Letter: Lakewood family of 8 turned away from park in Brick

I brought most of my family to Windward Beach in Brick today, and after parking and taking all of the kids out of the car, a park worker stopped me and told me that I was not allowed to drop-off more than eight people. I had seven of my kids with me at the time so I told him that we were exactly eight people. He responded eight or more are not allowed to be dropped off. I told him that this was my family and asked him what to do – am I supposed to leave someone behind? He kept repeating that it was a township ordinance and that I was not allowed to be there.

After coming home, I checked the Brick park rules and saw that their ordinance only talks about a van with 15 seats needing to have a permit. There is no such rule as far as I could find about dropping off eight people. (The online articles printed at the time that they passed the ordinance are very telling about why they passed such an ordinance.)

So if you are stopped at a park, you can let them know the facts.

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  1. The fact is they don’t want all us jews from Lakewood to use and occupy all their space. If it’s a law then we can’t do much about it. I was at a different park where they threw a Jewish family out of a gazebo cause they need a permit if it’s more than 7 people

  2. This is outrageous. You need to call the NJ Attorney General’s office and report what happened. It’s insane that a family of eight is not allowed to spend a summer day in the park. Do we live in North Korea?! Sickening

  3. I was riding my bike in a quiet neighborhood in Toms River yesterday and a car started following me and harassing me why I was riding in that part of town. The antisemitism in our surrounding towns is palpable.

  4. I’m wondering if a non Jewish family w 4 children, 2 parents and 2 grandparents would also be kicked out of the park on a nice summer day. Hey Brick, is it only the Jews? Shame on you

  5. Not saying that there isn’t any other mention elsewhere in the Brick code, but this is the only mention documenting the amount of people NEEDING A PERMIT:
    Chapter 318-3(7): No permits shall be issued for use of any parks for groups or individuals or few than 25 or more than 200 in number.

    You were probably TURNED AWAY solely because of your religion!

  6. Brick Township has the opportunity to clarify what on earth is going on here. If there is no clarification then we know what we are dealing with.

  7. I’ll bet if it was an attraction that charged a fee they wouldn’t turn away our KA”H large families. Then it would be the more, the merrier, of course. Hey Brick Twp and all your neighboring towns, large families bring you lots and lots of business!

  8. I was kicked out of a park in Brick .Mantaloking Bridge County Park. I may not reside in Brick but I am a citizen of Ocean county.
    I felt very threatened .I emailed the Mayor of brick and never got a response. SAD

  9. Just called brick and they said that any van coming to the park needs a permit. I have been to many parks all over never had a problem before. Makes you wonder. Who are these rules for

    • Agreed. I would politely follow what Yossi said… but record it and specifically ask the guy to give you his name and employee ID so that you have a full record for follow-up.

  10. Whats next segregated play areas and restrooms at parks? Laws are not put in place to discriminate and if a Township does instate a law which is discriminatory a lawsuit should be filed against the Township immediately. Yes a LAWSUIT! Last I checked we live in a democracy called the United States of America.

  11. Can someone from the Lakewood Vaad, NJ Agudah or other community advocacy association please guide this family or any other family treated this way where they can file a complaint with the appropriate local and state officials. Also, is TLS reaching out to Brick Township for comment?
    This should not go unpunished.

  12. Johnny Lasgna is right. I was at the gazebo in Mantoloking Bridge Park with the family and the employees told us we really need a permit for more than 7 people. The employees were really nice, but they did have an event scheduled for later that night. They gave us 1/2 hour to clean up, instead of calling the cops on us. They said to go online to get a permit. When I tried and did not find a way to apply, I called the Ocean County Parks Commission and was told that they do not issue permits for that park.

  13. Johnny Lasagna is right.
    I was at Mantoloking Bridge Park with my family. We were told (very nicely, actually) that we need a permit for more than 7 people. The employee said to get a permit online. I tried and could not find how. Upon calling the Ocean County Parks Commission, I was told that they do not issue permits for that park.

  14. It really is antisemitism, but I can’t help wonder what we can do about it. I was at Jackson sprinkler park yesterday which was FULL of jews. Was great bc I didn’t need to worry about my boys etc. However there was one non Jewish woman with two kids. Makes you wonder what her thoughts were!! I can’t say I don’t understand them!n

  15. windward parkin brick is notorious for kicking jews out. We were thrown out twice last summer . First time we came with charcoal grill and they said only propane . Second time we Brought a propane and they said they just passed a new ordinance that no BBQ at all is allowed. This is without doubt a focused effort to keep us out until we stop coming then they will allow grills again . You will see

  16. If anyone here is old enough to remember the Chaptzem or JDL era.
    Years ago when the Jewish people in Brooklyn were suffering from a rash of religious harrassment in the street and just plain robberies and other crime young individuals in different neighborhoods took the law into their own hands (in Williamsburg by chassidim as a Chaptzem Squad and other areas by the JDLnikes and would
    beat the daylights out of these thugs until they became scared to hurt orthodox Jews.
    That was before the Shomrim era when the police started cooperating with the new formally organized civilian watch squads.

