Lakewood Askonim Working To Prevent Perth Amboy Shul From Being Sold To Indian Based Cult

Board members of Beis Knesses Shaarei Tefilah a 110 year old Shomer Shabbos Shul in Perth Amboy are hoping to sell the Historic Shul to an Indian-based Cult, and Lakewood Askonim have moved into full gear to try and prevent the sale, TLS has learned. Board member Hershel Chomsky, a resident of Perth Amboy for a quarter of a century whose father once served as a Rav there, finds himself battling the four other members of the shul board who wish to sell this hallmark of Jewish area presence which serves as a testament to the rich history of the Jewish community in the area.

At one time, the community flourished tremendously, with the Shul claiming close to 1,000 members, Chomsky says.

Chomsky says he would like to see the Shul occupied by a yeshiva that wishes to relocate from not too far away, and has been exploring every option available to stop his fellow board members from going ahead with the sale to the cult.

Chomsky claims that the bylaws indicate this is an Orthodox Jewish institution and that decisions made on how to direct the Shul would follow Jewish tradition. Chomsky also notes that one of the presidium members is the real estate agent conducting the sale presenting a conflict of interests. 

Plans to sell off the internal contents of the Shul a short while after Succos, are underway.

This disastrous situation says Chomsky, is a result of the declining Orthodox population in the area, an area that is easily a perfect location for frum couples to obtain affordable housing and rebuild a flourishing frum community. 

Whereas in some instances, establishing the infrastructure needed to support a full fledged Orthodox community presents the challenge of communicating the unique needs of the Orthodox public to many local agencies and governmental bodies, Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz supports the Jewish community in the area wholeheartedly and the peaceful co-existence of all backgrounds and faiths, Askonim say. Diaz and other politicians, Chomsky says, welcome the idea of having a Yeshiva move in and have been more supportive than some members of the Shul.

Lakewood Askonim have received a written letter from a Bais Din stating that it would be a Mitzvah to go to court over this matter, if this is the only way to save the Shul. TLS/Lakewood Shopper.



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  1. how can a shul sell to a cult? this a great mitzvah! thank you askonim whoever you are! and a specail thank you goes to Perth Amboy Mayor Diaz for always being there for the jewish community! oh and r hershel chomsky keep the faith we gonna win this one and you will have a minyan there seven days a week, your father will be proud!

  2. My greatgrandfather was the Rav of this shul almost 100 hundred years ago .
    I would really like to help out . Please call if there is anything i can do.

  3. This shul was the original host of Rabbi Uren Reich’s yeshiva that used to be called “Yeshiva Gedolah of Perth Amboy”.

    Rabbi Chomsky Sr. and his son used to join the yeshiva for Shachris every morning. Very pleasant sincere people.

  4. sharei tefila hosted the yeshiva of perth amboy for the first period of the yeshivas existence.In addition the shul has a mikvah that was utilized by many on erev rosh hashana and erev yom kippur.Reb hershel,keep up the good fight and lets not turn a wonderful historic shul into a base for avoda zarah

  5. Keep up the good fight r helshel. What happened to alan I forgot his last names organazation to keep jews in the town?

  6. I was born in Perth Amboy and receive periodic updates from an organization which keeps an eye on the cemeteries in the area. Recently this group sent me a notice about an impending sale of “religious articles and memorabilia” from the shul. No mention at all was made of the intended purchasers of the building itself. As someone who is not a regular reader of the scoop, I’m glad to have checked in today…Will try to be in touch with some of these people in case they have any influence. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Interesting to know what other options they might have since the neighborhood doesn’t have a large Jewish presence at all now.

  7. People have donated over the years to keep this shul going, people have donated sifrei torah now all of the sudden because 4 people voted to sell it all and transfer profits to some other organization evryones money and livelihood and years of sweat can just go down the drain like this I think this calls for a major lawsuit against the members that want to sell and review by attorney general and if they don’t want the headache of keeping it a shul maybe they should find religous people who don’t think this is a headache! Many people are willing to assist but these board members want to “once and for all close this shul down and get over with it” sorry don’t think that’s what jews all about

  8. i believ alan goldmith saw his dream come to fruition with his jrf organization.hes doing great stuff!and what a kiddush hashem when i ask my workers who reside in perth amboy where they go for free medical treatment and they mention the jewish renaissance foundation!

  9. “off brand religion” wow thats offesive ,would those who are orthodox be offended if they were called a cult ~ I think we know the answer to that

  10. What makes a cult? People with views different than yours? People who pray and worship differently than you? Its foolish to label something a “cult” just because you don’t understand it. Would you be offended if someone called Judaism or Christianity a cult just because they didn’t believe and understand it? There would be an outcry of people crying anti-semitism and bigotism. Have respect for other peoples views and opinions instead of branding them a cult out of ignorant fear.

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