UPDATED: Lakewood Hit With Rash Of Home Burglaries Over Weekend, Leaving Neighbors Traumatized

arrested_lpd_tls_picUPDATED – SUSPECT IN CUSTODY: Lakewood was hit with about 20 home burglaries over Shabbos, leaving residents traumatized. The hardest hit area was the Sunset & James and Williams neighborhood, in which over a dozen homes were hit, while the residents slept. Police were called at approximately 4:30 a.m. by a resident who awoke to the sound of shuffling in her bedroom.

The woman called her husband’s name, but moments later it became clear that it wasn’t her husband, when the lights were flicked on by a brazen black man who was having a hard time navigating his way through the bedroom.

The woman shrieked and the man fled the home, leaving behind one of his gloves in the process, but not before stealing the homeowner’s jewelry.

Hysterical, the woman immediately called police.

When police arrived, it became apparent that several other homes in the area were hit as well.

At least three homes in the Sunset & James were hit, and about a dozen homes in the Somerset Woods area.

Entry to most of the homes were made through an unlocked window, but entry on at least one of the homes were made by breaking a basement window, neighbors tell TLS.

The thief made off with thousands of dollars of jewelry, cash, laptops and other valuables.

At least two homes on Buttell were also hit. The homeowners in one of those homes were away at the time.

“My kids are traumatized”, one of the neighbors tells TLS. “With the recent shooting and now all these burglaries, it’s really scary” he says.

The burglar attempted to break in to many other homes, as the footsteps in the snow indicated.

Last night, the Pine River area was also hit with home burglaries.

Police and CIU are investigating the crimes.

A call to the Detectives Bureau has not yet been returned. TLS-CCH.

UPDATE: 3:10 p.m. Detective Steve Wexler has just confirmed to TLS that a suspect has been taken into custody in relation to multiple burglaries.

“We have a suspect in Custody and we are working on identifying the stolen property”, Detective Wexler said. “People should be patient”, Wexler said while the Bureau works on the case.

The suspect was spotted in a vehicle a short time ago and taken into custody while in possession with stolen goods.

Wexler said further details could not be released at this time. TLS-CCP/TLS-SR

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  1. Hope they can catch this thief and put him behind bars where he belongs. Seems like its becoming a weekly event with home break ins, again not to sound like a broken record but leaving doors or windows unlocked is an invitation to a break in . also make sure your alarm system is activated.
    leaving valubales out in the open not a good idea , ,why would anyone leave large amounts of cash & jewlery out in the open ?

  2. Glock 21sf, Glock19, Beretta 92f, etc = COME & TRY MY HOUSE!!
    “Trespassers will be shot, Survivors will be shot again.”

    The next home you break into could be mine, and I will stop at nothing to protect my loved ones. I’d rather be judged by 12 supreme court judges, then carried by 6 best friends. *You have been warned.*

  3. The guy tried breaking into more than 20 houses. The police were able to see that by following the footsteps in the fresh snow Shabbos morning

  4. There is a big Mekubal that lives in Sunset and James whos Brochos that people will get engaged are Bodek U’Minuseh. He gave some worried neighbors a Havtacha that the burglar will be caught shortly

  5. #3, liberal, your political correctness/stupidity is astounding! TLS didnt describe anyone as black/african american/hyperpigmented or whatever it is PC to describe them, it very clearly states that it was the homeowner who awoke to to find a black man in her room!

  6. Forget guns, forget windows, forget everything.
    Ein onesh bilo chet (paraphrased incorrectly, but same exact idea)

    Im ata ma’amin b’Hashem, Ata yodea sheze muchrach lavo mipne ezeh avera. Anee lo yodea al ma, aval im bine adam osim tishuva az miyad yafsik.

    (ulay hu biglal ben adam lichavero, mipnei Shehakadosh Barach Hu oseh midah bimdah. )

  7. Forget guns, forget mikubalim, forget it all.

    Tzaros come because of sin. Its a rule. I dont know why this is happening to the good people of Lakewood, but there is a real spiritual reason for everything.

    There is also a rule of midah kineged midah, but I dont know what the reason is. Tishuva surely helps.

  8. the trauma our children have had to suffer from this incident is terrible I”m gonna get a gun or go to the Mekubal on sunset and james…..

  9. I recently on asked 2 local poskim the following question.

    All poskim hold that is one sees somone trying to break into their home they can call the police on SHABBOS- sakana nefoshos.

    Being that we know its a fact that the burglurars have been goign door to door and even if you scare them away they will go to one of your close by neighbors can one call the police on Shabbos because of the sakana for your friend (although currently you may have sacred them off and you are currently not in sakana). Also was asked if you found in the middle of the night that there was an attempt to break into your home and therfore the burglar can be somewere in the area breaking into your home can one call. The answer specificaly to both questions was YES – you may call the police if you scare off a burrgular or find in the middle of the night that there was an attempt to break into your home – as to protect your neighbor who can be in a makom sakana becuase of the recent fact that we know they are going to multipile locations in the area and you scaring them off does nto mean they have stopped.

  10. last night someone saw a thief try a couple of homes in ridge area and all windows were locked but cops were called and the thief was not there anymore-does anyone know if the suspect that was caught today -which neighborhood of robberies do they suspect he did?

  11. if this was in bp the shomrim would have got the guy by now and made him into minced meat!! probably same guy has done 50 homes by now!! RETARDED!!

  12. This is a warning out there to all thieves who want to try to break into my home! Come try I will beat u like a drum & I don’t think u will make my house out alive!!!!! Try me!!! Bring it on!! To my fellow lkwd residents,don’t be scared of these thugs & fight for your rights!!

  13. The police department is so under staffed after all the retirements and lack of hiring over the years so we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for crime to go down.

