Igud Hamosdos: Let’s stay United and vote according to the Vaad’s recommendation



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        • Maybe pshat is you still can’t listen to him! Don’t know. But this על ימין שהוא שמאל has been abused! Either way, I think it’s in 4th perek of רוח חיים

  1. I write this respectfully and am not here to bash the writer or the Vaad.
    I understand that this recommendation is for the benefit of our mosdos and as appreciation for what Gov Murphy has done on behalf of the residents of our town. Therefore, on a macro level it certainly is appropriate for us to give him our vote. But for a regular taxpayer who is trying to live within their means, afford a regular house, and not stress paycheck to paycheck when possible, why is it beneficial to vote for a democrat. Gas and basic commodities have gone through the roof, and with the liberal climate change agenda it is expected for the price of these thing d to soar even higher. Inflationary is very high and it is predicted that it is simply a matter of time until we see a repeat of the economic crash of 2008. So I ask you, why is it beneficial for me, as an individual to for for Murphy over Jack?

    • @chaim yankel.
      to answer your question about the “regular taxpayer” you are asking a good question.
      the answer is
      1- gas and commodities going thru the roof is on a national level. it has nothing to do with the NJ gov. So voting for Jack won’t fix that.
      2- regarding property tax, Tuition credits, school formula etc. we tried this experiment with Christi. we learned that as much as the Governor wants top tackle these things, in NJ it almost impossible with the Legislature being mostly Democrats. and Christi was a much more powerful personality than nice guy Jack…

      so in summation: now that you have answers why Jack won’t fix these specific issues “the regular taxpayer has”, I would revert back to your second sentence which explains why you should vote for Murphy.

      additionally, being a Town with large families bli ayin hara. I think the fact that Murphy was beneficial to the mosdos is the number one reason to vote for him. My children are my most important part of my life.

      • My children are also my most important part of my life so I WILL NOT be voting for Murphy.
        1. No one asked him to legalize pot.
        2. No one asked him to introduce all the filth in the school system.
        3. No one asked him for vax mandate which he will implement on day one.
        He is a democrat which by definition is evil and decay. It amazes me that you can even entertain the thought.

  2. I dont under stand why do we need to Endorse a candidate at all let’s just not vote for governor in this election and be done with it why do we need to get involved in all this craziness and have all this On all these public forms ?

  3. if it’s all about mosdos getting all free money from taxpayers dollars, what is all the rhishus about when trying to get kids into school, they are just all private businesses just like every grocery store, why care about what they want when they are actually not for the community

  4. if it’s all about the mosdos getting my tax dollars, why is it that hard for new parents to get into school, if they are truly for the tziebor and not a private business like every grocery store

  5. 1. I would like sn explantion from the Vaad how they can support Murphy Murphy has done nothing that io know of for Hatzadik Rabbi Eisemen. Jack says that he will pardon Rabbi Eiseman.

    We (the people) would love an explanation how you can support Murphy.

    2. So the schools got alot of funding for boxes. Did the schools give us working hard parents a break on tuition because they made a fortune off the boxes and PPP? No.

    3. Has Muyphy done anything for school vouchers?

    Emes stands and sheker always falls.

  6. I cannot read any of the letters that Lakewood scoop posts as you do not allow anyone to click on the photos or letters to enlarge it to its full size

  7. Yes Murphy and other Democrte electors give “Free” Money however it is not free money they just take it from the money that you need to spend on high taxes and other liberal agendas such as climate change etc

  8. Reality check! Murphy has not provided a 100 million dollars for our school school district he has provided a LOAN which us little guys will end up paying through higher taxes . It’s quite OK for the Vaad to endorse a specific candidate but to “alter” The facts is Is really underhanded. Do I see a trend here? What are we sheep?

  9. anyone know why the vaad has not let anyone under 60 to join/ Maybe if they start to respect the younger part of the community the younger guys will feel some sort of connection to them. But as of now no-one from the younger Lakewood even blinks from the vaad.

    • @Joe, I am only 31 and yet I am voting for Murphy solely because of the Vaad’s endorsement. Many other Bnai Torah I know (in my age bracket) are doing the same. Are we all “no-one”?

  10. Thanks to the Igud Mosdos for coming out in a clear way asking us to vote for their candidate. I just have a question:
    How many more years of this ?
    How many more years can we get hit over the head with a 2 x 4 and keep voting for your candidates ?
    Murphy was good during Covid – yes – for the mosdos – what about the stores and shops that were closed for months and months – and WAIT !! how many times did he extend his State of Emergency for ANOTHER 30 days , an another and yet another.
    Home Depot and Target and liquor stores are fine, but clothing stores, toy stores, hardware etc etc were shuttered for months and months.
    And what’s with th gas prices ?
    Is that still a Christie problem ?
    I can’t; Sorry – I just can’t.

  11. This is based on a lie, another lie like the one used to endorse Murphy in his elctiin 4 years ago, The only reason Murphy “allowed” schools and businesses to open was because he was caught defying his own mandates to march in a BLM rally and when confronted changed it fron state enforcment which would have forced the state police to site him, he changed it to haveing local law enforcement discretion whether to enforce his mandates and it also stopped the courts from overturning his mandates, Lakewood was allowed to open because he is a hypocrite and got caught, thus there is no reason to vote for him yet there are many reasons to vote him out of office, raisng payroll taxes, banning platic bags, imposing a health insurance mandate with massive fines after the Republican congress ended them. If you want us to vote for him, tehre is no reason to lie, just tell us the truth, it is all about the money what you think you can get from a democrat, not that that is a good reason anyway, but why lie about it. Wait until our schools are forced to teach about things we really dont want to to get any kind of government funding from school lunches to bussing. Look at what he has actually done and know that it will only get worse since he would be a lame duck if he would c”v win again.

  12. @Joe, I am only 31 and yet I am voting for Murphy solely because of the Vaad’s endorsement. Many other Bnai Torah I know (in my age bracket) are doing the same. Are we all “no-one”?

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