Man Shot And Killed On Somerset Avenue

shooting scene ronald sheriff[TLS File photo] A young man was shot and killed on Somerset Avenue early this morning, TLS has learned. Police received a call at about 1:00 a.m. this morning about a man lying on the road on Somerset Avenue and Stirling Avenue (off of Route 88) with multiple gunshot wounds.

“My wife woke up at about 1:00 a.m. to the sound of about 7 gunshots”, a neighbor tells TLS.

The man was transported to Kimball Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The murder is under investigation by Lakewood Police as well as the CIU.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 732-363-0200.

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  1. Lakewood is scary. Maybe the new townhouses going up all over that neighborhood will turn the place around and drive out the subhumans who rot there now. Development is good!

  2. The LPD must change their attitudes. They can no longer be friendly neighborhood beat cops who smile at children and get interviewed on TLS. It’s time to bring in some tough mean, serious guys to deal with the subhumans.

  3. To the commenters on previous stories asking why we did not report the murder this morning, please be advised, we do not update our website from Friday at sundown, until Saturday evening after sundown in observance of the Sabbath. Even if there is a murder.

    Thank you for understanding.

  4. Wow another shooting in the hood n the mayor wants 2 lay 5 cops off. What is he thinking ? What he needs 2 do is clean this town up n get all this gangs out of here. The same way that he takes care of his community he should do the same thing 4 our community .

  5. #5 the cops are not laid off yet. So what does cops being laid off have to do with murder don’t you understand cops don’t prevent crimes they come after to bring the criminal to justice. Its very rare that a cop prevents a crime from being committed

  6. Cops do prevent crimes every day. U just don’t read about it cause prevention of crimes isn’t a news worthy topic. I agree with #7. If we had more police officers like officer Gomez we would have safer streets and a more thriving community. People like him set the standard for what an officer should be. He’s just the kind we need to deal with these ruffians.

  7. How can you say cops dont prevent crime. Take the police off the street for 24 hrs and let the criminals know and see how rampent crime is during that 24 hr period. Everything cops do, even sitting in their MARKED patrol unit “reading a book” as I once read on this site, is a deterent. If you noticed, not alot of banks get robbed, or a baby carraige gets stolen, or change gets stolen from 100’s of unlocked cars…when a cop is around. Guess what, all those times someone gets stopped for a tail light out, or when someone rolls through a stop sign. Just the act of the police officer activating his lights once, twice several times ina particular area is a crime deterent. Criminals want nothing to do with it. Yes, Recording incidents and solving crime’s are a big part of their job, but “patrolling” and showing presence in an area is a huuuuuuge part of what stops crimes from occuring in the first place.

  8. To wow
    Very good point about the patrols but it don’t help if there doing it in the wrong neighborhoods when u have a particular area that’s crime ridden like the area from friday night that has 5 murders in the last few months step up the patrols

  9. If there Were more officers the police would be able to be more affective in that regard. (patrolling) police can’t “step it up” if they are going from call to call with minimum amounts of officers

  10. #6 you happen to be totally wrong. Police do indeed prevent crime and work endlesly to lower crime in this great town. Go ask our great police chief how much time and effort and rescources he spends to keep this town safe. And were it not for our great police chief and the professionalism of the lakewood police there would be a lot more crime in this town. So lets get our facts right and give credit where its due.

  11. Ok let’s do math, less cops in over 10 years + double the population = more murders in one year in the history of Lakewood! Well I guess people who think more cops do not help prevent crime forgot to look at facts and lack the skill for math.

  12. When it comes to policing there are two rolls police play, proactive and reactive. Reactive is just responding to a crimes after the fact and proactive is patrolling the street enforcing laws in return results in preventing crime. The difference comes into play when you do not have enough officers to both respond to all the calls for service and still patrol. Every time an officer has to take a stolen bike report or accident report there is one less officer preventing crimes. There comes a point in which the lack of police officers gets o out of balance that you never have time to catch up. Lakewood like many towns is at that breaking point . The Township committee and citizens have to decide to either hire more police officers or live with the rising crime. There are less officers today then 10 years ago and the population has doubled. As a tax payer should ask yourself were are my tax dollars really going.

  13. Another murder in Lakewood and 5 cops are getting laid off. And, as pointed out, cops do not PROTECT YOU, they just try to catch the perps after the act has been done. Therefore I want to be issued, correction – I DEMAND that I be issued a “Permit To Carry” as guaranteed by the Constitution of the USA. NJ CANNOT usurp the federal laws of the USA.

