JUST IN: Driver In Hit And Run Arrested

arrest picUpdated BREAKING NEWS: Police have just arrested the 18 year old driver responsible for the death of Shalom Werther Z’L who was killed in last night’s hit and run. The driver from brick was arrested moments ago without incident. There is no additional information available at this time. We will keep you updated with all further details.
U/D 11:45 p.m. Paul Kulha, 18, of Essex Drive, Brick, was arrested after authorities received information from the public about the vehicle that had left the scene, said Capt. John Mount of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

Authorities notified the Werther family about 9:30 p.m. that they had the driver in custody.

Police did not release information about the arrest of Kulha, who was charged and held in lieu of $50,000 bail set by Superior Court Judge James Den Uyl.

Police said Werther was crossing Cedar Bridge Avenue near Melville Avenue at 7:48 p.m. Monday when he was struck by what police believed was a sedan-type car, Redington said.

Werther was transported to Kimball Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, Redington said.

Authorities collected only a small amount of evidence from the scene, including pieces of the vehicle left behind, hoping to identify the vehicle type, Redington said.

Mount was at the house on Essex Drive in the Lake Riviera section of Brick where the car was being hoisted up onto a tow truck about 8:30 p.m. The gold Cadillac Seville had a broken headlight on the driver’s side and a broken windshield.

Services for the young man were held Tuesday, and the community is grief-stricken, said a neighbor of the Werther family.

“”He was a really fine, really fine young man,” said the neighbor, Phil Shapiro.

Shalom Werther was one of 11 sons in his family, and each one held a very special place in the heart of their mother, Shapiro said.

“”There really are no words to describe a tragedy like this,” he said. “”He was a very special young man who comes from an especially fine family.”

The Lakewood Police Traffic Safety Unit was assisted by Brick Police Traffic Safety Officers Sgt. Donald Ling and Officer Jay Lampiasi and Ocean County Prosecutor’s investigators Capt. John Mount and Detective Craig Ally.


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  1. will we take this as a wakeup call for TESHUVA or should we say it is just coincidence? AKA how much more Tzaros do we need to get us to do TESHUVA?

  2. “Moshiach Agent”
    Iam all for Teshuvah,

    But in the name of a zechus for klal yisroel,

    How much more Teahuvah before Mashiach?

    Klal yisroel has been growing in ruchnius by leaps and bounds.

    Give credit were credit is deserved. You never hear about that just that our shortcomings have caused all these terrible deaths.

    ENOUGH!!! dont try to understand Hashem’s ways. work on yourself and just appreciate how much others have grown.

  3. It was very important that this person be caught. Although it does not alleviate the family’s pain even one drop drivers need to know that they cannot leave the scene of an accident. They WILL get caught at some point. In this case it was tantamount to having a murderer walking, and worse driving the streets. Who knows if he was DUI…? Whatever the case may be it is of utmost importance that drivers involved in any accident and especially fatal accidents realize that it is not worth leaving the scene.

  4. doesn’t 50 G’s sound like to little for a guy that already ran away once? And especially so, because with the 10% option all the driver needs is just $5000 dollars…

  5. Thank G-d he was caught,but i agree we need more teshuvah!people look around you, if this happens in Lakewood one of the biggest bastions of Torah in America, than look to yourselves,Yom Kipper was just a few weeks ago and people are not repenting,people please we don’t need more hints from G-d.

  6. You think God took this 17yr old boy because soemone didnt repent for sins on Yom Kippor!? A wake up call for teshuva, how about a wake up call for everyone dressed in all black to wear the safety belts that were provided at one time. Its not segregation or being biased, it is called safety. The dark is unforgiving not God. Wear the belts. Save your lives with some common sense.

  7. Yes, we need to wear the belts, and yes we need to repent as well. The mother, father, brothers and sisters, extended families, neighbors, and friends, are not the ones who needed to wear the belts. They are just as much part of G-d’s judgement and the boy was. Maybe, even more so!
    As far as the driver is concerned, before everyone condems him as a murderer, lets remember the very real possibility that it was just an accident, and that the driver may have just gotten shocked and panicked. Of course, this would not exempt him from fleeing the seen, but untill the courts investigate, lets not be quick to judge.

  8. Teshuva is what lakewood needs maybe some people most be more involved with the teenagers in our town or to much loshan hora about our askinm.
    Maybe hashem is sending a message regarding the age like high schools probelm we had all must do teshuva may his neshama rest in piece

  9. Maybe its a sign that wearing black at night prevents you from being seen, certainly he did not deserve to die and I feel for the family but everyone needs take some responsibility and wear the belts; and that means everyone not just children and young adults. Please!, lets try to prevent any further incidents like this tragic one.

