Law Requiring Registration For Bicycles Proposed

bike_4_chai_riders_tlsA new law was proposed in NJ which would require all bicycles in the State to be registered, TLS has learned. The bill, proposed on January 6th by Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker from District 28 Essex, will require all bicycles in New Jersey to be registered through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This bill would require bicycles ridden on public highways or lands to be registered with the Motor Vehicle Commission and display license plates.  Bicycle registrations would be valid for two years, and the commission could charge up to $10 as an annual registration fee to defray the costs of the program.  The bill specifies that if the owner of a bicycle is under 15 years of age, the owners parent or guardian may register it in their stead.

The registration would require the following:

a. The year of manufacture, make, model, color, and unladen weight of the bicycle.

b.  The serial number of the bicycle.

c.  The name, street address, and age of the owner of the bicycle, and if the owner is under 15 years of age, the age of the parent or guardian applying for the registration.

d.  The amount of New Jersey sales tax paid when the bicycle was purchased.

e.  The signatures of the applicant.

f.   The month, day and year of purchase.

g.  Any other information required by the chief administrator.

Under the bill, a person who violates any of the bicycle registration provisions would be subject to a fine up to $100 for each offense. In addition, the bill authorizes the chief administrator to suspend or revoke a bicycle registration for any violation of the laws, rules, or regulations regarding their operation.

The bill does not mention tricycles, unicycles and bicycles with training wheels. TLS-BC.

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  1. Welcome to the United States of Communist America. “Where even riding a bicycle is a government given privilege.”

    -Shame on you Democrats- you are truly trying to destroy a beautiful nation. (Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker is a Democrat)

  2. totally ridiculous! Just another form of taxation (which will certainly be raised in time) from a Democrat in Newark.

    I got nothing against registration – as long as she agrees to foot my bill and not add to the already heavy burden us taxpayers are struggling with.

  3. Communist america!does the government have to put their nose in every thing?my children bikes cost less than $10. Everyone call this lady and let her know what we feel.

  4. I don’t know yet that I would support this but I think I can see the logic

    behind it. More and more people are using bikes to get around rather

    then recreation and they don’t follow the rules placed on bicyclist’s.

    For example bicycles can’t be ridden on the side walk or against

    traffic, they must go with traffic like a car. You are required to wear a

    helmet, wait at traffic lights, have reflectors and lights for at night and

    stop for school buses red lights all of which they don’t always follow.

    So this would hold people accountable for misuse (and theft) on public

    roadways that can result in injuries to themselves and others just like

    a car.

    Also Mr. Conservative I don’t see anything inherently communist about

    this issue, I guess you think registering a car is a communist act too.

  5. btw, I just called the Assemblywoman’s office and was informed not to be concerned because the bill is not moving anywhere – i.e., the Bill is basically dead in the water!

  6. TO #9(well says)- Registering your car, boat, motorcycle, jetski(all of which can operate at speeds to kill people)- is one thing. [i pay $60/year JUST for my motorcycle… and you dont hear my complaining to much, considering it uses less fuel, emits less pollution, used less often, and has less amount of wheel- then a car(which costs less to register).]

    but a bicycle??!! whats next, registering my: roller skates, my surf board, my swing in the back yard, each flower i plant, etc? When will this stop!!?

    The rules already apply to those who break bicycle rules- THE COPS JUST DONT ENFORCE THEM OFTEN VIA TICKETS. Does gun registration stop murder’s from using a gun to kill, or gang members from carrying them illegally? Does a license stop illegals or suspended people form driving? Does registration or insurance mandates stop law-breakers from driving? -NO!!!! this will only hurt those who follow the law. those who wish to break it, will still break it, as they are with allllll the other laws. Dummy!

  7. Are you kidding me!! I am not registering my bike so the state can make even more money off my presence here in this state. It has no motor, it doesn’t use any oil, why are they doing this..I guess I will be paying a lot of tickets in the future..hey if you get pulled over will they impound your bicycle for no registration, and make you pay an impound fee when you come to pick it up? That is a stupid bill. The congresswomen should be ashamed of herself to bring up a bill like that, and that is what we vote into run our state…IDIOTS

  8. What you can do is STOP voting for democrats.

    And if you’re too busy to vote, that is also a vote for a democrat. VOTE ONLY REPUBLICAN, and stop the government from getiing in our way constantly.

    The more we vote for democrats, the more the government will slowly regulate every aspect of our life. We will have beuracrats from Trentob standing on street corners giving tickets to ten year olds and then reporting the parents to DYFUS. Is this the kind of country we want to have?????

