Lakewood Couple Charged In Kidnapping And Beating Of Brooklyn Man

LPD small LPDFIRST REPORT: A Lakewood couple is under arrest this morning after they kidnapped, blindfolded and beat a Brooklyn man, TLS has learned. The incident began Saturday night when a 36 year old Brooklyn man was lured to a Lakewood home by means of a job offer, and upon arrival, was handcuffed, bound, blindfolded and beaten, Detective Lieutenant William Addison tells TLS.

The man was then threatened that if he didn’t come up with $100,000 dollars, he would be killed and buried somewhere in NY, Addison said.

The man, severely injured, was finally released and was transported a NY Hospital and treated for a broken nose, lacerations, and other serious injuries.

At the Hospital, he met with the NYPD who suggested he come down to Lakewood to file a report.

The man went to Lakewood Police Headquarter at about 12:15 a.m. yesterday, where Detectives Steven Wexler and Daniel Tworkowski immediately got onto the case and began investigating, which included traveling to NY to speak with the victim.

Last night, says Lt. Addison, Detectives got a warrant for the arrest of the suspects, and surrounded the home, together with CIU to make the arrests.

The couple was taken into custody and are being charged with Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, and Conspiracy, all which if convicted, face lengthy prison sentences.

The husband and wife are being held in Ocean County Jail in lieu of $750,000 and $400,000 dollars, respectively, with no 10 percent option. TLS-CC

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  1. Don’t try to take the law into your own hands. This is a perfect example of people being too comfortable with the system. We do not run this town, we can not expect to get away with crime.

  2. Why did the detectives travel to NY when “the man” (who is the victim) came to Lakewood to file a report?
    #2 is right, this story is poorly written. If you want to play the role of “sensational journalist,” and publish such exciting stories, then please write properly so people can understand it and get the right story.

  3. This doesn’t make sense.
    The guy probably embellished the story – it’s not about $.
    I think he was scared a little but can’t believe it was that extreme.

  4. ok so google the story, but does that give people of any religious back round the right to commit crimes that are against our laws here in the Untied States of America. ok innocent to proven guilty, but when was last time the OC Prosecutors office arrested and jailed innocent people, without probable cause. so the guys a (moderated) and maybe even a criminal, but do not take the law into your own hands.

  5. 1. Look how often people’s comments were moderated!
    2. Look how poorly this article was written, with missing information…. – THIS MY FRIENDS IS CENSORSHIP!!

    Whats the matter gentlemen, afraid of the truth!?

  6. this is an example of the worst reporting I have ever seen , its like a poorly written fiction story no facts ,no information and makes very little sense with what is presented. Next time don’t even bother wasting the space here unless you can make better use of it

  7. A private news blog has the right to edit, censor or do anything they want with a news story.. censorship is when the government or someone else tries to force a news agency to modify a story. If I want to start my own news blog and change names, facts, places, etc, thats my business. its up to you if you want to trust the source, or go elsewhere for your news. Since this site is based around the orthodox jewish community, certain facts/names will be hidden or left out to keep with the customs of the religion regarding spreading false or unproven information about a fellow jew. thank you and good day!

  8. Censorship; is the suppression of speech or other communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.

    The lakewood scoop internet censorship may involve deceit. – PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES & QUESTION EVERYTHING!!

  9. This news is all over. I would suggest just posting one of those articles without comment or not posting anything. Yes, we have to be mindful of Loshon Horah and be sensitive to implication of what we say. But there are ways to deal with this better than excessive moderation. Otherwise, it just looks like PR and brainwashing machine. If you are trying to form or maintain public opinion then there are also more effective ways of doing it.

  10. Please! Iknow the couple who was arrested. I know why they did what they did. It was NOT about the money! There is much more to the story than meets the eye. I am not condoning whathe did, but sometimes desperate people take desperate measures to ensure the safety and well being of others. People should REALLY not speak about what they don’t know.

  11. I dont know why they did it, but this guy deserves much more. If you want more info Google his name. I do feel bad for this couple who got involved with him one way or another and no r arrested. They have a family to take care of. NOT that I am justefying what they did, but lets know the whole truth BEFORE we judge them.

  12. “The husband and wife are being held in Ocean County Jail in lieu of $750,000 and $400,000 dollars, respectively, with no 10 percent option”
    This is pretty severe ,so I would have to think the prosecuter had some pretty strong evidance to have this kind of bail & no 10% on top of the high amount.

