Letter: A Day of Solidarity and Tefilah for the Girls

I would like to suggest that a big יום תפילה should be arranged in Lakewood for the poor girls who have no schools.

The fact that hundreds of parents and young kids are sitting in fear and in chaos not knowing what answer to await.

It’s hard to imagine the trauma that these “no acceptance” letters are giving to parents and kids and to families.

And I am sure there is a lot of our Rabbunim who are crying together with these parents.

Why not making a “יום תפילה” a day to pray to Hashem we should show solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering in the silence, and to bring awareness to the pain and fear that our people are going through.

We can’t imagine the “חרון אף” that goes on in שמים with all the tears being shed by fathers, mothers, kids who are crying to get accepted in school.

Let’s show support and acceptance to them, let’s show to ourselves that we love every Jewish child, that we don’t want this to be and ongoing situation.

We want and easy and happy life we want our kids to have a positive attitude in school, we want schools who love our children, we want schools that love Yiddishkeit, we want schools that have a understanding of what it means the חשיבות of Klal Yisruel.

Let’s all come out and Daven!

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  1. I 100 percent support this initiative so long as all then participants recognize that this is all 100 percent a man made problem. That we are beseeching the Creator to help us with our own bickering, pettiness, ill-will, elitism, superficially driven lives, jealousies, indulgences… That rather than working together and brainstorming as an am echad we smash and bared one another and are motzei shem ra and malbin chavero. That we have given up completely and like little babies we are turning to our Father to deal with this problem because we are too immature and lazy and full of sinah to other Jews. That we would rather fress and knock down anyone who tries to build something up because we hate ourselves so we will pray to Him to figure this out because it’s time to fly off to some resort or indulge in some other gashmius taynug. We will all shout “ari b’derech” and daven that our Father and King can save us from another one of our messes.

    • Many schools have sent out a flurry of acceptances in response to certain practices that were initiated by select schools (precipitating closure of the vaad). If you did not get a letter call the schools that you applied to, and your daughters principal, immediately to see where her applications are holding. You need to be proactive

  2. Disagree – when there are man made causes and clear man made solutions like this issue or the shidduch issue etc. what is needed is not tefilla but rather action. I would ask that someone that is respected enough that the schools wont have the chutzpa to ignore – to announce that no girls school can begin next year until all girls are in. And of course we need to make more schools as well but without that ultimatum it will be hard to force the issue.

  3. Great. We need many tens of millions of dollars to solve this problem and you suggest making an altimatum and then sitting back smugly and doing nothing and let somebody else do something. Maybe you get all your friends and neighbors together and start a campaign that all tzedakah money in Lakewood be used first to fund our local schools ? And maybe you start writing the big checks for this ? Or is the ultimatum just that you can force somebody else to do something. Just remember if you close the schools ,then patents won’t pay tuition . Then teachers won’t get paid and they will start leaving to go to offices where they will get paid. The schools won’t be able to pay their mortgages. By the time you figure out that’s its time to reopen the schools, you won’t have any schools left to reopen. And you will then wonder why there are 1000 girls on the street without a school .

  4. I don’t know why we need to make a yom tefilla , it would be so much easier if schools have less gaiva and not only look for what they can get from these girls and their parents ( reputation and finances) but concentrate on giving over a mesora to any Jewish girls,no matter how smart or regular she is…it is ridiculous… sometimes I wonder why we still in galus….

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