    Go ahead, people, vote Democrat.

    I would like to add something now, but please don’t take me out of context. I AM NOT chas veshalom comparing anyone to Nazis. I am just showing that in a democracy, people can vote elected officials into office, and then those elected officials will slowly take away the rights of those that voted them in until they become dictators.

    Germany in the 1920’s was a republic, and they had regular elections just like we enjoy today in America. In 1933, the people VOTED the Nazis into power. Most Germans who voted in the early 1930’s would tell you that of course they didn’t expect their elected leaders to turn out the way they did. But they voted. There was a worldwide depression, the people wanted “change”, and the charismartic Hitler gave it to them. One of the first things that the Nazis did when they came to power, was to pass National Healthcare, as a way to control the people. Slowly, the rights of the people were taken away. The Hitler youth, the indoctrination, it took time, until it was too late.

    Again, I am not comparing, but people need to realize that when we allow politicians to slowly take away small freedoms from us, before we know it, we have no freedoms left.

    We need to stop the democrats NOW, on the small things (and on the Healthcare takeover of our lives) before they become too big to stop, and then it will be too late.

  9. Whats the point of requesting so many info? What does it make a difference how much sales tax I paid? Why need to renew it every 2 years?

  10. I do believe there is already some type of law like this already. I remember my dads bike have a NJ plate on it. And no not one from the cereal box.

  11. The point is, that this is just another power grab by the government. If your little eight-year-old girl doesn’t have a license plate on her little bike, she will get a ticket from a gruff-looking man in uniform. And then he will report you, the parents, to DYFUS, and you will be very worried about having custody of your little kids.

    Every morning when you wake up, you will worry if the government will catch you on something today. You will be constantly afraid of the government. Because there will come a point in time, when any time some government official decides he doesn’t like you personally, he will simply follow you for a couple of days, and find so many things that he can write you a ticket for, so manythings to report you to DYFUS for, so many ways he can make your life miserable.

    And the only remedy you will have, is……… that’s right, to become submissive to the people in power, and do whatever they want, so that you won’t be the one they decide to go after.

    At this point, you will constantly vote them into power, and constantly give them more and more power, until they will have total power, and then America will simply be another statistic in the history of dictatorships.

    A few short years ago, Hugo Chavez, the leftist dictator, was voted into power overwhelmingly in Venezuela. He was voted in on a populist platform, to give the poor more of their “rights” that were stolen by the “rich”.

    The people gave him an overly leftist Congress as well. Slowly Chavez took away more and more rights from the people, he shut down the opposition (right wing) newspapers, he nationalized entire industries (in English, he simply took away companies from the owners) and the people lost all power.

    Last month, the people of Venezuela voted in a more right wing Congress, to try to stop Chavez. So what did Chaves do? He got the left wing Congress to give him emergency powers right after the elections before the new congress takes over.

    So there, the people voted in Chavez some ten years ago to “protect the poor”, and now he has emergency powers to do whatever he wants. The people of Venezuela have no more freedoms. (And the Jews of Venezuela are scared for their lives)

    Think it can’t happen in America?

  12. The next step, of course, is to require every bike-rider to carry insurance.

    Also, every bike will need to go for inspection once a year to insure the “safety” of the children.

    Also, every child will need to have picture id in order to ride a bike. They will also need a license to ride a bike. So in order for the child to ride a bike, they will need to take a driving test with the DMV.

    Every aspect of our children’s lives will be well regulated to insure “our safety”.

    The day will come when every person in America will need a license to walk on a public street.

    Maybe even a badge, showing all your personal info, just in case the cop has to know who you are. It could contain so much info, even your religion, “just in case”, you know….. all for our “safety”

    So let’s continue to allow these Democrats more and more control and power over our lives, all for our “security” of course.

  13. Thank G-d we have Christie. Yes. He is preventing New Jersey from becoming like California and Greece and Ireland.
    Is Christie perfect? Of course not! Sometimes he gives in to the liberals. But he is definitely saving our great state from going under.

    We need someone to stand up to the liberals. Tell me, dear anonymous, is Obama a bully? Did you like when Obama bullied the American people and Congress and rammed ObamaCare down our throats. That kind of bullying is ok with you?

    Or would you rather have the other side of Obama, making nice to terrorists and Iran.

    Do you like Obama’s bullying America’s allies like Israel, Britain, Poland, and Georgia? Or maybe you like when Obama caves to America’s enemies like Cuba Venezuela Iran Rusia and China?

    I’ll take Christie bullying the teachers unions anytime over this liberal madness in our great country.