  10. I am so glad they caught the driver! I also believe thatsfety comes first: please wear the belts, so we, the drivers can identify the pedestrians…
    And, no I don’t think the driver is a murderer under the influence of alcohol. Let’s be honest here, Lakewood people are not the best qualified drivers: they run the stop signs like nothing, don’t respect the school buses, they cut you off and they all are on their cell phones while driving.
    Let’s not point fingers at anybody and let’s stop accussing this young boy, because none of the people posting comments was at the scene when this happened.

  11. I just wanted to say that whatever hidden message you think Hashem is trying to tell you from this tragedy I think that for the time being take that message and keep it to yourself because now is a time to grieve and mourn for Shalom not a time to patronize and martyr him

  12. Annie,

    I take personal offense at your accusation that Lakewood drivers are “not the best qualified drivers” How dare you make a blanket insinuation like that?!! I consider the (legal) citizen drivers I know to be fine drivers! (though I can’t vouch for any 18 year olds behind a wheel – not lakewood or brick or jackson or howell) I strongly suggest you check the statistics of e.g. Bricktown as to how many driving infractions occur over there and then come here before you start with baseless allegations!!!

    What that (apparently) unqualified kid driver did was inexcusable!! You have some nerve!!!!

  13. Some say he “might” have driven off because of panic, health problems or perhaps didn’t “realize” he had hit somebody. What ever the case may be,
    If you feel or hear a loud BANG on your car, pull over, whether it was a deer or a trash can, you can never be too careful. Plus you are required by LAW to call in a large animal that you hit.
    Even if it is a trash can, you should pull over to make sure there is no damage to your car that can hinder your (or other drivers) drive performance, like a break light etc.
    When you are aware that it could have been a person, the DECENT, humane thing to do, is pull over to make sure they are ok.
    – Since it was the case of a person, the driver should have stopped to make sure the victim is ok or may need medical attention. It can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

    When you take on the responsibility of having a driving license, you must take the responsibility of everything that comes along with it. Good and/or Bad.

    This is such a tragedy. May the family of the young man who was hit, find peace, and may they only experience good things in their lives.

  14. I was the person that called Lakewood police and Turned Paul Kulha in.I didnt think what he did was right and now he will have to face the actions for what he did to a innocent kid.I also wanted the family to have closure.


  16. t think everyone is forgetting the most important thing in this tragedy.parents and family had to bury their own.I think everyone should be saying a prayer for the family and friends of this young man who’s life was cut short by this senseless person who left him there to die like it was an animal that he hit.God Bless his family and for that matter say a prayer for all with people like Paul in this world.

  17. I know Paul Kulha.I heard about his car being wrecked and I called lakewood police and turned him in.hes a disrespectful little punk.Who cares about himself and only himslf.I know that the family needed closure thats why I turned him in.He needs to pay the price for what he did.The other two passengers Ryan and Teriana should pay the price as well since they kept there mouth shut and knew what was going on.I am sorry to see the young boy pass away.My prayers are with him and his family.

  18. all u talk bout me like u were in the car. u all got sumthin 2 say like u were videotaping the hole thing…99% of u dont even know me.if u all cared so much about wat happened stop worrying about me and think about the kid that got hit.it was an accident,i didnt even know him.u people can take my nane out your mouth now

  19. first off everybody.this was an accident.
    second of all we thought it was a deer.
    third of all think about it,it happend because it was dark and the kid was running,who can possible see a kid running at you at night.
    stop talking about us and oh yeah,me and ryan should get in trouble someeone said,who would call the cops about a hitting of a deer?
    ryans is very younge,why should he get in trouble you guys make absolutely no sense!.find out the whole story and why the kid was running in the street and wearing all black so we heard,then start commenting on a website.My boyfriend is not a lil punk,he is actually trying very hard to improve his surroundings.So just stop.THANKS!

  20. ps..even tho a 17 yr. old kid shouldnt be running in the middle of the street at 9:00 wearing all black in the projects with a 13 year old,sorry 2 the parents,cause it really was an accident. i no u guys r all gonna blowup with this blogging stuff now that i said something,but how many people in that town get in crashes and dont say anything? a jewish lady hit and killed that little boy in front of the school and all that happened 2 her was she got a free plane ride. i do the same thing except with an older person and im all over every website and news channel.stop talkin about ME, cause im not the only one that did something wrong that night.sorry to the parents.

  21. You are wrong Paul. You see I do know you and all your troubles. I can just see what probably really happened. You have been in alot of trouble before and after you turned 18.You are even violent to your own family. What boy hits and spits in his own mothers face?? You are not a nice eprson and I pray to God you get what you deserve, cause you are a punk.You know what you did and I do too besides a few other people who also know you.

