Letter: Sheitels


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  1. Thanks for posting, you words are no doubt very sincere. However, can you point to a source in Halacha that accords with your feelings? Should we assur makeup because it makes the face more attractive than without it? I would suggest we focus our attention on these yomim nearaim on improving ourselves where Halacha demands it and not on feelings, though sincere.

    • Chazan Ish said on some things pointing to his heart “Es Shteit In Dem Yiddishe Hartz”, Gedolei Yisroel knew what the Yiddishe Hartz is supposed to feel. They Paskened Dinei Nefashos with that;Giyus Banos-Hereg V’al Yavor. Do some research on what Gedolei Yisroel said about today’s shaitlech, Rav Shlomo Zalmen ZT”L being one of them.

  2. Maybe focus on some of the men’s issues? Not all the world’s problems are due to women’s shaitels and skirts. Find another scapegoat, or better yet, look inward! Enough already!

    • are you trying to quiet your conscience??? whats that supposed to mean??? yes, women ignoring the psakim of our gedolim does put klal yisroel in great danger. although i do agree with you that men should also focus also on their issues so we could bring moshiach together.

  3. Can’t agree more, Everyone can strive a little bit higher each at their own level… there is definitely an Halacha component to tznius, no we cant expect everyone to walk around without makeup and very short sheitels but definitely as a god fearing Jew we should always work on ourselves to be better and grow in tznius. You can say it’s to hard for U and not something you can work on right now but don’t push that it isn’t Halacha!!

  4. @anon it isn’t hard for me because I’m a guy. That being said, Hilchos Tznius is in Shulchan Aruch and as with all Halacha, we don’t make it up based on feelings, we pasken based on the Halacha. It’s easy to “feel” like your being “Frum” because one adopts Chumras that stoke feelings, it’s hard to “actually” do T’shuva for the things that “really” count. That’s my point, let’s focus on the Halacha and not the feel good. To quote the Satmar Rav regarding not eating nuts on Rosh Hashana because Egoz is b’gematria Chet. He said, Chet is also b’gematria of Chet.

    • big shailah if sheitel is mutar! it is a big machlokes acharonim! even if you pasken it is ok, it certainly IS a chumra not to wear one, just like other chumros!!! A woman’s beauty if for her home. Its not for the street and certainly not for the workplace with other men. This is not a far fetched chumra and just because we live in a society which is lax does not change the facts. There are mekoros from tanach regarding these concepts. Think of the kiyor and their message. Think of the divrei niviim lamenting women putting on makeup to attract attention outside their homes. Only one type of woman needs to attract attention outside her home and that should never be our women ch”v…

      • Nonsense! The halacha has been decided by the Rema in Shulchan Aruch. It is no longer a shaala. Klal Yisroel accepted the halacha like this, and someone who muddies the waters by using this ‘shaala’ is showing him/herself to have a merely tenuous connection to actual halacha.

  5. big shailah if sheitel is mutar! it is a big machlokes acharonim! even if you pasken it is ok, it certainly IS a chumra not to wear one, just like other chumros!!! A woman’s beauty if for her home. Its not for the street and certainly not for the workplace with other men. This is not a far fetched chumra and just because we live in a society which is lax does not change the facts. There are mekoros from tanach regarding these concepts. Think of the kiyor and their message. Think of the divrei niviim lamenting women putting on makeup to attract attention outside their homes. Only one type of woman needs to attract attention outside her home and that should never be our women ch”v…

  6. Do I think that one who goes above and beyond in her tznius and sheitel brings extra kedusha to this world? Absolutely

    Do I think that some sheitels are so long and can get overboard? Absolutely

    Do I think that every person is on a different madreiga and has different nisyonos and shalom bayis etc and needs to do what works for them and their situation? Absolutely

    I know many people that would give in to the nisayon of not covering hair if they didn’t have an option that they felt nice in.

    I know people whose husbands are not happy with them wearing anything but a nice shaitel.

    I know people who only wear a shaitel in their home and tichels out of the home.

    Everybody needs to do what works for their situation and everyone else needs to stop judging.