  13. Upon doing my research of the story it comes out the poor guy who was beaten is actually an animal of a person, not condoning the kidnapping/beating but definitely dont take this at face value

  14. to moving out of lakewood…

    please, MOVE! go already!. the facts are 100 percent true. he was beaten severly. you are just scared of the truth. so run from lakewood…bc the truth will come out!

  15. Do you remember an illegal fellow from Clifton Ave caught right after stubbing someone a few weeks ago? He was charged with a simple assault and released on $5,000 bail. This was after driving a knife into his victim and running away from police.

  16. abe,
    you are the animal here for lying about a man who was beaten like this. you obviously have not done your homework very well to say what you did. the girls family are the animals in the story. are you related to them?

  17. i know who the couple is. they did NOT do it because of money! they had their reasons behind it. I am NOT justifying the matter; what they did was VERY wrong. But let’s NOT speak about what we don’t know. Thank you! It’s a very sad story!

  18. I am extremely disappointing with the way TLS reported this “news”. Did u know the facts before you wrote that this is bec. of $ ? how do u make this couple sound so bad and this “poor guy” sound like a nebach.

  19. To all: The family of the girl are the animals here. Please don’t assume things from what you read in the papers… Unless you hear both sides of a story you might be veryyyyyy wrong!

  20. (moderated) is one of the nicest people that I personally no!!! There is no way in heaven that he would ever lay a hand on someone. Some one is framing him. My heart goes out to his family.

  21. to ‘what,’
    my heart goes out to you! he did it, and that means he’s not as nice as u think he is. look closer at pple, what u see is not always what you get.

  22. I met this guy(the one beaten up) in the alleged beater uppers home. The couple and family actually treated him very well and was taking care of him like he was a nephew without any other family here. My guess is that this guy was up to no good and the alleged couple uncovered his plot before or while it got serious. “Lured off the street” definitely was not the case. “Stole from him” he was wearing the families clothing, so maybe they were taking some back. TLS should have definitely amended this article.

  23. Such a lie it`s laughable? Who`s laughing? Do we sense that Mr. Please is defending the victim? Ok Mr. Please, the forum is open, now tell us or enlighten us or defend. Hmm a little detective work tells me that you must know me and must have been at the home with me, the victim and the couple. Otherwise how would you know about the legitimacy of what I saw?

  24. At this point its obviously not a simple assault for money. As reported here. I don’t understand why tls can’t either say the story like it is or just not report it at all if you feel its inappropriate. I’m sure by now every reader here has found the real story from some other news source and googled the names and got the ides of what this is about. now why not just get the real scoop?

  25. I have written already about $5,000 bail for undocumented guy who stubbed a person and was chased and tackled by Police. This honest couple with family, house, and perfect record needs to post $1,150,000 with no 10% options. They did not run away from police. They transported the guy to hospital. The injuries were in no way life-threatening and the victim was released. Is the Justice you wish? Where is Kehilah!!!

  26. the children are by their aunt and uncle in lakewood. as far as i know, they’re being taken care of! but imagine their pain, to know their parents are locked up behind bars! they can be scarred for life! this is no joking matter! please don’t judge anyone in this sad story until you know every single detail behind it. (which you’ll never know, so just DON’T judge!! )

  27. #46. “By the way what they were trying to do was accomplished.” unfortunate boomerang here, the opposite was accomplished and now she is REALLY stuck forever

  28. SO many people know the absolute truth absolutely, except that each absolute truth is opposite of the other absolute truth. Just stop trying to outdo each other about who’s in the know. Do you each need this for your self esteem or something? YOu all sound so childish about a very serious situation. “Worried Mother” seems to be the only one with some maturity.

  29. regardless of what the victim did, there is NO excuse to lay your hands on someone- NONE!
    as for the assailants not doing anything wrong- $700,000 & $450,000 bail with no 10% option doesnt sound like nothing is wrong.
    as for the $5,000 bail for the man who stabbed another- did the man ever bost bail? no- because he could not afford it. why do overkill with a higher bail amount when he cant afford anything at all.

  30. I posted a link to where there was information that was left out in here, I guess you do not believe in informing the public of all the facts ,I can understand monitoring abusive comments but not factual information .
    Censorship is bad for everyone even if you think you have a right to do it here

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