In Statement, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Demands “Immediate Ceasefire” in Gaza

In a statement marking the month of Ramadan, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy added his voice those calling for an “immediate and sustained ceasefire by all parties” in Gaza.

The statement is a slight shift in policy for the governor, who has publicly supported Israel several times since the horrific October 7th attack on Israel. Murphy had previously said Hamas must be “eliminated and extracted from the otherwise innocent citizens in their midst,” but in his statement today, simply issued a call for the international community to stay united in their call for the “dismantling of Hamas.”

Earlier this year, when asked if he supports a ceasefire, Murphy noted correctly that the current war was started by Hamas, saying: “Let’s remember Hamas started this. …. And Hamas has let the Palestinian people down, to say it politely.”

New Jersey is home to one of the largest Palestinian populations in the United States, while the city of Paterson has the largest per capita Palestinian population in the country with almost 7% of Paterson identifying as Palestinian American.

Murphy, whose wife Tammy just ended her bid for the U.S. Senate seat earlier this week, is just the third governor in the country to call for a ceasefire. Governor Murphy is term-limited.

See the full statement below:

“The holy month of Ramadan is a time of reflection and rejuvenation for Muslims around the world, including many of our fellow New Jerseyans. This year, however, it arrives at a time of deep pain and despair, not only for our Muslim, Arab American, and Palestinian American neighbors, but for all of us who are watching the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

“Over the past six months, tens of thousands of innocent civilians have died as a result of this conflict, and at this very moment, hundreds of thousands more people – especially women and children – are at dire risk of starvation. Here in New Jersey, one of the most diverse states in America and home to one of the largest Palestinian American communities, we know there are many families mourning the loss of innocent loved ones who have died in Gaza due to this conflict. I want these families to know that we grieve with them – and that we share in their pain and heartbreak.

“In that spirit, today, I am adding my voice in support of the Biden Administration’s efforts to secure an immediate and sustained ceasefire by all parties that includes the release of the remaining hostages being held by Hamas. Such an agreement will allow desperately needed humanitarian aid – food, water, medical supplies, and more – to flow into Gaza, saving potentially thousands of lives.

“At the same time, the international community must also stand united in demanding the dismantling of Hamas, a terrorist organization that murdered over 1,200 innocent individuals and kidnapped over 200 hostages – including one of New Jersey’s very own, Edan Alexander of Tenafly – on October 7th in a brutal, premeditated terrorist attack. For this reason, it is abundantly clear that as long as Hamas remains in power, it is impossible to imagine long-term peace in the region.

“But at this pivotal juncture, we must recognize that the current course of conflict is taking too great of a toll. A ceasefire by all parties will end immediate hostilities, help pave the way for meaningful stability in the region, and set us on a path to a two-state solution, which will ensure long-term peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians, and the entire Middle East.”

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  1. Pandering to the hamas democrats like so many of his colleagues, how foes he expect hamas to be dismantled if there is a ceasefire. Murphy joins Biden and so many other elected democrats in giving aid and comfort to hamas.

  2. This is what you get when you keep voting in liberal Democrats for the short-sighted perception of receiving more benefits, programs and funding. In the long term it’s destroying us. When you play in the mud you get dirty. Time to be smart and vote for enduring priceless principles.

      • Hamas when initiating this war labeled it “operation Al-aqsa flood”. To Hamas it is specifically religious.

        My point was and remains that Gov Murphy’s political panderence is short sighted.

        As an aside, I was referring to Muslims as a religious group, not a race, although you seem to lack a finer conception.

        • what does all this have anything to do with the state of new jersey??? he is not the secretary of state, he is responsible for the local administration, why is he even going in that direction? crime in new jersey he took care of already? poverty? corruption? immorality?

          Mr. Governor, take the flu shot and get well quick!

        • Hamas does not represent ALL Muslims. Hamas is hamas. As a Muslim man it’s really hurtful. TRUE muslims do not believe in violence. Just like TRUE Jews do not believe in violence. We are brothers. Hamas they are a terrorist group. If one Jewish man does a bad thing, are all Jewish men bad? No, of course not. This is not Muslims vs Jews. It is a territory war. This is about the land. this war started long ago. Not October 7th. Arabs and Jews lived peacefully for many years before the zionists. Israel has BEEN taking over control of Palestine. The way hamas responded to this was NOT ok. It was NOT ok to commit crimes against Israel. But it is also not ok the extend that Israel has done to innocent lives as well. How has there been short sightedness when do you have any idea how much money has been sent to Israel during this war by the United States? And you’re upset that they are calling for end of WAR?

      • Do you know what their chants are? In general, they scream “Allah hu Achbar (Allah (g-d) in Arabic) is Great”. When they are slaughtering Jews as they did on October 7, they scream “Itbach al Yahud” Kill the Jews!

  3. this is the person who endorsed eradication of holy in this state regarding home family and marriage,

    and now, he is calling out against the Jewish people who are definitely the Holy People who really belong in the Holy Land

    he is just another confused person

    i hope he remembers what his wife’s name is, who she is, and she is not

    and, where he belongs, where his opinions are welcome, and where they are not!

  4. Gov. Murphy Calls For The Immediate Cessation of Israel’s Existence; Says Israel Should Hand Over The Keys To Hamas
    Hamas Calls On Gov. Murphy to Assume Leadership of Hamas

    In a statement marking the month of Ramdan, NJ Governor Phil Murphy called for the immediate cessation of Israel’s existence, and for the establishment of a brand new terrorist state inside the soon-to-be former state of Israel.
    “The current war in Gaza will never come to an end unless the citizens of Israel agree to close up shop and to hand over the keys to Hamas,” Gov. Murphy told the Hamas Daily News Website on Wednesday.
    “Hamas started this war,” Mr. Murphy said, “hence, it is only befitting that Hamas end this war on its own terms, namely with the total cessation of Israel’s existence.”
    Meanwhile, Hamas issued a statement of its own on Thursday, calling on Governor Murphy to run for reelection in 2026 as a member of both the Democratic Party and the Hamas Party.
    “Hamas is sorely lacking your kind of leadership,” the statement said, “please join forces with us, and we will gladly annoint you as the new leader of Hamas.”
    The statement added: “We’ve already reserved some spacious underground offices for both you and your staff, situated in tunnel number 3,419, underneath the hospital and the elementary school. We’ve also reserved a specially designed underground living quarters for you that contains all the amenities you can possibly want, including an underground jacuzzi, an underground swimming pool, and a brand new take out restaurant stocked with tons of freshly prepared UN humanitarian food supplies.”

  5. just remember guys that “lev melachim v’sarim b’yad Hashem” Time to stop blaming/believing in our politicians, and start trusting that its all from Hashem.

  6. why didn’t the governor call for “Muslim” terrorists to stop killing innocent people inside of Israel proper during the month of ramadan? they wake up and go out and just kill, and instead of rational thinking prevailing, he goes out and says innocent people have no right to live in peace and defense!

    Mr. Murphy, if you want to get involved please go ovef there and see the facts for yourself, all the facts, and then tell us all what you really think and feel!

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