    I was told off for the length of my shaitel by someone who didnt know that I had a really hard time cutting the amount I cut off of it after spending so much money! I cut it to a length that I had been ok with and felt was still tzanua (as it was a length I wore my hair beforehand). Its not short but I cut it and please dont judge!

  7. When I got married synthetic sheitels were more “in” than human hair and some cost under $50.00. It was really much better than having to get an expensive human hair wig that everyone thinks is a necessity now.

  8. @resident. There are also rabbanim that say it’s better to wear a Shaitel because it generally covers hair better than a snood, tichel, or whatever. Everyone should speak to their rav, husband, and themselves and figure out what’s best for them. The Halacha is to cover your hair, how you do it is a big discussion and really not black and white. Don’t push your chumros on other people.

  9. sary- “not all the world’s problems are because of shaitels and skirts”- did you read the letter? It doesn’t say anything new. It is nothing too profound. It is as simple as can be:
    The Torah says outright (as quoted in the letter, but I will translate) if the shchina sees ervah (immodesty), it moves away from us.
    That’s all!
    No tznius —> No shchina —> no protection.
    So we become vulnerable to problems.

  10. Shaitels? Really? Let’s make sure all kids have a school…. then we can discuss shaitels.
    The way this town is heading and the way our girls are getting treated the shaitels are the least of our issues. Girls being rejected left and right. Ya think when they grow up they will even cover their hair? The community thinks they are garbage and they never forget that. Ever.

    Please do me a favor and focus on ahavas yisroel. After you perfect that we can discuss shaitels.


  11. Why is the person who wrote the letter scared to sign name? (U think his wife has long shaitel). I definitely agree with the writer to an extent. I have one side point the writer right about before the yamim norahim should try and be better. These people don’t fully respect them they don’t no about the growing up Elul was a time of vacation and camp bungalows everything but learning about rosh hashonah and the importance of Elul. Of course we lost our priorities we don’t no if we are coming or going.

  12. Can someone please source where it says shaitel length requirements for tznius in Torah. All i know is that we have to cover just curious where it says how and criterias that everyone is SO crazy about. Honestly I would like to know.

  13. It’s a shame that so many of the commentators are apparently missing the knoledge and appreciation of how tznius is our biggest protecter. Period. Aside that it is ratzon Hshm, it’s our highest shmira and cause for more siyata dishmaya.

  14. I heard a story where someone went to his rav and told him he wanted to have his wife’s shaitel cut 2 inches. The Rav answered “so you’ll want to look at everyone elses wives?”

  15. What I don’t understand is why everyone focuses on the length of shaitels. What about the length of girls’ natural hair? I think that’s an issue too!

  16. @chaim Moishe, now that you made a blanket statement, would you mind pointing me to a Torah source of how Tznius is “ our biggest protector”? I’m not saying it’s not important, just looking for the data.

  17. Reading all the comments on this post and many other posts full of controversy it made me wonder

    what are we living on this world for? Why were we put down here? What’s our true purpose in life?

    I believe once we have a clear vision and a true understanding to the above questions there would be a lot less controversy about all these subjects

  18. I haven’t commented in a while but so many of the comments are so twisted its astounding. Tznius isn’t only a personal mitzvah for a woman. It’s a michshal for everyone an immodest woman comes in contact with. A woman who dresses provocatively is causing others to sin. Tznius isn’t just another mitzvah. It retains and allows the she China amongst us and was the cause of the geulah and will be the cause of moshiach. Unfortunately as we all know it’s in a sad state with people who should have no say leading the rally in styles and other negative things.

  19. Can someone please give a source for sheital lengths and looks.. all i understand is a womens hair must be covered when shes married. If hair in general is a problem in tznius then even single girls should have to cover their hair with a chumradika shaital or snood…
    If a married person had a nice shaital, whats the problem (from a source please, not a self righteous chumra)

  20. It’s obnoxious when people try and pretend they don’t see the connection between long or very stylish Shaitels and lack of Tznius and outright pritzus. Tznius is in the inside as much as it is on the outside. The Gemara brings the story of the girl who walked like the romans and her pritzus was so severe she was severely punished. And her father was an Amora! My point is the shaitels is only one area of the pritzus however it’s a great starting point.