  22. First off I send my condolences to the family who lost their son, may he rest in peace. I just want to remind everyone that we are not on this earth to judge. Accidents happen, and nothing this boy Paul has done in the past has to do with this unfortunate accident. So I send a prayers out to both boys & their families. One last thing I have to say is to those judging Paul – stop & take the negative energy you’re using to post & think hateful things about a boy that’s probably hurting about all this also and turn it to a positive and pray for those hurting because of this terrible ACCIDENT……….

  23. i can see that this web site doesn`t like the truth to be written about paul his girlfriend and about the way he looks at the world around him.he thinks that he can do what ever he wants and doesn`t care about anyone else. do think that it`s ok for his mother to buy him booze and drink with him and his 16 yr old girlfriend,and it was ok that he gives his 12 yr old nephew pot to smoke and it`s on bricktowns police record as they caught them. only paul sad that ryan was just sitting in the car. he still drives carelessly. he uses ezpass on thr parkway without having an ezpass account. if the editors of this web would like to know how i know so much leave me a phone# and i`ll call or be willing to meet them in person the truth should be told and read by the people who read this site also what about my freedom of speech rights

  24. the last comment made by anonymus 2 clearly states how little he does know about paul and his family, there is at least 2 lies in that statement.

  25. anonymus 2…. 1 question for you coming from someone that doesn’t know paul or you for that matter…. What is it that he’s ever done that is making you turn this horrible ACCIDENT in to everything else you’re saying about this boy??? He may or may not have done things in his life that aren’t the greatest chooses but tell me anonymous 2 are you perfect? or are you god? I don’t have to know you to know that answer – NO you’re not! an accident is just that an accident!! Paul i pray for you youre family & the family of Shalom. As for anon 2 i pray that at night you fall asleep & wake a kinder person that can speak kind words & think nice thoughts for all involed or don’t speak on the matter at all… didn’t your mother ever teach you if you don’t have something nice to say say nothing at all???? Paul needs our prayers.

  26. i really dont appreciate all of this. you guys dont realize that my boyfriend is a good person.he is going through alot too,and its hurting him as well as the family of that boy.we appoligize for the things that the family is going through but dont act like you know him,no one knows him more then me and his mother. and whoever is writing about things they think they know…your wrong about themm.thats all i have to say.stop with all of this i dont know how many times we have to appoligize for you guys to realize that we do care.

  27. paul may be troubled, but dont kid urself sweetie, he aint sorry, he prolly aimed for that kid. he is an extremely violent person, and ive been witness and victim to his “issues”… ive known paul for as long as he has lived in brick, and ive watched him do some pretty stupid stuff. ive seen him get locked him more times then and CHILD should of. there should be no need to apologize for what he did, he NEVER should have done it to begin with! paul needs help, and if its jail that will straighten his guy out then give him a one way ticket! we are past sorries and guilt, he is a menace to society and brick pd!

  28. The only thing you and Paul are sorry for is that He got caught.I swear on the bible I know Paul and his family.I was a part of him being caught and I am proud to have helped the family who lost their son.I pray for them.Paul I hope you get the one way ticket to jail maybe that will teach you a lessson.


  30. I knew Paul and was a friend of his in elementary school, and because of that knew his mother. When I knew him, he was a very sweet, funny, and yes, hyperactive kid. I lived in Lakewood and I regularly have to drive through town in order to get to Howell. This had to have been an accident, because it is incredibly hard to see anyone on the road at night wearing all black, and the belts need to be worn by the Jewish community so something like this does not happen again. I may be late to posting on this but it breaks my heart that 1. Shalom’s life was cut short and 2. People are accusing Paul of being a murderer and someone who is clearly spiteful says that he “probably aimed for” Shalom.

    I was on Route 9 the other night and two men, who were not Jewish, were wearing all black and were trying to cross the road, and it was extremely difficult to see them.

    I’ve also seen some of the Jewish residents of Lakewood trying to cross roads that are very busy, not only causing danger to themselves but the drivers on the road. I am not saying that this is what Shalom did, may he rest in peace, but obviously something must be done. This is a horrible tragedy and maybe this will spark a rougher enforcement of reflective belts being worn and night so this will not happen again.

    And bringing up the character of Paul does absolutely nothing. This was an accident, and he must have been extremely scared, seriously, he was only 18 at the time, and I wish that he did stop, but the past can not be changed.

    My heart goes out to Shalom’s family and friends.

  31. and to “B” if you want to say or ask any Q’s about it or if (whoever you are lol) just want to say watsup you can find me on facebook.

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