    • Yes lets just support physical violence against others. That is a great way to solve the issue until someone pulls out their conceal to carry and shoots you. Then what? REALLY?

  17. Someone should ask them for the Chapter and paragraph in the Brick Administrative Code book where it says any can needs a permit. I just looked and it’s not under parks and recreation (Chapter 318) nor is it under operation of vehicles or parking (460). Also to the comment by “me” @12:28: Then they contradicted their own regulation. Brick’s parks and recreation regulation at chapter 318:3B(7) states that permits for the park cannot be issued for parties less than 25 people. So if you want to drive up in a van with 8 family members you can’t ask for and they can’t give you a permit!

  18. I just got off the phone with Brick Township, the lady informed me that the ordinance states vans that can seat and that have 15 or more people in them at that time require a permit. She suggested that there might have been some confusion because the teenagers working for the township at the park today were told to be on the look out for those size vans due to an event they have going on there later on today. in her opinion (and mine) the worker must have misunderstood his instructions. I do not believe there is more to this story than that. I have been to windwood park and beach many times with my family in our 8 seater van and have experienced no problems ever. Please let us be careful before bandying about the anti-semitism card, sometimes its just a mistake.

  19. When they want to give you problems they can pull whatever law or ordnance out of the hat. If 8+ ordnance doesn’t work then they’ll try “Unlawful breathing by Orthodox Jew in Public” chapter 319:8B (4) / Hate the Jews.

  20. If you have a phone or camera with you. Please video, record, or at least a picture. Get it to me through the scoop and I will notify the proper authorities and have the managers reprimanded. Try to take a picture of the worker and family as well. The more documentation the better.

  21. i called them up and they said that permits are only needed for groups of 15 people or more. She did tell me that they are getting multiple phone calls from our community!

  22. in reply to #23 Anonymous. read what the code stated, read what the lady said and then read 318:3B(7) states. You did not cite: Buses, trucks, cargo vans, and shuttle busses with seats for more than 15 people may not PARK (I USED THE CAPITALS) at any Brick….. park …. without having obtained a permit…. The original story was that she was asked to leave NOT FOR PARKING but for having tooooooooooo many people without a permit, for which she was not in violation for she was within the 318:3B(7) with less than 25 people and I doubt that her vehicle was one of those listed. FOR US YIDDEN TO GO BACK AND FORTH, WITH AND WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION IS FRUITLESS. HAVE FUN, DO A STING OPERATION AND TAPE IT. CASE CLOSED!

  23. They are afraid of what they don’t know. Kill them with friendliness, complements & kindness. Introduce yourself. Say the person’s name when you speak to them (& remember it!) Be a LIGHT into others!

    Yes, it’s horrible, but some have never met a Yid like us before!

  24. It’s simple charge non-residents that don’t pay taxes in Brick Township a fee to enter Windward Park. I live in Brick I don’t have a problem with any religion using Windward Beach or Park. I have a problem when I pay taxes in Brick Township and I go to Windward Beach or the reservoir and I can’t get a seat because there’s people from other towns occupying all spaces when they don’t pay as much in taxes as I do for the free fun in Brick!!!!!!!!!

  25. So, I have heard of this rule in brick. You are NOT to DROP off 8 or more at the drop off spot. You do need to park your car and walk with all the members of your family.
    Now, as for a post above about riding your bike outside of Lakewood. I am a resident of Lakewood, lived here all my life. Now, being one of the last original home owners in my development, the looks and comments I get by members of the community are appalling. Thank you, I’ve lived in this neighborhood longer then any of you. I have no intention on leaving anytime soon.

  26. What’s wrong with the perks in Lakewood? Ocean county park and lake Shenandoah are beautiful parks with water. Why go all the way into brick just for a park?

  27. Why go to another town when you live in Lakewood. Your tax dollars pays for Lakewood, so maintain your parks. If the park get destroyed will the residents of Lakewood help repair it? Not a Brick resident, but be fair and respect other people space as Lakewood resident want for themselves. Also, if people from other town use Brick park what can those residents use when it’s over crowded?

    • I would not be opposed to towns charging a small fee for nonresidents to use their parks. That being said, you don’t live on an island. if you live outside of NYC in a quiet down, you can bet if you have any attractiosn there, they will be extremely crowded with people form the city. Think about eastern long island…full of nonresidents all summer. You live in a township in New Jersey and there are no concrete borders surrounding it to keep “others” out, nor should there be. Anyone from Brick is free to use a park in Lakewood if they so wish.
      I’m not sure what you are talking about parks being destroyed in Lakewood. I was at Ocean County Park on Wednesday and it was not only empty, but pristine.

