Lakewood Phone, Internet Services Crumbling Under Increased Load

As the amount of data being transferred across landlines, cell phones, and internet cables across Lakewood surges, many residents have contacted TLS complaining of poor service or complete disruptions to their ability to communicate.

With schools across Lakewood begin providing classroom instruction through phone conferences, many parents have been voicing complaints about the quality and availability of communication services in Lakewood.

“My daughter’s class had a planned meeting on [a phone conferencing service] this morning. But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t connect her,” a frustrated mother said. “We tried both of our landlines and two cellphones. Nothing.”

Exasperated business owners have also reached out to TLS, worried that lagging internet service is hampering their ability to earn money.

“I always work from home, so my way of conducting business hasn’t changed. What has changed is my internet connection,” one local business owner told TLS. “I rely on a fast wireless connection to service my customers, but right now, my connection is so slow that it’s practically worthless.”

Communication services in Lakewood have long suffered from infrastructure that didn’t suit the town’s needs. Last year, a Lakewood resident’s petition to Verizon demanding an infrastructure upgrade went viral, with action being taken by the company shortly afterward.

Some residents are saying another such campaign should begin now.

“We know that the services in Lakewood have lagged behind other towns. With 100,000 plus residents, what is occurring now was always inevitable,” the resident, who requested anonymity said. “We need our phone companies, cell phone companies, and internet service providers to take this town seriously. If we’re paying for a service, we should get that service.”

Have you been experiencing landline, cellphone, or internet service disruptions?

Let us know.

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  1. I have been experiencing terrible servie. Verizon had set up atemporary antenna on 9th and Lexington Ave. but have since removed it because of complaints. I don’t know what the complaints are but as the saying goes ” YOU CANT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO” Due to the high demand they did try so you have to give them some credit.

  2. Meanwhile people complain about boosters.
    Lakewood in general is a poor service area for all carriers except Verizon and AT and T.
    Tello is not a solution, as they use Sprint. Sprints Lakewood service is almost non-existent.

  3. Optimum has been taking advantage of certain monopolies on the Lakewood market for years. Where I live it is the only broadband cable provider. Recently I’ve been getting a ton of drops in middle of conferences. The service is fast but it doesn’t help when it crashes at least once an hour.

  4. Unfortunately for me using Verizon this has obviously gotten significantly worse, but I can’t say their original fix helped for too long. It is appalling that I pay an arm and a leg with practically no service other than maybe between 3-8 in the morning. They obviously tried blaming on everything other than adding towers. I hope they go bankrupt one day.

  5. As for residents “complaining” about temp towers – (not that my service got any better when they allegedly put it up) should be investigated if they use cellphones. If they use a cellphone their complaint should be disregarded. They can not be part of the problem and not allow a solution.

  6. I switched to AT&T not long ago. Yesterday it wasn’t working. My kid uses it for school…it took a long while to work today again.

    The mornings are when its been going crazy. Today I went to the AT&T store down Route 70. They aren’t looking at phones now…I thought maybe its my phone…I played with the chip….but its good to know its not the phone….I hope things get better…

  7. Verizon’s challenge (as all the online services) is that a very small minority of our community have bought into the junk science that falsely claims that cell towers cause cancer.

    This small group forced the temporary tower to be moved from Lexington Avenue in the past few days, causing service to further decline.

    Let us not believe junk science, faith healers, anti-vaxxers and “energy” doctors.

    Hashem created teva and science for a reason- ורפא ירפא, never before in history have rational intelligent yidden bought into junk and bunk science.

    Tell our township officials to not give in to the radicals who fight ever tower. Those radicals are causing sakanas nefashos too by hurting our ability to communicate.

  8. I have 2 phones with T-mobile and Verizon and they are both lagging terribly these days….so I guess these reports are not unfounded

  9. my neighbor who sits behind me first seder said that the air used to be so full of tumah from the smartphones’ downloads and other syncing and now the same air is being filled with airwaves of kedusha from the Torah of pure Lakewood children

  10. i activated tello prepaid which works through sprint and its horrible.
    they told me yesterday towers are down in lakewood .
    what can be done? anyone else having issues with tello or sprint ?

    • I have a cell line with Tello. My kids complain about the terrible voice quality and refuse to use it. Looking to switch to a good voice quality inexpensive plan. Would love to hear recommendations.