  14. Lakewood better wake up , If you think its bad now its only going to get worse if we don’t get the gangs & drugies under control .
    We are going to be giving Camden a run for the first place as far as crime goes , not exactly something to be proud of, The LPD has their hands full and we have a segment of the populace that does not find laying off 5 officers troubling ? Very strange indeed . We are in dire need of more officers to keep things under control

  15. enough with the 5 cops getting laid off already im sick of reading about it in every article. Not even a definite yet so relax We need MORE cops ! Id pay more taxes for more cops and a safer town without a doubt

  16. Cops are not gonna help. The town has 100’s of thugs. But if the twsp let’s the owner of the houses (where the thugs live) to develop that property, and relax the code a bit to make developmant profiatable, then the owners will knock down the house(s), causing all the thugs to eventually move out. To South Toms River, say. Or South Central LA, to name a few. Steve is right to lay off 5 more cops, but he has to shmooze w/ the Chevra on the Zoning & Planning boards.

  17. I love this… Lakewood PD is already grossly under staffed. Just look what happened in Newark. They lay of 167 cops and they had 3 homicides in a 12 hour period. It’s so bad up there they want the National Guard to help them. It’s laughable. More and more of crimes like this are going to continue to rise. Good luck out there LPD and may G-d Bless you all

  18. Yes he is real. Yet what he does is truly the stuff of legend. I honestly aspire to be the kind of man officer Gomez is. The kind of man I can believe in. Trust me. I know from experience.

  19. Aside from the insanity of laying of cops….even if when they apprehend the guy…he will be locked up for maybe 15 years, whatever it is. Get off a couple for good behavior, get out and crack another head. So many crimes happen from repeat offenders.

    Maybe if the states would be more serious about capitol punishment – yes, instead of some stupid lethal injection, G-d forbid to cause the piece of junk any discomfort! maybe if he was hanged from a telephone pole and all the gang members rounded up and shot – I think that would be the most effective, straight forward method of eliminating
    all the crime in and around Lakewood.

    Anyone who has mercy on the cruel will have cruelty on the innocent (something to that effect)

    to #12: yes, subhumans. You are a flaming liberal. Why cant he call murderers and robbers subhumans? If someone would G-d forbid stab your mother to death, you would consider it wrong to call him less than human? Your drenched in liberal junk.

  20. During the overnight shift or midnights there are usually only 7-8 officers for the whole town during it’s busiest hours which is up until around 2:00 to 3:00, and the calls that are received at these hours are usually serious calls so it takes more than one officer, so that means more than one call needs more than one officer which leaves how many for patrolling? The bad guys know this, and even if there were all the cops on the road patrolling how many times a night or day do you think a cop can ride down every side street in Lakewood where most of this stuff happens? They need to hire more officers not lay them off, and then that would increase patrols in your nieghborhood.

  21. #20 Old Timer is right. Once word gets out on the street that there are TRAINED people with legal carry permits, street attitude will change. It’s a shame that only those who break the law can be armed.

  22. Now there a crime rasing because the Police Officer are not doing their jobs. I caught them several time smozzing at 4am at Lakewood Middle School.. If they were serious they would travel through the worst part of the neighbood also.. People should realize at night like 10pm-6am no kids should be outside late at this time…This isn’t safe for us in Lakewood Township is becoming into NYC…Also I ask all of residents in Lakewood to please stop using the street and use your driveways it will make a differents I promise you.. It doesn’t hurt park in your driveway….

  23. #26 Oh please this problem came from landlords not being regulated in Lakewood. How many run down homes are full of 2 and 2 families sharing the rent. The town has shown they welcome Illegals…with that comes more crime, because a bad element can thrive where there is a need… Lakewood was never like this… that’s why people don’t shop here or go to Blueclaws…. the town’s reputation is gone.

    As for more cops we should be hiring every year…. we have over 100,000 people in this town most pay taxes…. where is the money going? we are broke why? The state needs to look into this.

  24. Please publish my comment for Detective Mercury Gomez, there is nothing bad to say about this man. I hope he has a way to have the Mayor reconsider the proposed Police layoffs. Det. Gomez……
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. to #38
    you are right on the money
    There are those who only have $$ in their eyes and are to blind to see what is happening and don’t care all they care about is themselves and $$$$$$$$$$
    This town never had these problems until Lakewood opened the door to make it convienent for these thugs to live here

  26. OY VEY!!! All you guys do on here is bicker back and forth, I apologize if I misspelled bicker, about who is right and who is wrong…Has everyone that goes on this site completely forgotten about the fact that a human life is gone…Sure he may not have been one of the”chosen” ones, but still a person regardless. Blame the renters, I need a concealed carry permit so I can shoot myself in the foot, layoffs, drug infested cespool, I can’t stomach to see what people write on these forums. It is completely rediculous. For those of you that think they can do better, take the civil service test and join the PD, those of you that are scared, move! Seriously though, keep depleteing the Police Department and the national guard will need to come in and all the Frum families in this town will be utterly disgusted as to how they will be treated just like every other person in this state.

    So in conclusion….whatever

  27. I heard Lakewood PD may be hiring more cops and Officer Butterworth’s brother is #1 on the list. More Butterworths on the force will benefit everyone in the community.

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