Lakewood Yungerman: Don’t Do What I Did or You’ll Get Arrested Too

yungerman arrest nypdPHOTO: A Lakewood resident has a piece of advice for all drivers out there. Make sure your license is free and clear of any pending summonses or charges, or you could learn the hard way – like he did.

On the way to a friend’s wedding in Brooklyn last night, the Yungerman,‎ with his wife in the car, was asked to pick up an item on the way to the hall.

But while doing so, he was stopped by an NYPD officer for a traffic violation.

But the Yungerman relates to ‎TLS that he didn’t have his license on him. The officer collected his other documentation and returned to his patrol car.

After a lengthy wait, the officer returned‎ to the vehicle and without an explanation placed the Yungerman in handcuffs and arrested him, the Yungerman says.

He was placed in the patrol car and taken to the police station, where he was put into a cell.

“I asked if I could call my attorney, but they didn’t allow me to,” the Yungerman says.‎

He was placed into “an empty cell with a toilet,” still unsure why he was arrested in front of his wife.

“A little while later, they took me out of that cell and placed me into another cell with several other inmates,” he related.

About two hours later, he was brought out and had his mug-shot taken. He was then handed papers for a mandatory court appearance, and released.

After the lengthy ordeal, he‎ continued on to the wedding, where he arrived at about 12 a.m. – just in time to wish his friend a Mazel Tov.

The Yungerman says that today he found out, through his attorney, that the arrest was due to an unpaid ticket on a Pennsylvania License he previously had – about 4 years ago. The violation back then occurred in New York, the Yungerman said.

“I had no idea I even had that outstanding ticket.”

But unfortunately that excuse won’t get you out of being arrested, and so he has some valuable advice for all drivers out there.

“The same way you periodically go to a dentist to make sure your teeth are okay, go to the DMV to ensure your license is clear,” the Yungerman told TLS.

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  1. Firmly agreed! I had a “fail to show D.L” ticket that cost 180 which I can’t afford though after hearing this (knowing that I probably could’ve gotten arrested easily) it aint worth it because, once you’re “Mug” shot is taken, you’re forever in PD database records and that’s one thing (NO MATTER WHAT) can “NOT” be undone!

  2. Lawsuit! That can not deny you your attorney! They must tell you why you are being arrested and what your being charged with! I’m not saying not to pay tickets but this sounds like the Gestapo! In front of his wife? With no explanation! Could you imagine what she was thinking!!!

  3. Something doesn’t make sense. How is it possible that he was arrested and held for several hours without the police informing him of the reason why he is being detained??

    Did the arrest take place in the United States?

  4. I had a similar situation where I had an unpaid parking ticket in NY (of which I didn’t even know about I had moved to lakewood a month later and never received any notice about it) in 1999 and
    11 years later I got pulled over for a yellow light (officer says Red) and got arrested and booked plus they towed my car (and I had to pay the overnight tow truck fee -$350…….) They let me out the next morning (this happened in some hick town in NY I think it was Montgomery !)And then I found out about this dumb ticket ! PS we r in Golus ……

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention my mandatory court appearance plus a lawyer and I went down to that town and the judge got a heart attack @ the hearing so they rescheduled and had to go down again etc Freg Nisht – …….and we wonder why there is so much crime out there !!! Of course the cops r 2 busy with stupidity

  6. Some nypd officers are lawless thugs and they act like it there are many stories alot worse than the above one and they really don’t have to answer to anyone, maybe some lpd officers should go down there and teach them how to act to their fellow citizen

  7. That is CRAZY!!! THIS CAN NOT GO ON LIKE THIS WITHOUT PUTTING THE NYP IN PLACE !!! WE MUST MAKE IT CLEAR THAT SUCH A CASE SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF WITH ABIT MORE RESPECT THEN THESE 2 cops did! A lawsuit is the only legal way to go about it!!! They totally took advantage of the situation. Because they knew a yungerman like that wouldn’t fight bak or react like if they would catch a Rasha! They knew he will do as told with out making fireworks n so they felt its a goog catch n good time!!!

  8. I repeat about word for word of this story, as the same exact thing happened to me last year. Literally the same story, same ticket, and same Pennsylvania license. Only difference was, my ticket was from 12 years ago! No joke. I never knew my privilege to drive was revoked in the state of N.Y. I went through the hardest day of my life. It was hell on earth.

