Lakewood Rabbonim issue new letter in light of new Covid cases

See the letter below.

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  1. Thank you TLS for sharing this letter. Is it possible to arrange updates – posting on the status of available tests and wait time at urgent cares around Lakewood ?

  2. I am glad the Lakewood Rabbanim are speaking out about the worrisome increase in cases in the region. As a healthcare provider, I can attest to the terrible repercussions of this disease, having seen more death and dying from this disease than I’ve ever seen in my decade in critical care.
    I would however like to address some glaring omissions and errors from this important letter.
    – MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING are the primary methods with which spread of covid-19 can be mitigated. Yes, these are annoying and frustrating, but it’s a small price to pay to save lives.
    – If someone is exposed, he needs to quarantine for 14 days, NOT the 10 days suggested in this letter. Someone who has a confirmed positive case must isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or from the date of a positive case, but someone exposed must quarantine for 14 days from the LAST day of contact. If contact is ongoing (ie, live in the same household), it will entail a total of 24 days of quarantine for those exposed.
    – antibody tests should NOT be used for the purposes of clearing oneself from risk and from preventative behaviors. Antibody tests are useful for determining who can donate plasma, and in certain cases to determine community wide spread. CDC does NOT recommend getting antibody testing for any other purposes
    – covid-19 is spread frequently by asymptomatic or presymptomatic individuals. The recommendation that those feeling unwell stay home is important, but it addresses only a small proportion of those likely spreading the disease. Masking and distancing must now be utilized to an extreme. No one should be attending minyanim that are not fully distanced.

  3. Perhaps the Rabbonim, who are so wonderfully providing vital guidance to us all, could also request that people wear masks. What a simple thing that would be – easy to put on a mask and the single most effective way to help save lives. (If you feel compelled to respond with foolishness against masks, realize that your words can lead people to kill others, so think before you hit send).

  4. We were clearly told they by our health care providers to be proactive and follow health precautions universally agreed to by most doctors, the Health department, CDC, such as wearing masks (regardless of positive antibodies), and social distancing (regardless of antibodies). Why do we need to wait until the second wave hits us, with some beloved people from our community already sick at home, some sick in the hospitals, and some dying. Why do we need to wait for the vaad to react after the sickness intensifies? We were clearly instructed by our physicians regardless of antibodies to wear masks and keep social distancing to prevent morbidity and death. ‏גמר חתימה טובה.

  5. the second wave is here already, just see how long the lines were tonight at the various urgent cares, it looks like March 25 again, not September 25…
    Regarding the MASKS that everyone is saying “works”, can someone please logically explain why you are asking for those with antibodies who clearly had it the first time, to wear masks?

    • If we are told to wear a mask and we don’t it is a chilul Hashem, no one knows by looking at you if you have antibodies

      Secondly there is not absolute certainty that your antibodies stay protective forever or that the disease can’t become active again or that you can’t become symptomatic or become contagious.

      Wearing a mask is about caring for others, it is a chesed.

  6. Thank you for posting this. As a lakewooder, I recognize the importance of listening to Rabbonim. All of these holy Jews has demonstrated Achrayus and there’s no reason we shouldn’t rely on them, and their assertion that they have done the research necessary to make recommendations even if commenters here, who’ve never led anyone, feel otherwise.

  7. 240 new cases in lakewood in the last day according to the state..please wear masks, socially distant, avoid crowds, and wash hands…and if you dont feel well..stay home!!

  8. Thank you Sora Roberts and others for pointing that out. I work in a local ED, and we are seeing a tremendous increase including some very sick people. I have already heard comments from Frum people from many other states who are amazed at the flippant attitude Lakewooders have towards COVID. The main things – and honestly doable precautions- just inconvenient – are wearing masks and keeping social distance. No large gatherings, keep distant from other people, and please wear masks when anywhere in public. It will protect you and other people. (Bemichilah from the families – I only say this Litoeles Harobim) Last time I had to say Shema at the bedside of several patients because the family wasn’t allowed to be there. Let’s not let it get to that.

  9. Show me ONE study where masks proved to help and not harm ? There’s not one! Masks are useless
    And everyone says it’s a chilul HaShem -this mask thing is the biggest social experiment of all time.
    And then they say just test just test and then watch them shut down Lakewood like acheinu bNew York. If you’re sick stay home take HCQ and move on with the life
    Don’t start reporting “rising cases” after telling everyone to test before yuntif

    • The low incidence of flu in Australia and Southern Hemisphere is being attributed to wearing masks and social distancing. Google it I can’t post the articles. That should be current enough.

    • First of all, you’re lying. There are thousands of studies that prove that masks work. It’s common knowledge at this point, nobody needs to do the work for you if you’re too lazy to look it up yourself.

      Second, use your brain. And no matter how many people test if there wouldn’t be people sick there wouldn’t be positives.. if you don’t realize that there are thousands of people with corona in Lakewood you missed the boat completely

    • Here are your studies. I’m posting a link to more than one just in case some idiot takes you seriously.

      I met your challenge. Now please post a study for your boich svara that they do more harm than good.

  10. wearing a mask shows that you are responsible and nosei b’ol. Just as you don’t walk openly publicizing your general state of health, you also don’t walk around with a sandwich board blasting your antibody level for all to see.when you wear a mask you are setting a positive example and making others feel comfortable around you.

    • Zumy

      I dont go around telling people to wear seat belts, why are you telling me what to do? I’ll make my own decisions what I want to do and please mind your own business. Thank you

  11. @Do Your Research:
    Not that anyone should be listening to your personal opinions over the medical experts, CDC, infectious disease experts, but – for anyone interested – these are from reliable sources – took about 5 min of research. There are probably hundreds of more sources:

  12. @Do Your Research Says::
    Not that anyone should be listening to your personal opinions over the medical experts, CDC, infectious disease experts, but – for anyone interested – these are from reliable sources – took about 5 min of research. There are probably hundreds of more sources:

  13. I had worn a 3-ply mask in Shul on Shabbos, after 15 minutes I felt like I’m passing out due to lack of Oxygen, so I immediately pulled it down, I’ll try wearing a thinner mask.

  14. I would suggest of the Shul’s & Yeshivas during this Yom Kipper the davening should “Move” thus not to practice extended chazunis and schlepping during the teffilos, give the Mispallelim a 5 hour break before Mincha of which they can take a decent nap, learn mesechtas Yuma, say Tehillim and be much safer.

  15. The second half of ‘do your research’ comment scares me . Dont we have a unified approach from the tremendous rabbonim in our town.dont we all have a responsibility to do everything and anything to protect those at risk of serious results of covid? have we not suffered enough death and awful secondary life threatening ailments from covid. In my tiny circle I have two friends right now suffering terribly due to active cases of the virus.

  16. Anyone who “feels faint due to lack of oxygen” from wearing a mask, has a respiratory system that is high risk and is compromised enough to require his staying home. You do not have to wear a mask at home. A healthy person, with a healthy respiratory system, does NOT feel faint while wearing a surgical or cloth mask.

  17. I am having an issue viewing letters on the as they come up as a popup in a small size text with no options to change the text size.
    Can someone please attach a link to these letters in a PDF Format?

  18. All these comments
    Thank you Rabbi’s for that but you should have told us to wear masks
    So basically we don’t really care what you have to say we just need you to say what we want you to say

  19. I personally know two people who tested positively for antibodies and unfortunately got a new case of confirmed covid-19 a second time. Antibodies doesn’t help anything but give a person a false feeling that they are all good and can’t get or transfer the virus.

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