Letter: Are you pro, or against, a ‘no left turn’ policy onto Route 9, except at traffic signals?

One of the most popular topics in this Town/City, is the traffic situation, and more specifically on Route 9 from the lake until Toms River (at least until the southern most developments).

I have suggested an idea at a planning board public meeting in the past, and every time I drive on Route 9 during the day, I wonder if this idea was implemented would resolve a good portion of the traffic crisis (on Route 9).

The idea is to have a cement barrier down the center of the entire highway, and at the main intersections (such as Prospect Street, Pine/James, Cross Street), have U-turn signals with extended lanes, and time for many cars to be able to make a U turn. Simply put, the idea is that without any left turns, traffic can flow much smoother. As far as emergency vehicles, maybe there is an option for some breaks in the barrier for emergency vehicles only.

In regards to state approval, I was told by a representative from Masser Consulting that the state actually wants a cement barrier and it is actually the town that declined it.

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  1. I think that a traffic study needs to be done (a real one not paid by a party that may have self-interest in mind).

    I also think that for some reason we keep trying to avoid the fact that we are overbuilding and a divider on route 9 does not solve that. To be frank, I don’t know why we can’t have an honest question on the ballot in Lakewood that asks the people whether they want more building. Why can’t the people be able to get that choice?

    If we would cut down on overbuilding, I think it would actually help the jewish communities in Jackson, Tom River, Howell, etc because growth there will greatly increase. Whats wrong with that?

  2. Um how exactly would we make left turns??? Imstead of driving in one way traffic for two minutes to drop off kids by morahs this would force me to drive 5-6 minutes til the first light, wait in line for all the cars like me that couldnt turn left and finally make U turn and drive back to the spot that otherwose would have been 2 minutes away and then after drop off do the exact same process.

    No my friend. Im not pro this suggestion. Sorry.

    Id faster suggest to stop building developments in this stretch of route 9.

    • The developments are already built! The traffic is already there, so how is making a left turn out of a development any faster than “going out your way” til you make a u-turn?? It’s done further up route 9, so you have to do it to go to Walmart too. What’s the big deal?

  3. I live down the 9 by spruce/high st./oak. There are no traffic lights from prospect until chestnut. For those that need to make a left onto the 9 from oak/ high st. Are not going to make a right onto the 9 in order to make a left onto the 9. What I believe is when the traffic is backed up cars shouldn’t be allowed to block the large streets so cars can try to make a left turn. Hope this helps if not then our only option is traffic lights, not stop signs.

  4. There’s one at my corner, many people don’t pay any attention, and there are accidents on a regular basis. Perhaps driving lessons and working on driving middos might help.

  5. Actually think it would be a great idea despite the fact that I just made 4 left turns on to and off of route 9. I think a good portion of the traffic is due to all those left turns in and out of the YES HIGHWAY!

  6. In my amateur observations, while left turns are an issue, and it appears to be causing jams, it is not the major contributor to the traffic issue. It is an inconvenience, but a study would probably show its not a true traffic jam.

    The major issue seems to near the lake and the traffic is residual backup.
    In that are there are no left turns there.

  7. Basically almost everyone who lives in the area will say no as it will double any short trip they make especially to pick up a bottle of milk or drop off a child at playgroup in the area, but I think that we must think of the bigger picture of others that live and/or work in and around Lakewood that get stuck in hours of traffic a week because of 1 or 2 percent of people need to make a left and hold up the entire Highway, additionally adding the extra lane would help as well or least wide shoulders so that those that turn right should not block traffic either.

  8. There is usually enough room for cars to pass the vehicle attempting the left turn. People should be mindful to just pull to the left as much as possible to allow this.

    On a smiliar mindful note, I’m having a hard time with the left turning lanes, especially by New Hampshire. I drive there multiples times a day and witness the same things.
    1) Some drivers space out and don’t realize the turning light is green and can take 10 seconds just sitting there. Everyone behind misses the light and traffic gets backed up
    2) drivers making a left from new Hampshire to cedarbridge are turning after the turning light is over. The turning light from the other direction (cedarbridge to NH) is green, but they can’t turn because of oncoming cars. This causes backups as well.

  9. Not very smart, because there will not be any room for the lanes. The barriers are quite wide, and require 8 inches from the barrier to the white line alongside it. So there really isn’t much room; the 9 is much too narrow in south Lakewood

  10. I live in the area and still think it’s a great idea I also make left turns all the time and still think it’s a very good idea the traffic will flow so much faster that going to the next intersection to make a u-turn will be rather quickly and safer many times I have to wait a good few minutes just to make a left turn and instead I would go one to two minutes to the next traffic light and have you turn signal pretty quickly

    • I also live in the area. Does it take you one or two minutes to get to the traffic light? Think there is a light by prospect and not another until cedarbridge. If I live on oak I don’t want to drive all the way to prospect inorder to make a left on the nine to get to Chateau drive.

  11. Don’t see how it would help much, it will help cars get to the light quicker and then sit and wait longer at the light.
    People seem to get annoyed by waiting behind someone waiting to turn because they see empty stretch of road ahead, but it doesn’t last long anyways until the next set of cars backed up by the next intersection/light, it just takes a little patience and understanding.

  12. This will keep more cars on RT 9 because they will need to drive further to make a U turn. It will also make longer red lights to allow for the U turns. Most often cars can get around the left turning cars anyway.

    I don’t think this will help at all.

  13. There is no solution to the traffic other than widening rt. 9, which won’t happen in the next 10 years. (A bridge over the lake to sunset would also help)
    In the meantime, listen to shiurim, work on kaas & shmiras haloshon.
    Let’s move on to other areas of life where we can make a difference.

  14. This depends what kind of “u-turn” options there would be. Would it be a big jug- handle like they have in Howell at every light? That may work. Any less than that would not work to help traffic.

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