  9. To #2 – A “yungerman” literally means a young person. There are a lot of young people among the many residents in our town as such the term was used.

  10. Same thing happened to my wife-in Lakewood. It’s Wierd that they didn’t tell him why though they legally have to. Also don’t go into the DMV if you think you may have a warrant because they can Arrest you there, just call a county clerk or the police department in the state were you think the warrant was issued.

  11. I am so glad to hear someone in Lakewood take responsibility for their actions. ( Though I do agree that the process does sound a bit peculiar) I hope that it doesn’t cost you too much money and agmus nefesh .

    Shabbat Shalom

  12. To deviate for a moment:

    There are “yungermans” who are over 50.

    At any rate, Thank you for posting this info; important to know. But don’t throw around the “Golus” word as though it were a ping pong ball. I mean, if a member of another race or religion underwent the same situation, would you invoke the “Golus”? I think not.

  13. Thank you for sharing. it is a big chesed that you shared this with the velt.
    Another advice-I got stopped by a cop the other day and he wanted to give me a ticket becuase I had snow on my car! I had no idea that this is ticket material! I told him I’d pull over and clean it off…. I didnt know it was an issue and BH he let it go.

  14. lol i call bull no professional cop is gonna arrest you AND BOOK YOU without telling you why. it’s called miranda rights. “you’re under arrest for ______, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will affect you in a court of law, do you understand these rights as iv’e read them?” its the most basic of basic rules for cops.

    • To # 19 – CHUTZPAH Indeed 🙂

      Listen all, at the end of the day, the law is really enforced to each his own.

      Like Dr’s, Mechanics & Dentists – each will provide their view on the matter and remember, (generally the “tone” and attitude used in response to Officers making statements for why you’re being pulled over is CRUCIAL)!

      Don’t EVER argue or flash a “negative” tone towards a Cop – if you do, likely to incite anger which will cause them to come down on you with more aggression and penalties…

  15. It’s very nice that the cop let you go after telling him you would clean the snow off, because when I was pulled over for that he made me clear it off while he say there and watched AND 2 days later he knocked on my door to hand me a ticket with a mandatory court appearance.

  16. To trapped in steps..
    I think this cop was way too nice to let you go, you deserve a ticket for the fact alone that you are too selfish and ignorant to understand the importance of clearing snow off your vehicle, it should be common sense the danger it could be for drivers behind you, especially when your driving on higher speeds..

  17. If he was arrested with out the cop telling him why, at the location of the stop. the arrest is null and void it becomes an illegal arrest and he has a good solid lawsuit

  18. Why focus on the issue that the arrest was in front of the wife? Should they have taken the man away and left her to wonder? And, what man leaves the house without his license? Driving is a privilege and anyone who gets behind the wheel (or next to another driver) should know the rules of the road as well as the laws!

  19. ticket was from over 11 years ago (when he lived overseas and had a DL from there) which was paid, he was on his way to the airport with a friend and gave the friend money, because there is not exact amount on the ticket they guesttimated and mailed it, of course it was a few dollars short. They do not mail notices overseas. So when he got pulled over 11 years later with a local drivers license he was arrested. When he applied for a NJ license they could have told him his driving priveleges were suspended, but they didn’t because it was not hooked up to his new license number.
    They never questioned you so they do not have to Miranda you, and what they did was completely legal – we are moving towards a communist society get used to it.

  20. I can’t understand how people drive and not know the laws It is a law that snow has to be completely removed from your car,that means top, front , back and all windows.Snow flying off a vehicle is very dangerous!!!

  21. At least they let him out two hours later.technically they can take you to central bookingbin downtown brooklyn and hold you for 24 hrs in a cell with criminals.this is no picnic.

  22. People know of the right to remain silent….but U also have a right to an attorney if u can’t afford one the state will provide u w one (to many cop shows)…o and u have the right to bear arms

  23. are you sure you were not also being disrespectful to the officer?

    if you are not respectful to the officers then they will not teat you nicely.

    if you speak kindly and friendly to them usually they will return the same.

    taking the “my taxes pay your salary” or “my father is so and so..” approach will not work out well. ESPECIALLY in New York.

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