    The teachers unions are bankrupting our state and our school districts. The teachers unions are bullying us, when they threaten strikes if we dont agree to raise their salaries and pensions and health benefits every single year, while we the taxpayers struggle, and we the taxpayers dont get pensions and health benefits, while we the taxpayers are taking pay cuts.

    These teachers unions are never happy. They always want more, and they always want us the struggling taxpayers to pay for it. Finally finally we have someone who stands up to them, and stands on our side. Governor Christie.

    These thugs in the unions, who knows what they’ll do to get their way. Their friends over in NY in the sanitation union refused to plow for three days because they didn’t get their way, while babies and old people died. Who knows what the unions in NJ are capable of doing?

    The liberals and the teachers unions and their friends will label Christie a “bully” because they want to shape public opinion against him.

    Thank G-d we the people see through the liberals and the teachers unions bullying tactics, and we can say, “Thank G-d for our great governor Chris Christie”

  14. Its no secret that democrats love socialism. Socialist love communism.

    For those from Europe like myself: Communism destroyed almost all of our great & grand-parents lives in one way or another.
    My great-grand parents were killed by Nazi’s. The fascist regime they had at that time sure mimics that of today’s democratic clowns.
    Steal from the rich, to feed the poor. Complete control over everything. and disarming citizens in the hopes to over-power society.

    (people i urge you: Get your gun permits, and buy a gun. You never have to take it out- you never have to use it. But own it- its your right. ONCE DEMOCRAT’S LIKE OBAMA DISARM SOCIETY, THEY WILL FEAR NOTHING TO TAKE OVER COMPLETELY. IF CITIZENS DURING WW2 HAD THE ABILITY TO BAND TOGETHER & DEFEND THEMSELVES, THINGS MIGHT HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT.)

  15. $10 to cover the cost of the program, that is today, but when they get done hiring all the new motor vehicle agents to administer this program UP UP UP go the fees to pay for all the pensions and benefits of the new employees. Then they syphon money from here to pay other bills UP UP UP again go the fees. When is the stupidity going to STOP!! It is another TAX! We must top electing Democrats into office. This is madness!!! I can keep going on but you get the idea.

  16. What next register the plastic riding toys on the front lawn! STOP the madness!!! We don’t need this law,there is a serial number on your bike that police can use to identify and recover you bike. All the rest of this information is so the agency can show they are doing something for the $10 fee.

  17. How about the handyman specials like the bikes my kids build from spare parts? What serial numbers do they have? What tax did I pay on bikes made from throwaway bikes? Are they out of their blinking minds??

  18. I left New Jersey nine years ago to get away from this bureaucratic garbage there. The more you let these liberals control your life the more they will control it. There is not one single good reason to start registering these bicycles. This is obviously just another liberal way to raise money for there own agenda. I live in Alaska now, where it is still mostly the land of the free!

  19. to # 10. Gov Christe is the Ronald Regan of our time. The biggest issue in nj is the public school system that comes from OUR tax $$ and we get NOTHING out of it!! He is taking the teachers Union head on. Our state is FINALLY headed in the right direction.

  20. Ms candy kane: it is not fear of government it is keeping them honest, if that is possible. this is government BY the people and we must always let them know when we don’t like what they are doing.

  21. Finally people are showing some guts. Government will come up with some idea like taxingf the air next – oh yeah – carbon tax and credits. come on people this whole thing is horrendous.

  22. the bills passed in the legislature are meant to do at least three things.
    1. raise tax money -always the first
    2. create jobs or work in the persons district. – to get votes
    3. to protect a specific persons interest. in a selfish way that is.

    this law might have one or two good points. but all laws have hundreds of ramifications. and in this case, its just another reason to vote out any confused politician. confused; -doesn’t understand the limits on government.

    Vote her out- Essex County!

  23. I think this bill is a terrible idea. To those claiming that this idea is purely from the democrats. I would like to point out that, while this bill is proposed by a democrat in this state, there have been similar bills proposed in other states by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The government will continue to take our rights away for as long as we continue to vote by strictly party lines regardless of the issues.

  24. ok lets do it! but we want our own bicycle lanes on major highways. after they build my bicycle lanes i will pay my $10 dollars for a two year registration.

  25. #41 so true. I haven’t ridden my bike in years outside my little neighborhood. I’m afraid of getting hit because there are not enough wide enough shoulders to ride on.

  26. #42 you and i live in the same neighborhood and you know how dangerous albert ave can bike lanes or signs that say “look out for bikers”

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