Lakewood Couple’s Baby Delivered By State Trooper

state_police_tls_picEXCLUSIVE: That G-d’s messengers come in all forms is no secret, but one Lakewood couple got to experience it first hand. A Lakewood couple set out to NYU Hospital this past week to give birth, but realized mid-way that they weren’t going to make it to the Hospital on time.

While driving on the NJ turnpike at about 1:00 a.m., the couple had no choice but to pull into a rest area, and call 911.

“A State Trooper arrived within about a half a minute”, the father tells TLS.

Within moments after arriving on scene, the State Trooper was holding a little baby girl in his hands.

About 5-10 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and transported mother and daughter to the Hospital.

“It was a miracle”, the father says.

Mom and baby are doing well, the father says. TLS.

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  1. #2 I had a tempt break in about 4 weeks ago lkwd pd showed up within 1 min not one car but 6 cars they did a mighty fine job appreciate what we have move to ny and then talk it takes 20 min over there. U should never know to need them but they are very helpful.

  2. not necessary to shlep all the way to NYU, especially not on shabbos.
    If you live in lakewood you have to use doctors and hospitals in NJ.
    Besides for serious shailos of making urself have to be mechallel shabbos more and a chashash sakana of not having a hospital in close proximity.

  3. MAZEL TOV! May you have much nachas from your baby,
    WATCH OORAH LlIVE @ click nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww before its to lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  4. To late lakvooder.
    Not nessecery to shlep to the hospital at all, especially on shabbos. If you live at home you should have the baby at home. Besides for the serious shailos………. What a brilliant comment.

  5. dont bash lpd they are the best we love you all you out there now on this holiday weekend trying their best to protect us may g-d bless you all

  6. To alte lakewooder and Baal Kishron- may I suggest that you go back and read the article again. It very clearly says ‘this past week’, so unless you have other information all indications are that this happened NOT on Shabbos but rather this past week.

  7. wether it happened on Shabbos or not doesn’t matter. if someone is using a hospital in Manhattan then obviously they have thier reasons that they can’t use a local hospital…..stop juding everyone in a negative light & start loving your fellow jew! that means putting yourself in the others shoes & maybe seeing things a bit differently!

  8. To the mavens out there, many women have conditions that warrant the use of expert doctors who practice outside of Lakewood, usually in Manhattan. Making statements and passing judgment without knowing all the facts is ridiculous. Also, making snide remarks about the LPD is totally uncalled for. They do the best job they can and deserve our gratitude not our censure.
    Mazel tov to the family. May their new daughter be a source of nachas for many years to come. Kudos to the NJSP for a delivery well done.

  9. You don’t use expert doctors in Australia if you live here. If you do you are asking for delivery in a rest stop.
    Better use a decent Nj hospital than a decent NJ trooper.

  10. # 5, you are not serious. If the mother is high risk due to other medical factors NYU is the place to be regardless of shabbos or not. G-D will understand when it comes to a child being born and a mothers health. I hope one day you see the light

  11. Did this father go to NYU without a cell phone while his wife is in labor??? Why did he have to pull into a reststop to call 911?? Everyone has cell phones these days and especially for such situations. Unless it was…….. SHABBOS!

  12. what a miracle it is. so nice of that officer to do such a good deed for people in need. such a beautiful story and i hope that officer gets an award.

  13. for all those who are worried about halacho wonder if they “asked a shayla if theyre allowed to a)have a computer b)access the internet c)write comments in ?????

  14. Hey alta lakewooder. Learn some halocos.
    If a person is high risk and/or comfortable with a nyc doctor than when she is giving birth which is a zman sakana meod, it is best she be by the doctor/hospital she is comfortable with. If the top dr is in ny then one must go to the best in his/her field.

    In regards to chilul shabbos a yid can drive himself if it will get you there faster. Vchay bahem.

    There is a reason for all of this. Nj can not compete with NYC or PHILY medical institutions in drawing the top doctors in all fields and neonatal units.

    So alta lakewooder – zip it. You are not a posek or doctor. You can cause more chilul shabbos and harm from your comments.

    Speak for yourself but don’t post your comments here.

    If you have a question of calling hatzalah, pick up a phone even on shabbos. Don’t walk to find a dr or hatzalah member. The phone is a derabanan and if you have a safek its mutar to call. Don’t play doctor and waste time? Something simple of bang on a head can chas vshalom be serious.

  15. To Rachel (#29):
    Nachas = Pride and Joy

    By the way, I heard that the minhag is when a girl is born in a car they name her “Shevy” and if it’s a boy “Nissan” 🙂

  16. To stupid comment: traveling two hours is in it self a sakana especially in high risk situations. A possible risk is delivery by a state trooper in a gas station. Hello..!

  17. When reporting a story speak english as other people not from the community also read the scoop. It would be better if everyone understood what you were talking about or is thet the idea to keep people in the dark?

  18. Alter Lakewooder. When you become a gadol hador then you can pasken. Until then, siyag l’chochma shtika.
    BTW, the Borei Olam decides where and when a baby will be born, not you or anybody else including the parents.

  19. To anyone still reading this post still-I am #2 who got bashed from all sides. I wouldn’t make the comment if it weren’t true but many times it is.
    I too had to call LPD….it took more than 10 minutes. I’ve complimented them countless times on this forum. Are they not allowed to be critiscized at all? I have had to call them(more than once)and it always took 8+ minutes. I have the right to compliment AND critiscize where it is due. Just because they dress in blue doesn’t mean a critical word cannot be said about them. When I get a ticket I don’t bash them-something all the “pro-PD” guys on this site are probably first to do!! That’s a hypocrite and I am not one.

  20. as someone who has hi –risk pregnancies and uses a manhatten hospital I can tell you that anyone who uses an out-of-state hospital is not doing it because they want to, but because they have to. It is a hugh strain on everyone to shelp into the city every other week for 9 months, not to mention the expense. The state of NJ does not have any level 4 NICUs. Of course we run the risk of not getting there in time but the chances are pretty slim (which is why it is considered “news” when it does happen). Using a hospital that does not have the equipment that I may need is a far greater risk. Please do not judge someone else’s situation based on your experiences.

  21. Hey #37 …did you have to wait 8 minutes for LPD to show up and take your stolen bike report? If it took them 8 minutes, then I highly doubt it was a life or death situation. And , if you want faster police response, maybe they should get some more cops since they are grossly under staffed.

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