  11. I have Verizon cell phone service. As soon as the booster was installed on 10th and Clifton, my service went from terrible to great. It was great until it was removed. Now it’s worse than ever. There was a period of 2 hours this morning when I had zero data connectivity whatsoever. Not even a Whatsapp message could be sent. Numerous people have mentioned the same thing, periods during the day when internet connection isn’t just slow; it’s non existent.

  12. I dropped Optimum Cable 4 years ago. I have MIFI through Verizon and never have a problem. Optimum has always had a monopoly on our internet for over 20 years. Its about time the township put a competitor in the system and maybe the infrastructure will improve. A five fold increase in population and now added surges due to stay at home policy have overwhelmed Optimimum.

  13. Thought could rely on phones and internet ?!.Hashem can shut them down to!!!!!message is clear Only Hashem can help! So ONCE IN FOR ALL lets all rid all internet not filtered, stop any shul talking, loshen harha, pritzus etc etc, so we can dig out of this together! wake up wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thought could rely on phones and internet ?!.Hashem can shut them down to!!!!!message is clear Only Hashem can help! So ONCE IN FOR ALL lets all rid all internet not filtered, stop any shul talking, loshen harha, pritzus etc etc, so we can dig out of this together! wake up wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I filed a complaint with the BBB with about my Verizon service. They gave me credit over 12 months. They have 1 department taking care of this and I got a response within 12 hours of filing the complaint. Maybe other ppl that are having problem with their Verizon service can do the same.

  16. Yes, part of the problem is the infrastructure of cell towers etc. However, we need to look at the conferencing as well. If the school decides that they want to do their school conferencing via El cheapo company, they are going to get El cheapo service. That is a fact so when you use free telephone or whatever it’s called, you’re going to get exactly what you pay for.

    If they want to put their money where their mouth is and offer the education like they should, they should pay a few dollars for a better quality phone conferencing. This was done in other cities and there’s no reason it can’t be done in heyliga Lakewood.

  17. Let’s file a lawsuit and get our money back from these companies that are charging us for something we are not getting

    Can someone set this up

  18. Dont use Tello. You can get Verizon service for less then $7 for first month thru US Mobile. First check if phone device is eligible on then order a SIM kit from them (takes few days to come), Use promo code CPTB4AA and it will be free. Do not use the email address from sim card order when activating the Sim. Activate by creating a new account and use promo code NACWKXC at checkout to get up to $10 off (Unlimited min with zero txt data is $6.57 for first month ($12.49-$5 coupon)

  19. I have had problems with my Verizon service on my cell phone for the last few weeks. During the day I can only make calls about 20% of the times that I try. Otherwise, it says dialing for a while and then it says the network is busy. Often, people tell me they are trying to call and it doesn’t even go through.

  20. I go through blocks of time with no connection daily. No internet/ phone for about 45 minutes tonight. You can’t even call optimum, they just have you leave a message. I pay for 300mbps internet, working from home. If I had to “sacrifice” down to 100 mbps so everyone could get better service, I’d do it. But non-existent service for what they charge is ridiculous.

    Internet seems so minor compared to other issues, but when a job/ bills depends on it…

  21. I use a sprint serviced kosher phone and service is great.
    I’ve been learning with chavrusos over Zoom on a different device using optimum with decent service. It does freeze up every so often but pretty steady. Internet crashed on monday but since then has been working fine.
    The problem with calling is probably because lkwd is using phone conferences instead of video conferences. (Not that it bothers me but that’s the facts) in the weeks leading up to the shutdown many providers said they were working on upgrading the internet service. I don’t think they realized lkwd would have such a big issue with the phone systems. In addition, many of the phone conference issues are with the conference centers bieng overwhelmed not the providers. I know when my yeshiva switched from some random place to turbobtidge all the connection issues went away.

  22. Another reason not to join the monkey see mentality. I’ve been told for years only Verizon stay far away from att . Now they are the only ones working

  23. Let me ask those who are complaining – What did you do before there was telephone, cell phone, internet service? Ask your parents or grandparents what they did in situations like this. They survived without any of these modern conveniences.

  24. I have optimum and have been without internet since April 17th . I telework and hVe two kids in school – Optimun DOES NOT RESPOND – as soon as they are back – I am dropping them

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