‘Live Where You Work’ Program Announced

Live where you work press conference picPHOTOS of this morning’s Press Conference announcing the ‘Live Where You Work Program’, which took place at the Township Municipal Building. Speakers included Senator and Committeeman Bob Singer, Mayor Steven Langert, Marge Della Vecchia, Executive Director of NJHMFA, Steven Reinman, Director of Economic Development, Lakewood and Ed Collins, Live Where You Work Program, NJHMFA. LWYW is a special incentive program designed to encourage local workers to buy homes and live in the communities where they are employed. To facilitate that, the NJHMFA is offering this program to assist first time homebuyers with a down payment, closing costs, and competitive lending rates.
A number of large New Jersey cities and towns are already participating in this program.  Lakewood officials feel this is a valuable resource for the residents and employers of the community.

A full report of the meeting will be posted at a later time.

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  1. Here is an article about Bob and the mayor and the comments posted are about Hershel. I’m sure the TLS editor is sensitive to the complaints of a pro–Hershel bias and would gladly any pro– Bob posts.
    Is there anyone out there who supports Bob? Would they post anonymously?

  2. Since the comittee is cleanig house so as to fill in the spaces with new faces I assume that who ever gets my job can buy my home too. Its a win win for all. Thanks SL & B S. Good luck police officers and dispatchers and clerks and fire department and EMS i December. Good luck.

  3. How much will this cost us? How come we can’t demand all municipal employees move here within 2 years or face giving up their job to a local resident?

  4. Can someone please explain to me how this is beneficial to Lakewood. We are giving people a financial incentive to buy houses here – because? The only benefit I can see is that the worker won’t have to commute and that benefits the town how exactly?

  5. If municipal employees can’t afford to live in Lakewood, I feel bad for them. This is a great town to live in. Nonetheless, the township should give its jobs that are paid for by local taxes to residents first. Why not try to get a municipal job in the township you live in.

  6. I’m curious. What % of municipal workers live outside of Lakewood? Do other townships have similar statistics? I’d be shocked if they do. In these difficult times, it’s ridiculous to use local taxes to employ
    non-local workers.

  7. To #7, the pay is just too good in Lakewood. Why work elsewhere? Did you know that the Lakewood EMS, even after the 30% cut is still the highest paid EMS in New Jersey? Don’t fool yourself. Lakewood is still a cash cow when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

  8. I know how to encourage local workers to live in the community where they are employed. Pass a law. If you want to hold on to your job, you have 2 years to live here. That ought to do it.

  9. So let me get this straight, I took a position in Lakewood that did not require me to be a resident, now you want to fire me so u can give the job to a resident (qualified or not). Wow this sounds frightning like the 1940’s when a certain crazied leader decided Jewish persons had no rights or worth. What goes around comes around. Are u people listing to yourselfs. When Muncipal Jobs are posted you don’t want the dirty work, when the economy tanks, the dirt looks pretty good so lets take it. God Bless you all.

  10. Is there a “Cash Cow” in Lakewood Township? I must be on the end of that “Cash Cow”. I am pretty sure that I can’t afford a house on my 400 dollar a week paycheck. I’m going to have to go down and see what these people have to offer me. Maybe I am wrong and can afford to buy a house.

  11. Keep up the comments because they are fantastic! EMS highest paid after the pay cut, Lakewood PD highest paid in Ocean County? Does anyone know what their talking about before they post this stuff? I didn’t see the crime stats of Lakewood compared to the other towns nor did I see the same for the EMS. As for moving to Lakewood, who can afford it? That’s why I moved out. Maybe I should have rented out my basement.

  12. Does anybody see that the only people who are residents of lakewood are the orthodox and the illegal mexicans. Who is going to get these jobs? Duh. People don’t you see what is going on here! Shame on you! These are hardworking people that have been working for your town for many years. Now when you want the whole town to yourselves you want to take their jobs away. What happens when you bankrupt the town? Just make Hershel the mayor and he will know what to do. He is the only one who makes any sense! Maybe because he’s the only one trying to do the right thing!

  13. he all you funny comments and stupid biased thoughts,

    i liv ein lakewood since 1993. i pay crazy taxes as i work 100% on the books and get ZERo benifits. So YES municpal workers start sharing the cost of health care. be lucky you get something. stop asking for raisies every year. I dont get one. and the” Live were you work program” may help many who work localy with actualy staying in lakewood and being able to purchase a home. the may not have to leave to PA to find a place affordable. The salaries in Lakewood are very LOW to many places in northern NJ so many hard workign people cant afford a house in Lakewood. This will give some a chance of ownershipof a home in lakewood.

    No one cares about your public works job. KEEP IT. but dont think its cart blance any more for public employees. The unions are killing the state including schools. And on top og this all if we would make some Arizona laws in LAKEWOOD we would not have such a deficit in education funding or over burden healthcare.

  14. To 21 – we do pay for our healthcare and our pensions. Why don’t u get your facts straight.

    What “cart blance” are u talking about. We make $34,000 after 5 years on the job. Yeah were rolling in the money. Livin hi on the hog. Most of us have second jobs. Which we pay taxes on. U don’t make enough get a second job – Public workers do.

  15. The public workers who posted comments made some excellent
    points. It is unfair to “grandfather” a policy that is so radically different than the terms that were in place when they were first hired. I wish they would live here because they are hard-working upstanding citizens who would make great neighbors and residents. I do feel that from now forward, applicants who live in Lakewood should be given priority before non-residents. Times are tough, and it seems fair to me to use local taxes to employ local workers—if possible.

  16. Glad to see B. S. is concerned about the environment. “People should bike to work if they live in town.”

    HH you defintly got my vote now.

  17. to 23 – their is a residency requirement at time of hire, you can move out of town after you complete your 90 day trial period. Most employees do reside in town, however as they were offered $$$$ for their properties they like anyone else took advantage of the opportunity to downsize or upgrade properties. Not to mention that in many sections of town non religious purchasers are not being welcomed. It’s true you know and I know it. As the Frum community grows they want to solidify the neigborhood and extend the community boundaries. Also many of the out of Town employees have as great sense of the history of Lakewood and take pride in the work they do for the residents of Lakewood.

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