Day 2 of Carpool Drill: Reports of More Traffic, Less Patience

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carpool day 2

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  1. I’m not really sure why,
    But it’s 9:00 and bais Faiga has zero traffic
    I think everyone walked or is trapped on Oak street

  2. I’m glad we all laughed yesterday. It took me an hour and 10 min to drop my kid off at school this morning, a trip that normally takes 12-15 min. This foes on next year, were in big trouble!!!

  3. traffic was worse and nerves were shorter than yesterday and drivers were more reckless than yesterday. @ 9:00 Clifton South was backed up from County line to Rt 88. Route 9 S. started backing up at 13th St. all the way down, probably up to Rt 70

  4. The only people that seem to be complaining about the traffic are the ones causing it. I thought the idea was to affect those who would also be driving to work, etc, in that case this has failed, as no one outside our community seems to have noticed.

  5. The frightening part is not the sitting for 45 minutes in traffic but all the kids that are biking and walking to school. Lakewood roads are not made for pedestrians/bicyclists and cars . Many streets don’t have sidewalks, it was so frightening this morning I saw so many kids almost getting hit by cars that were not speeding, just the kids keep walking in the roadway with nowhere else to walk. I think any politician that lets this happen is heartless and could not care about the safety of Lakewood children

  6. much worse today. Took me 50 minutes to drive what normally takes me 12 to 15 minutes. It is now 10 05 and the traffic is still backed up everywhere. 7th Street is a disaster, County Line Road is still terribly clogged, as are many of the other roads.

  7. It would be nice to know from NJ Transit how delayed their buses were between 8:45 and 10:00 AM this morning. That should give some indication of the impact to overall community.

  8. Maybe someone can confirm my observation? I haven’t seen any sanitation trucks on the road during the morning rush. Is this going to happen all of next year?

  9. Im on the road early. There was alot more traffic around 7am on rt 9 then usual. Looks like toms river was avoiding lakewood traffic. I wonder if they will do that every day next year.

  10. Much worse yesterday. Oak was backed up from new hampshire to at least vine in both directions. Could not see past vine but I assume it was backed up.

    Forget about clover to cederbridge which was backed up to 88. Went 88 to new hampshire. But 88 had back-up wait to turn onto new hampshire and then new hampshire was backed up at Swarthmore and then way backed up coming to cederbridge.

  11. Oops in ment to typr today was much worse then yesterday. Kids got to school aftrt 9:30. I had to pickup my daughter early today from took less than 10 minutes. This morning it took about 30 minutes

  12. To #11..I think the people you are talking about tried to stay off the roads at peak hours. Many people left to work early on both days in order to avoid the expected delays . That ,coupled with the strong police presence, helped ensure that this drill was not a genuine a run of the future without busing.

  13. to concerned resident. The sanitation truck was at my house 7:40. I went outside to thank them and they told me they started early to avoid all the traffic.

  14. It took me 30 minutes longer today. Sanitation trucks were on the side of the road. Most people outside of our community were notified not to drive in and people were well aware of the gridlock alert.
    We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is something we will wish for next year! Keep in mind that in 2 years we will have another few thousand kids in schools! And with the current formula of funding we will have NO BUSING whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE TO BE OUR VOICE IN THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND WILL FIGHT THE BATTLE! The askonim are amazing and we appreciate all they do and have done but we need to really pull our cards out now. What’s fair is fair and this is an incredible injustice on the part of the state. We are in Golus 🙁

  15. Crowding the street with people that won’t be affected is not a win … Lakewood scoop is definitely pro Jewish… Not all schools next term will all start at 9:00 o’clock either.. Its easy to say you nerd busing to get on time the same time its a fake scenario.

  16. The headline is exactly right; I mean the part of less patience. I was stuck in traffic on County Line & Squankum & on East 7th. It was only slightly worse the a reg day but the honking was a little more urgent. In my estimation, nerves were a little more frayed today than yesterday. Thanx, TLS, for your comprehensive & timely coverage of this important issue.

  17. Why hasn’t anyone addressed the environmental concern? Having thousands of extra cars on the roads will have a terrible impact on our environment.

    We should all really take public transportation whenever possible but here we have an opportunity to keep thousands of cars off the road by at least busing the children.

    We should all do whatever we can to keep these unnecessary cars off the road and protect our environment!

  18. I think the reason for the mixed reactions is that it really depends on where you were driving. Yes County Line is great, no traffic at all because its a 2 lane road with normal lights and there is also 14th st going the same way so its not the only way to get somewhere. But places like Central, Cross, Pine, James streets are on their own and only have 1 lane each way, mostly no sidewalks to walk and people were stuck there on both days. So if lakewood was all like county line rd, then no bussing would make a lot of sense…. but its not…

  19. When I grew up – in Lakewood – all kids within 2 miles were walkers. They were safe on the roads…the same ones that don’t have sidewalks now. The reason it seems like more of a risk now, is because a large number of the residents do not know how to drive. I avoid driving through my hometown now because it is not worth the risk to my life. Given that risk, I do not want those children walking either.

    Here’s a novel thought…have the public school system pay for the public school children only – and they will ALL be bussed and ALL be given what they need. It is all the children you are paying for, who do not attend public schools, that are killing the budget.

    I recently visited LHS and was sick to my stomach over what is happening there. Those poor kids who don’t have the majority of the board support. Best of luck to all of you.

  20. This drill was labeled as “Carpooling”, yet i have seen no actual carpooling. I saw over half of the cars with 1 person in it. It is ridiculous. The point is to carpool and see what it will actually be like, not cause traffic on purpose to get a point across.

    I saw so much recklessness these past 2 days it is completely out of hand. People cutting people off, people on their cellphones. If the concern is for the children why dont we all drive carefully, obey the laws and put away our phones. If this is about the children then we as drivers need to all cooperate. Children are the ones who are at risk, both private and public school children. I am not a parent yet, but when i see someone on their phone i want to ring their neck.

    Yesterday i saw someone on a bike get hit by someone cutting traffic and on their phone. It is absolutely ridiculous the disregard for safety. lakewood has become a free for all. I saw Lakewood PD crackdown on everyone using their phones big time.

  21. There is no way anyone can reasonably expect the BOE to keep up with the huge influx of children in Lakewood and continue to bus all of them to SO MANY different schools! The public school children go to ONE high school, ONE middle school and maybe 3 elementary schools, as opposed to HUNDREDS of private Orthodox schools. How can you reasonably expect this to happen? If you choose private schools for your children, you should have to pay for their bussing! Most of the outside community agrees with this.

  22. Why is it that your publication censors certain remarks? I have heard this from many people and it seems to be true since my comment is still “awaiting moderation”. Do you not honor freedom of speech, or only views that agree with the Orthodox community?

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