Man Shot In Pine Acres; Two Men Shot In Second Shooting, One Dead; No Injuries Reported In Other Shootings

shooting scene ronald sheriffMULTIPLE UPDATES: [PHOTOS & VIDEO Updated 12:20 a.m.] Police and CIU are currently on the scene of a shooting in the area of Pine Acres – Route 70 and New Hampshire. Sources tell TLS, the victim was shot in the neck and leg and transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center in

stable condition. K-9 Units are in the area searching for the gunman.

12:40 a.m. Another shooting has just taken place on South Clover, with two victims. A 15 year old was shot in the leg, and the second victim was shot in the back, which brings the total of victims to three, in just two hours.

Multiple Police units are en-route to the crime scene, which comes just two hours after the shooting in Pine Acres.

It is unknown at this time if the two incidents are related.

Update 1:15 a.m.  One victims was transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center, and the other to KMC. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

Update 2:00 a.m. One of the vicitims shot on Warren Avenue, has been pronounced dead at KMC, after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his back.

shooting_7th_streetUpdate 10:00 a.m. Another shooting occurred during the night on 7th Street, but no injuries were reported, but bullets ripped through a vehicle and a home. (Pictured)

Update 12:00 p.m. Another shooting occurred in the High Point area, but nobody was injured.

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  1. boy if your gonna put the story out get it right it happened unfortunately in front of my house and there are no k9’s out here


  3. Of course, most of the houses in Pine Acres are rental there is going to be bs going on..and always in the same area. Same Streets

  4. How come 15years ago when i was going through high school Lakewood PD had 150 patrol man and now with the town almost doubled in that time 80 patrol man are on and their was talk of getting rid of 5. Scoop how many shooting has there been in Lakewood since 2010 and how many people are dead from the shootings? We need to start looking at numbers! Never did I think Lakewood would have worse numbers then Newark!

  5. Will the LPD now have more than 4 police on duty at night shift? I think they should move some from day shift (that mostly just give tickets) to the night shift

  6. I heard those gunshots last night at 12:40, I right away went online to see where it was, but it takes time until the news gets out. Pretty scary, Warren Avenue is mostly frum, besides for a little complex of a few condos.

  7. Wow Lakewood is really going down hill fast. Time to sweep the town up of all the crime. Get them all dont care what age they are. But then again maybe the hoodlums are doing it them selves was it one of their own that got shot or was it an innocent person. Or maybe the towns people need to take things into their own hands if the police depts hands are tied. Just a thought dont really do that.

  8. to: #10 – your numbers are incorrect.

    Their was never 150 police officers. Currently they are at their highest manning ever at 140.

    It’s not as simple as more cops less crime, its the enforcement of all the laws and ordinances on record; from parking tickets and quality of life crimes to housing and sanitation. However enforcement must be applied equally to all and in Lakewood that does not occur.

    You end up w/ a police force that is discouraged and hesitant to do enforcement for fear of reprimand and public harassment.

  9. #13 are you saying they have 140 patrolman currently then how is it that the PD has 8 cops on a shift. They have not been hiring but people have been retiring. They are understaffed! Also you are right they are doing all of that work you mentioned but also on constant calls. Lakewood needs more cops if they had time to patrol instead of running from call to call then crime would go down! When are people going to realize this town is not as safe as it was in the 80’s and 90’s. It is also time to change with the times Lakewood needs a gang unit.

  10. I don’t know who started the only 8 cops on a shift rumor but that is not correct. Many po’s are being used to perform administrative duties instead of being on the road.

  11. We have to look at everything so far other then the raid no cops have been shot but if you only have 8 or 9 cops on a shift and one needs help due to a shooting fight or anything is 8 or 9 cops enough? Gangs obviously do not care about life so this makes it much more dangerous for cops to be understaffed.

  12. such a shame that we have to go threw this in lkwd, how many friends and family have to be layed to rest before action is taken, Does anyone value LIFE anymore?

  13. #12 Mr. Cutlers family has lived on Warren for decades… 30+ years. They lived before the frum, before the condos, when they were one of the only families on that street. And no, they don’t rent their house, they are not tennants!
    Wake up, violence is nothing new, and will never go away. Do your research before you move into a town, or on to any street, so you know what to expect!

  14. the FBI is in town going after some white collar crimes, maybe they should change there focus and help the LPD with the gang problem and deadly crimes!

  15. Amazing how you pick a choose what people know! I am about to start saving every message I post, before you delete it and fill a complaint…

  16. The Gang problem is not an FBI is more based locally and thru the State Police Gang Unit. It will only get worse before it gets better..this is just the beginning.

  17. You weren’t able to walk around the streets of lakewood 10 -15 years ago if you didn’t blend into or live in the area. The way i see it now it has all change, there are people of all different cultures living close together, that would have never happened in the past. It’s life people, some neighbors will be nice hard working people and some will be complete dirt bags and then of course we will definetly have those that seem very nice and hide behind successful jobs but are very corrupt at the same time. Be thankful we don’t live in fear like the people do in the mid east, and have to deal with bombings, shootings and looting.

  18. It’s amazing how much Lakewood has changed during the years. I moved to Lakewood ending of 88 beginning 89. I have seen many, many changes from better to worse. I went to school in Lakewood and you didn’t hear all the crap that’s going on now. Yeah, I admit there were gangs back them but u seldom heard of them. But it’s much, much worse now. Instead of spending money for all the luxourious houses going up everywhere you drive in Lakewood money should go to Youth Programs or more Police. Something has to be done. That’s why I moved out of lakewood 3 years ago!

  19. You are right you could now walk on MLK but things have changed when i went through the Lakewood school system we did not have to wear uniforms because of gangs. Once in all of my years of going through school did I hear of problems with gangs their was a fight in the parking lot thats it!!!! Things are much worse and I would never let my kids go through the Lakewood school system now! I loved being a Piner, now it is so sad.

  20. Remember, Most residents are complaining about taxes and do you expect to hire more police officers when your township committee is / was looking to lay off some of those officers. Who is going to pay the salaries of those officers if they were hired? Where is the money going to come from? I don’t think the township committee will give up money they have now on hiring more police..I just don’t see it happening

  21. I live in Pine Acres. It makes me sad to see any one shot. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Someone is hurt, someone is dead. When the violence stop? Do we live in a society where people do not respect life? I ‘m afraid so…It is quite frightening that since this neighborhood has had two shootings with a five week span, that we don’t have a police car that stays in the neighborhood… I haven’t seen one Police car today, the shooting has not even been 24 hours old… maybe if the Lakewood police force would make more appearances in this neighborhood the crime rate would decrease. I would love to live in a neighborhood that I don’t have to worry about being hit by a stray bullet. Do you think the property value of my home increased by the recent “TWO” shooting? Hopefully someday I can go for a work in my neighorhood without being afaid …

  22. THE FACT REMAINS, LAKEWOOD SEEMS TO HAVE MANY INVESTORS, AND THE TOWNSHIP knows that it cannot take them out of the town, nor can they subject them to any accountability, because the voting power is there.

  23. I think it needs to be pointed out that once again, we see Officer Gregg on the scene in the video, but where is Officer Butterworth????? Officer Gregg had that scene on lock down.


  25. its really sad what have come of our town ive lived here all my life(37) and have never witnessed or heard of such violence 9KILLINGS0 ever its not safe anymore u cant even let ur kids out to play or even sit on ur own front porch where u pay rent it ive had it something needs to be done enough is enough

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