LAKEWOOD PREPARES FOR DRILL: Rabbi Weisberg on Behalf of Lakewood Community Busing Task Force: Despite Negotiations, Carpooling Drill to Continue as Planned

busing trafficJUST IN: Despite negotiations in place addressing the busing crisis, the carpooling drill planned for tomorrow and Thursday will continue as planned, Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg on behalf of the Lakewood Community Busing Task Force tells TLS.

“We are pleased to report that the issue of safe school transportation for all children in Lakewood is being seriously addressed by the major stakeholders in a constructive and serious manner,” Rabbi Weisberg says.

Ongoing joint discussions between representatives of the Lakewood School District, the State Education Department, Lakewood Township municipal officials and the consortium of Yeshiva schools in Lakewood (Igud Hamosdos) have been – and continue to be held – in a cooperative partnership spirit.

“All parties involved have come to the table with an iron-clad commitment to the safety of the children of Lakewood,” says Rabbi Weisberg. “Each of the entities have offered fresh ideas and solid proposals to do their share in addressing what is a very unique and challenging set of circumstances. The efforts of Issac Zlatkin, Lakewood BOE President, are particularly appreciated for bringing this group together in search for real, practical and doable solutions.”

“While the discussions are promising, there is still no final resolution at this point. As a result the Igud HaMosdos will go ahead with their planned ‘no-busing’ drill.”

Adds, Rabbi Weisberg, “Similar to a fire drill, this is no cheap stunt. Rather it is a real life simulation of what may actually happen in September on a daily basis. While we regret the inconvenience it may cause to residents and those passing through the town, it is in our opinion, the best way to prepare for the very real possibility of almost 10,000 children (both public and non-public) taking to the streets or their family cars in September.”

“We further wish to emphasize that we believe that this drill will be a beneficial preview – not only for the affected school children and their parents – but also for the thousands of residents and commuters, who already crawl through congested and child-unsafe roadways like Route 9 and County Line Road.”

Rabbi Wesiberg says Municipal, County and emergency personal have all been informed and are taking the necessary precautions to assure the safety of all residents and commuters. [TLS]


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  1. take it easy.
    there would be bussing next year just they would be private just like you get private bussing on Sunday and legal holiday and you pay for it please tell us were is our tax dollars? why are our taxes going up every year??

  2. We should ask our Manhigim if it is a good idea that during the bus drill on Wed & Thur., that American flags be displayed on the Chadorim & Beis Yaakovs, cars, and held by students, to show our loyalty to our Government – Kovod Malchus, thus making a Kidush Hashem.
    Vihameivin yovin;
    Fellow Lakewooder

  3. To
    by resource says on 2014-06-10 at 6:43 pm

    That’s because the formula stinks. The state is giving LESS $ to lakewood since there are less kids in public schools.

    So we are footing the bill with taxes on a local level.

  4. Can someone please explain to me what relevance this drill has what would actually take place if courtesy busing was removed? Only a third of all schoolchildren would lose their busing and you are simulating a situation where ALL bussing is removed. I understand that there would be serious implications but how does this prove anything?

  5. This Just In : According to an unnamed source on the Igud, as this is a silent drill, we request absolutely No Honking at any time, place, intersection or situation between 8:30 am & 9:30 am. Thanx.

  6. Let’s all download the Waze navigation app on our phones, so that we could crowdsource the traffic conditions on our roads in real time!!

  7. Maybe this demonstration will show that with re-scheduling start times for various schools, and integrating school buses for boys and girls, we can alleviate the impact of cancelling courtesy busing. Cooperation is the key to resolving the problem. Not more money.

  8. Lakewood’s own Bridgegate!
    What part of all of this no money in the budget don’t the taxpayers understand ? The Public schools are broke. there is no money.Courtesy busing costs money. The bus runs need to be consolidated.

  9. We cannot consolidate or integrate the bus runs because: 1) The boys and girls do not attend the same schools. 2) There’s a possibility that siblings of the same gender do not attend the same schools. 3) Children waiting at the same bus stop may not all go to the same school.

    To The Parents: Please make a kiddush Hashem while driving tomorrow. Don’t honk, be courteous on the road and act like mentchen to the police and each other. Have savlanus. You’ll get there eventually. Also, there will most likely be a strong law enforcement presence so, if you don’t want a ticket, stay off your phones and make sure you and your children are buckled up.

  10. Like #14 said. What if there is g-d forbid an emergency, how would an ambulance get through. I give a blessing that to Lakewood community and the surrounding areas that everyone remain healthy for a least the next two days

  11. If the money comes back to Lakewood I will be surprised. Once it is gone it is gone..there is no coming back. I feel for all the families involved but this has been coming for a long time. And like other towns in NJ kids that live close to their school have to walk. It’s not just a lakewood thing it is a state mandate and it will promote more healthy kids in the long run as they will have less health problems as they grow.
    Thank you

  12. I think all kids under 1 mile should walk to school – especially kids 7th grade and up. I walked (I’m an original Lakewood kid) and it’s very healthy and a good habit to cultivate. Over a mile for the littler ones is a bit much.
    I pay a LOT of taxes and would appreciate that my kids get busing. What if we got vouchers for busing based on whether or not we paid taxes into the system? Wouldn’t that be fair, at least?
    To #17: When Lakewood was smaller we had mixed busing for boys and girls, even though I went to Bais Yaakov (now Bais Faiga) and my brothers went to the Cheder. We were picked up based on our location.

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