  14. i was robbed on 12.07.2010. I had over 5000 worth of stuff stolen from me. I cannot stress enuf how imp it is to get RENTERS INUSRANCE … IT COST ME 150.00 AND THEREFORE GOT 5000 FROM THE RENTERS INSURANCE. everything was covered… It will save u so much agmas nefesh and is worth every penny…

  15. #6 – just in case you end up before the supreme court for shooting a burglar, I better just forewarn you not to expect 12 judges. There’s only 9. Just thought I’d let you know.

  16. I have renters insurance but if I remember correctly silver, jewelry(unless it’s appraised) and cash aren’t covered. Those are the main items stolen.

    Am I wrong?

  17. I know the mekubal of sunset and james and I can attest that he is a sheineh hatzegah baal tefilloh, yomim noraim and year round and he is descended from a long line of Rabbonim

  18. You can upgrade your renters insurance to include silver, and even jewelry that is not appraised. I have a policy from Allstate that includes $5,000 worth of jewelry and $5,000 worth of silver. And it is less than $200 a year.

  19. As a resident of sunset a james I feel it is a zchus to have such a gadol in our midst so next time your on his side of town stop by and get a brocha and you may even get a cup of keurig coffee

  20. Sometimes,I feel like I live in Chelm when I read this blog. Is there no one in Lakewood who understands that the people we should be going to for help are those who sit and learn torah snd musar.

  21. #38 Don’t buy the Excuses. You can add 100 more cops it wont help solve the problem. We need a crime fighting leadership that has a proactive strategy. To bring in the criminals before they strike. Look at the COP killer. Had he been caught after the first murder. We wouldn’t have a dead cop and proud gangs in Lakewood.

  22. I know this may be a stupid question but other than someone literally breaking into the house by breaking a window or something, does anyone ever check to see if your windows & doors are locked before you go to bed? I mean if you wake up and find a suspicious man in your bedroom there is a problem there, not to take it lightly but how did he get there? Did you leave a window open or door unlocked? Don’t you check your house before you go to bed? I mean lets not make it ez for them to get in, that would be ludicrist to seem to think that everyone is safe in this town or any town for that matter. In my house its alarmed, windows & doors locked and checked before anyone goes to bed. I would not like to wake up and find I was burglarized while I slept. Just asking..don’t mean to make anyone mad here.

  23. TO 49. I’d like them to buy me a Hummer and give me the gas for it also. And I’d like new windows and doors and my house painted while they’re at it. Give us more cops or give me free things. I agree with 49!!!! Did I mention I”d also require that they pay my mortgage and school tuition? Again, I agree with 49 that we do need more cops. No kidding.

  24. we as a tzibur must daven and start taking our security very serious we may all have to
    shift patrolling our own developments at night we
    we all have to take achrayis which means going out
    in middle of night

  25. You have to be especially careful of new cleaning ladies iv had numerous friends tell me after a new lady left for the night they. Happen to need something from a freezer in thier basement and found all the windows unlocked or even a bit open!! So be cautious and can’t hurt to overcheck ESP. Inann unfinished basement!

  26. # 50 SAD & MAD
    So why don’t you bring your proactive strategies down to the police department and show the professionals how to do it. If lakewood Police Department were given the tools to hire and replace the ones who have left and replace their retired leadership, then they could become proactive and just not reactive. But when people with the highest crime rates complain about paying the least taxes in the county what do you expect.

  27. I would like to apply for a gun permit. Anyone know where I can apply. I used to be anti guns but all the criminals get them anyway so let the law abiding citizens at least have the opportunity to protect themselves

  28. How is the police department at it lowest number and crime is at it’s highest??? How can you not see it goes hand and hand???? More police presents = less crime! In Newark they are trying to get the cops back that they fired because crime has risen so much since they lay’ed off their cops. Look at numbers not made up facts. Less cops more crime Lakewood hire!

  29. why is everyone so into a mekubel? because its the easy way out. even though all his brachos come true davening is and always will be the number one way to get anything.
    So everybody please chill out daven hard and if u want a brochah go for it but dont count on it that it is the only way to get to easy street.

  30. #52

    What does “ludicrist” mean??!!

    Is it in the Webster’s dictionary because I can’t find it.

    Would people please learn to spell before commenting?!

  31. People… You have lost your minds. Theses burglaries COULD have been prevented. I know for a fact most of these burglaries were done at homes where residents, yes that’s correct residents left their back sliding glass doors open. Bottom line, check your windows, check your doors and set your alarms before bed. You do this one simple task and burglaries will decrease 10 fold.

  32. If a Mekubal doesn’t take money thats a very good sign as one needs a Mekubal not a Mekabiel. I was by Rav Yonah on Simchas Torah and many people ask him for brochos and he doesn’t charge a dime and really cares about all those that come to him

  33. for those leaving their doors & windows open , thats a good start why don’t you also leave notes as to where your valuables are located in your home so the thieves don’t have to ransack the whole place to find them !

  34. So, what happened? YOu had my comment on for hours and hours and then someone got nervous and deleted it? There are other comments that said basically what I said. What made you so nervous?

  35. #58 For starters what brand calculator tells you we pay low taxes. I bought a house in Raintree in 2005 $2800 a year. Now $5500 Your first reply is baseless,just the same finger pointing cowered game.The mass exudes of cops happened in the last three months. Crime is on the rise here for 3 years. The gangs didn’t all jump on a bus last week. My car was broken in to,several times in the last year

  36. I think its time for the twnp to go after the slum lords who keeps renting homes without doing proper background checks and for not keeping proper maintenance on the property (ie. making sure the occupancy is being used by the renters, not their whole entire families).

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