UPDATED: Man Transported To Jersey Shore After Being Struck By Vehicle

candle mediumHATZOLAH has just transported an elderly man to Jersey Shore Hospital after being struck by a vehicle. The incident occurred on 8th Street between Forest And Madison Avenues. Upon arrival, Hatzolah found the man lying semi-responsive in the roadway. The patient sustained head and arm injuries and was transported to the Hospital with Medics on board.

CIU and the LPD’s Traffic & Safety division are investigating the incident. TLS-CCP/TLS-20/TLS-89

UPDATE: We regret to inform you of the passing of R’ Avrohom Chaim Nussbaum Z’L who was Niftar moments ago. The Levaya will be at 11:00 tomorrow morning at 8th and Madison at the Strulowitz Shul.

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  1. absolutely i myself am a pedestrian and i make sure it’s safe every time i cross a street. lakewood is very busy with traffic during the day. especially route nine. a lot of times when i want to cross and a driver is looking both ways so he can go, i wait before crossing so the driver knows i’m there. i don’t want to find out what’s gonna happen if i cross without him knowing i’m right by him.

  2. In general the traffic situation in this town is terrible. Its time that out committeeman address the horrendous traffic situation all around town. There should be a freeze on all building until traffic is addressed.

  3. he was such a nice man always taking the time to give attention to the little kids especially special children…he will be greatly missed . may hashem send his family a nechama and may we hear of no more tzaros

  4. Their home was A open House to all the Bochurim and seminary girls learning in Eretz yisroel always welcomed everyone with A smile and warm feeling was given to every one entering their home may he be A melitz Yosher for His mishpacha and Klal Yisroel

  5. A great man. Talmid of Maran Rav Aharon until the day he died. A man who worked tirelessly for hundreds of causes, hosting parlor meetings for every major and minor institution and helping nitzrochim in his prime and beyond.His home and heart, along with his eyshes chayil, were open for anyone and everyone.He continued to learn Torah like a young yeshiva maan with the bren that he saw from his Rebbi, Reb Aharon, Zt’l until the end. Even in his later years when he had financial hardship he continued working on behalf of torah institutions and learning bhasmadah. On Reb AC, as he was known, was mekuyim the posuk ‘lulay soirascha shaashuai, uz avadati beunyii’.
    May his wonderful wife and children find nechama along with the thousands of people that are mourning the loss of this legend!

  6. hocker says:
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 AT 9:41 PM
    Its time for traffic lights at every single block in lakewood enough is enough already every day another story.

    Are YOU serious?!! A traffic light on every corner..Can you just imagine what the delays would be for that…maybe if people payed more attention to pedestrians, less time talking on their cell phones while driving and more time paying attention to your surroundings the speedway of Madison Ave would be better off..there are enough lights now. I remember a time when you could drive from the Howell border to the Toms River border and rarely get stopped in traffic during mid day or even late afternoon..Now you have to avoid any major roadway from 9a till 9p. The town is growing but with such an influx of people there is no place to widen roads or make them safer. Get a Grip…More Traffic Lights…You want to more taxes go ahead…get more traffic lights..DUH

  7. Traffic light wouldn’t have helped in this situation it happened in middle of the block not by a cross walk as was posted earlier
    People have to be more careful when they cross a street remember even if a car is going only 25 -35 miles an hour it can still take 100 ft to stop so don’t trust crosswalk signs look both ways and make sure there is no traffic and then proceed with caution

  8. #25 asked: “Was he a brother-in -law of the Novominsker Rebbe?”

    He was not — his wife is a cousin (I believe a first cousin on her mother’s side) to the Rebbe and she is also a first cousin (on her father’s) side this his Rebbetzin.

  9. this law that people have to stop for pedestrians is the most rediculous law, nobody clearly understands the law if only at crosswalks or in middle of street and also people think that since the car has to stop they dont have to look out for themselves which makes no sense,you dont want to get hurt than look before you walk into a street.I have no idea what happened here I am just talking in general

  10. BD”E. Reb AC was such a special person. We will miss him.

    His wife’s ylch”t mother was a sister to the Noveminsker Rebbe Shlit’as Father ZT”L.

  11. Anyone who knows anything about traffic patterns in Lakewood knows that there is no possible for a car to have been speeding on this block at this time of day!! There are cars parked straight down the street and tons of cars and school buses!!

  12. Memory flash: Now I recall being in the West Side over 20 years ago for a Shabboss. The Rosh Yeshiva of Slabodka Reb Moshe Hillel Hirsch was staying with AC nussbaum OB”M. After the seuda we went over to visit. He had a massive library almost every sefer that came out he would buy, & some how found time to look through it very quickly. He was always full of prase of the mechabrim, a true Moiker Talmidei Chachomim.
    Is this the niftar?

  13. To number 36 Hashem Yishmor:
    In certain states (like California), when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk- traffic just stops. That’s it.
    The reason? Enforcement of the law.
    By the way, even in NJ by the beach towns especially, it’s the same way. They yield.
    I’m not in any way trying to give an opinion of this situation, I’m just commenting on number 36’s viewpoint of the law.

  14. #42 — that is correct.

    In fact, when he moved to Chicago he gave much (if not all of his library) to his brother-in-law, Rabbi Eichenstein (the one on Touhy to be distinguished from the cousin, the Rebbe on Devon) who has it upstairs of his Bais Medrash where he his known to have one of the best otzar haseforim in Chicago.

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