Lakewood Facing Shortage Of Elementary Girls Schools For Next Year

With the school year only a short few months into the year, Lakewood is already facing a shortage of girls elementary schools for the coming school year, as a tremendous amount of primary-aged students begin looking for a school, TLS has learned. “We’re aware of the issue, and we’re already working diligently on it”, a renowned Askan involved with placing the girls tells TLS.

Most schools have either finalized or are currently finalizing the application process, and “the numbers are just way off”, the Askan says. “There’s just not enough slots.”

Although an exact number is not available, the number of elementary girls without a slot this year, is much greater than last year’s number.

During last year’s school-acceptance process, several schools agreed to add additional classes, while some schools just created larger ones. TLS.

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  1. No, there are really not enough slots. the schools were full from siblings before registration even opened. It’s not about being picky, money or frumkeit, There just is NO ROOM!

  2. For all do respect. If lakewood is growing B”H I think it’s time for more schools to open. Not only do you solve this problem but you give jobs to those that don’t have. What do you think> please don”t criticise. Thank You and Hatzlacha to everyone.

  3. no. 6
    we need a new school every year in this town. this is not that easy to do. its very difficult to keep up with the unprecendented growth we have here. however weve been doing close to that for the past few years now.

  4. hey #6 i could tell you obviously dont live in lakewood if you can suggest that someone should just “open a school”
    while you may think that its a brilliant & Practical idea.
    come to live in lakewood and then you will understand why everyone is not running to open a school

  5. Ok we were warned so now what?
    We need tons of schools!! how are you helping us with your comment?
    And the only etzah is for a group of parents to get to together to open a new school, Rabbi Kanarik Shlit”a will help any one who wants to open new school, like he helped Bnos Melcch and other school’s open up.
    Its the only option, and it can be done, there are a “lot” of talented yungerliet who can run a school, they just need encouragement. And that should be our focuos to encourage more people to open schools
    How about this for encouragemnet, anybody that opens a school will get 250,000 to start the school. were are the askanim?

  6. The reason people don’t want to open schools is because all they get is aggravation about how terrible they are for not taking their kids into schools. So why should they bother with the aggravation.

    Next time you have a problem with the schools in Lakewood, show some understanding for the school administrators, and perhaps we’ll have more volunteers willing to open more schools.

    As a side point, if all the people who don’t vaccinate their children and who don’t dress tzniusdik were thrown out of school, would there be enough room for everyone else?

  7. I have heard enough about sending to new schools. the bottom line is that if a parent sends to a new school their children are going to be kaporos for the upcoming years. i know because this happened to me and i vowed that i would not let it happen to any of my other kids. you think this town makes sense?? try getting a kid into school if there are siblings in another school, its ludicrous, and downright disgusting the way all these people in these high positions think they know what is best for your child. you are made to feel like a piece of dirt and no parent should have to go through something like that.

  8. pick is not the issue here. Builders do a great job of making new neighborhoods. BMG is doing a great job at expanding the yeshiva. Who is making new schools to accmodate all these people moving in? I know of one school that is so swamped with sibling applications that they will not talk to parents whose kids aren’t already in the school. Is the poor teacher really expected to teach 40-50 kids single handedly. I know a aleph bais rebbe who was handed a class of 33 and he is strugling. What will be with these boys when they start gemorra? How many will fall through thecracks chas vi shalom because that won’t get the attention they sill so badly need? First thing we should do is daven and make hishtadoles for more schools and a system that guarentees all children are placed before the school year starts. I know of some who are still not in school yet and it’s not the parents or the child, it’s the system that is overloaded. Hashem Yirachem.

  9. A point to ponder. When the schools takes in a child which isn’t on the same standard as the other children FOR THE NEXT NINE YEARS they will be harassed for it!

  10. This is wonderful the builders have done it. They have built so many houses NOTHING can keep up with this expansion. But we have to keep building without any planning. Build! Build! Build! We need to stop and think and plan.

  11. The Bais Yakov in Freehold is run by Rabbi Sher. A wonderful, caring non-judgemental individual under the guidance of R’ Reuvain Feinstein SHLITA. I believe Harav Feinstein will be at the school next Wed. Jan 25th at 10AM to give a shiur on chinuch habanos and answer any questions. Take the time to attend, you’ll be amazed at this school.

  12. Busing to Freehold isn’t the answer . Why should kids have to sit on a bus an extra half hour each way? (besides the time it takes to ride around Lakewood picking up and dropping everyone off)
    It takes money, a building, a plan etc. to start a new school. It’s not easy.

  13. what does it have to do with the builders? hundreds of bochurim from lakewood yeshiva get married every year and settle in lakewood. The builders did’nt bring all these pple to lakewood.

  14. all i know is that i am sick of this holier than thou attitude towards people who are actually forced to go out and make a living. If i could afford to be learning, i would, trust me. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a guy who is working to prove that he is still a ben torah?

  15. There are not nough high schools either .There are abut 5 times as many boys mesivtas as there aregirls high schools . Nobody wants to give money for girls ,oly for the boys . Any out of town mesivta or Bais Medrash can make a parlor meeting and raise much more than a local girls schooll with 5 times as many students .

  16. People looking for a girls school should check out Bais Yaakov of Western Monmouth Co. Only teachers with five years experience or more are hired, I PERSONALLY KNOW HOW INCREDIBLY HAPPY THE CURRENT PARENT BODY IS! NOTHING IS DONE BEDIEVED! It is only 18 miinutes from most of Lakewood, not the 1/2 hour mentioned before ( its located on the howell border!) on Wed. morning at 10:15 AM Rav Reuven Feinstein will be speaking there about chinuch habonos. The address is 59 Broad St. Freehold 07728. (732-683-0244) email [email protected] Come and see for yourself! Enough with rumors!

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