE the snow not to wake up 10 days later after vacation and decide to plow. The residents should be rewarded for their cooperation during the storm and for their restraint foLowing the lack of plowed streets.

  19. A plow came down my street today and shoved some snow into my shoveled walkway. Maybe they accomplished something I am not sure what. They didn’t clean close enough to my mailbox for my mail carrier and I have to shovel in front of my walk again or my mail carrier will get her feet full of snow since she has to get out of her truck to put the mail in my box now.

  20. I parked elsewhere for the last week. Today i figured if they didnt remove the snow yet why would they do it now. I think they should remove the cop that doesn’t now how to use his head for anything better than writing out tickets.

  21. “NO PARKING ON SNOW COVERED ROADWAYS” – sounds pretty clear to me. obviously as long as the roads have snow, there is no parking. be it 1 day, or 3 weeks… if there is snow, there is no parking. how hard is this to understand?


  22. A. plows might still want to clean up days later.
    B. your car sticks out into the roadway
    C. it makes passing, and oncoming lane sharing dangerous.
    -is this so hard to understand? does a time limit, warning, and explanation need to be on everything now a days? when will common sense come back!?

  23. #28 That means if you see a NO PARKING DURING SNOW REMOVAL sign you don’t park there. Those signs aren’t all over town. Try thinking and maybe you won’t have to ask dumb questions.

  24. Serious lack of management. Don’t know if it’s over at LPD or DPW, but there is a serious lack of magement somewhere. It just aint like it used to be.

  25. To 16,
    Where do you live? I am so tired of hearing people say “well you should park in the driveway.” Do you not realize that for pretty much every house in this town there is a tenant in the basement? Should they be penalized for not parking in the driveway? Or how about the apartments, should they be penalized as well? Before you open your mouth maybe think a little. Why are you not upset at the township? Who approves of all this construction? If the township keeps on allowing this type of construction/expansion then they have no right to be upset about cars in the streets. And please for anyone commenting about “how people who park near bmg etc.,” please stop. You would not even be living in lakewood if not for the yeshiva. The township knows the parking issue, they know yeshivas schedule, they again keep allowing expansion without proper thought and planning. So please if you have a problem, then complain to the people who caused it. And if you have a problem with us for living in basement/apartments then leave Lakewood, because it’s not going to get any better!

  26. Langert where are you now?? When it looked good in the pictures you were there with DPW & LPD, now when they (DPW& LPD) err (yes 10 days after the storm is a little late to tow, ticket and clean) you are no where to be seen or heard from. Come out and publicly stand up for all these drivers and tell your departments (DPW, LPD) to get their act together. PS Take a trip up north to Montreal and find out how to really have the streets cleaned in a timely fashion without videos showing a healthy pat on the back. Just a thought take a big piece of paper, make a large P with a strike through it and attach to a stick and put it in the snow pile on the day you plan to clean that street. Then no one can have any complaints. Good luck and next storm just let the DPW clean at and stay out of 20% of the pictures!

  27. so with snow on the way for thursday we will not see any cars parked there? i think i have a beter chance at hitting the mega tonight…. hahaha……





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