Letter: Thank You Lakewood Police for Ticketing my Husband

This might sound a bit weird, but I will say it anyway.

Thank you Lakewood Police for pulling over my husband.
I’ll explain.
Since we’ve gotten married several years ago, I’ve told my husband on numerous occasions to slow down while driving. He’s nearly been involved in several serious accidents because of his speeding, and once almost killed a mom walking her child in a stroller.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t take my advice.
Last week, he came home with a speeding ticket, and though I love him and respect him, something inside me was kind of happy he received the ticket. I bit my lip and didn’t tell him “You see? You deserved it.” But that’s basically what I was feeling inside me.
So I want to thank the officer for spotting this dangerous behavior and ticketing him for it. It will hopefully slow him down and save lives. And honestly, I hope others who receive similar tickets realize it’s for their safety and for the safety of all of the town around them.
Thank you LPD for keeping us safe.
A wife.
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  1. Just one good advice.

    Make sure that your husband doesn’t find out about this letter.

    If your husband finds out about it, you might be in for a big surprise.

    I hope that you asked your Rav before you sent this letter in.

    I am not saying that you are wrong, but not everything that is right should be said.

    And I am sure that people out there know who sent in this letter, please be very careful not to let it get to the husband.

  2. Yes this is not a real letter, it’s basic click bait to rile people up and give there opinions, does she have the wrong thought process? Is she right at the end because it’s better safe then sorry yada yada.
    I for one think we should start worrying about the real problems the world has to offer 🙂 you don’t have to look far there’s plenty

  3. Who is this women average bot we need less pple like this I for 1 am furious idk what happened to the male masculinity in the passed ten years but need not to say what would happen if that was my wife

  4. Some of the drivers In Lakewood shouldn’t have licenses The demeanor of their NY driving habits are dangerous. Don’t wait to hurt or Klll somebody. The word sorry won’t make it right.Especially when you will turn around and do it again.Ladies put down your cell phones when driving,talking to Malka what your cooking for Shabbas can wait till you get home..it’s the law Dina Malchu sai Dina * “the law of the land “

  5. People who drive like that won’t be deterred by a ticket. Maybe after getting a few tickets and having his license suspended, he’ll slow down.

  6. I bit my lip and sent a letter to the Scoop? Sounds like it may have been better to speak up directly than let the whole world know.

  7. When are we going to talk about what a nuisance and danger the spaces out drivers are? Yeh, you, the one who doesn’t know that when waiting to make a left turn, you are supposed to pull into the middle of the intersection or you, the one that starts moving by a green light after the car in front of you has already moved 10 feet. Or you, who travels in the left lane or only lane at way below the speed limit. These drivers are just as much a nuisance and danger as the fast drivers because they impede the flow of traffic.

    • No it’s called sharing the road, paying attention and drive normally. The bigger issue is running reds and stop signs, texting/talking, holding a Gemara while driving (yes I’ve actually seen this on multiple occasions), driving on the shoulder which makes it impossible for anyone waiting for an opportunity to turn. I’ve never seen a Jewish community like this with such a lack of midos and disregard for others. Living in Lakewood has made me embarrassed to look like a yid. So much Torah but so much chillul hashem and sinas chinam!

  8. People need to learn how to drive in this town. How many lights I missed thanks to the “kindness” of people stopping to let people go in against the right of way… ip people would go according to the laws of the road, use blinkers, go when its green, and not text, this town would be a MUCH better place.

  9. While traveling, a wife once told her husband to put the destination in the GPS. He said ‘I know the way?!’ She said ‘but do it anyway’. So he put it in. When he was speeding, it gave him an alert!!:)

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