  21. Girls really should also wear the hair more modestly, as in tied back or braided. While the Torah is subject to interpretation, it doesn’t have to outright mention sheitels, sheitel lengths etc. People are smart enough to know what is nichshal men and is provocative. You have to use your own seichel how to dress properly. Tznius isn’t only about sheitels, it’s about tight clothing, proper necklines etc. It is also about how one conducts himself in public. Talking loudly on a cell phone in public isn’t tznius either etc.

  22. Incredible. I askd for a source, not self righteous opinions and thats exactly what i got. I know theres no source for sheital styles in the Torah or Gemara. Im asking which major posek im gives a ruling in these matters and whats the psak?

  23. If we are so worried about tzneeus then why are we ok with all the lavish styles advertised in lakewood flyers and on digital billboards.
    This has nothing to do with tznius and everything to do with made up chumras which certain individuals want to force on everyone else.

  24. @lakewooder since 66′

    Very well said!!
    It’s sad when some people make themselves as if they have no idea there’s ANY reason that it’s wrong
    And yes tznius is a feeling the letter writer is correct, but we have to be able to be in touch with our real feelings…
    No im not a woman and my wife dresses very well and her shaitel is not as short and her mothers and that’s part of life I’m just saying that everyone at THEIR level should take a LITTLE hisorerus at this time of year in all areas Sheitels included.
    I’m not saying people need to start dressing like our great grandmothers and every man wants his wife to look good but let’s not knock when people might be a little ahead of us

  25. @Happy, you have fallen into the “group think”. You don’t need to put yourself or your wife down, as if a short Sheitel is a Madraiga. Says who? People won’t give a source because none exists. They simply repeat the information they read in the paper, blog, or some Rebetzin said in seminary. No need to think that they are on a higher level than you. It’s either in Halacha or it’s not.

  26. Rabbi Falk Shlita (BIL of the Mashgiach Reb Matisyohu Shlita) has a fantastic sefer (in English & also reprinted in other languages) on Tznios.

    It is full of positive messages and says the halocho clearly as it is. Showing what is ideal and what is minimal allowed etc.

    Volume 2 has all the actual halachic sources.

  27. A sheitel was always a halachic dispute among the Poskim with many asuring the wig- the ones that allowed a wig would never have allowed todays wigs.
    The tichel was always the tradional Jewish head covering.
    Even though sheitels are mentioned in the Gemara, women than only wore the wigs in the house to beautify themselves for their husbands. They were not used as a public head covering. When they went outside they always fully covered their hair or their wigs with a material head covering.180 years ago there was a decree in Russia that Jewish women couldnt cover their hair outside anymore (they were all wearing tichels than) some Rabbanim allowed the women to wear wigs than instead of the worse option of having women walk around with their heair unconvered. The wigs than were awful- stiff and clearly a wig and even with those wigs the majority of the Poskim at that time said that those wigs are not allowed. This “bandaid minhag” stuck and women started to wear wigs more and more until they became what they are today- a total hypocrisy- the technology today is so advanced that most of the wigs are incredibly natural looking and look like ones own hair. This totally defeats the entire purpose of the mitzvah.
    The hair of a married woman becomes erva after marriage- it can be a source of attraction to men and therefore she is required to cover it. Covering ones own hair with somoneone elses nice hair is making a mockery of the mitzvah of kisui rosh! The wigs today are designed to provoke- the same wigs Jewish women are wearing for “modesty” are being worn by actresses and models for glamour- there is a reason that the wig and hair extension industry is booming today. The whole discussion about the length of the wigs is a bit of a joke. its nto only the length that is the problem – its the whole concept of todays wigs which are natural looking and therefore very attracting (hair is the most attractive part of a woman), Rav Elyashiv declared todays wigs erva (its recorded) in a shiur that he gave- its like women are walking around with ther hair uncovered (which is essentialy how most wig wearing women look today, as the wigs dont look wiggy, they look like real hair growing out of their heads. Not at all like head covering)

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