      I live in Lakewood but I shop in Toms River, Howell, Jackson, Freehold , Tinton Falls. We are not in a ghetto where we are not allwoed to leave hte town. This is the United States of America.

  28. Very interesting! Whenever I drive through any of the Lakewood parks especially on a Sunday I notice how they are full of people who do not reside in Lakewood. I would imagine they come from Howell , Brick, Jackson and Tom’s River

  29. For everyone preaching, you don’t live in Brick, don’t pay taxes… I apologize if you didn’t notice. This is America. You don’t get to chose who visits your town. Or drives there. Or moves there.
    Also, always, repeat always, take a video, get names, employee ID #. Once you do that, they’ll back down.

  30. The taxes you pay to the town you live in are not meant to directly benefit only you and your townsfolk. Complaining about outside people benefiting from free services in the town you live in even if it’s less ideal for you is like having a problem with me driving down your street and causing you to get stopped by a red light because I was in front of you thereby causing you to lose 2 minutes. No one in this country is restricted from traveling to anywhere that their tax dollars don’t end up. Just because you decided to limit yourself to 2 kids and a dog doesn’t mean that I can’t have 10 kids and bring them with me wherever I go. You may not like it but that’s not my problem. Brick will soon be host to many Jewish families as in Jackson and Toms River so the sooner you learn to tolerate them and their larger families the happier you’ll be or you can sell your house and move to Oklahoma where you can have pretty much the whole state for yourself. You might have to share it with a few Cows (who by the way don’t pay taxes and eat the grass for free).

  31. Maybe tell the park officer that you identify one of your kids as a dog so you only have 7 people. Apparently nowadays you can decide how to identify yourself . If he still doesn’t allow you, it will then be a civil rights issue

  32. While it seems pretty clearly a case of anti semitism, why are we not directing our anger at the true people who cause this situation, lakewood is growing in huge numbers which also adds to thetownships property tax income and for some reason we get no parks like our surrounding townships who are building beatiful parks all around us. Were a bunch of loosers!!

  33. Racism of any kind is absolutely disgusting. Nobody should ever be turned away for looking a certain way or dressing a certain way. Report it to their superiors.

  34. Maybe they’re right. Perhaps we should find our own place for our own people. Clearly we we’re not wanted there and it’s a township park in which my family doesn’t live in. We should consider chipping in and purchasing our own space and creating an exclusive park.

  35. There was a case last year in Mahwah where the Township passed an ordinance banning non-residents from their parks. The NJ AG brought suit:
    “The State contended that Mahwah violated the Green Acres Act by banning out of state residents from its parks because the law says the land acquired under the program cannot be restricted on basis of residency or religion..”
    Needless to say, Mahwah backed down and revoked the ordinance.
    One is permitted to go to any park in any NJ jurisdiction.
    Next time, be polite and get the name of the person; document it and pursue the issue with the proper authorities

  36. Instead of directing your attention, time and efforts toward the Brick Parks issue, in my opinion, the Lakewood Community should be petitioning their own town to develop the community Parks and recreation better. With the amount of residences, townhomes and rateable property tax entities there should be a tremendous amount of funding for more recreational areas to accommodate the Orthodox community in Lakewood. Nobody is saying you have to stay in your own town but wouldn’t it be nice to just walk down the street or drive a very short distance in your own town to a beautiful Park, recreation area or even a huge community swimming pool. The Lakewood community needs to focus their attention on their own Township Administration and government. Lakewood does have huge Park such as Ocean County Park, Pine Park and some others smaller parks. Get them upgraded and petition your town and possibly greenacre funding to get them up to date. Thank you.. Peace be with you

  37. The tennis courts in Pine Park and Shenandoah are often reserved with permits by school kids from other towns.
    The Stadium is mostly patronized by people from other towns too. The residents from the neighboring towns have also benefitted from Lakewoods tax dollars.
    On another note, the tennis and basketball courts in these parks are not maintained well. It would be appreciated by many of the cracks in the pavements were fixed.

  38. Solution: send chat group message for everyone to meet at park at noon with all kids wearing only blue (or pick the color) shirts. Hundreds of blue shirt kids come but no violation as they are not a group unlike a camp doing this. The do-gooders call the police, the police arrive and quickly determine its just many separate families each enjoying the park, and the police feel the call wasted their time. Repeat two more days. At that point the tattle-tales become the boy who called wolf and police are not going to bother responding to further calls. Plus, you get to watch the facial expression on the callers face when police tell them nothing wrong going on and not to call.

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