Hundreds Turn Out For Fire Commissioner Elections – Dennis & Maanik Win – Budget Voted Down

voting_fire_commissionerVIDEO: [Updated 10:50 p.m.] Hundreds of Frum residents turned out for the Fire Commissioner elections this evening at the Hose 4 Reliance company on Route 9. Up for re-election this weekend, is Mike Dennis and Tom Manick, both who are on the ballot as incumbents. The position of Fire Commissioner is a three year term.

Results are expected late tonight.

UPDATE 10:50 p.m: (As first reported on our News Alerts) Dennis and Maanik have just won the elections. Dennis got 346 votes, Maanik got 318 votes, Loigman 138 votes and Rozsaznsky got 118 votes.

The budget was voted down by 52 votes.

Dennis and Maanik made the following joint statement to TLS following their win. “We appreciate everyone who came out to vote for us tonight. We will continue to service the community and keep the fire district taxes as low as possible”.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners!!!

    Please continue your fine work and put this stupid election behind you.

    To all the fire volunteers-THANK YOU for serving us! (even if the rest of them are ungrateful)

  2. Yes, those firemen took up all those parking spaces and hid them!!
    Plenty of street parking.
    Just look at all the countries where people walk miles for days to vote.
    My thanks to the cooler people who thought with their heads and didn’t go along with the mob mentality.

  3. im really happy about the results shown here the only reason i voted and the only thing i voted for was the no to the increase on the budget but one question being that u have names that have to be written in and as u can see they were a large amount of votes do they have to contest the machine for spelling errors or not and question number two what ever happened to the votes that went in for mizrachi and mutterpearl i know personally a whole bunch of ppl that voted for them can we please get all the right numbers

  4. oh and #14 its the its the law that it has to be on a saterday what the fire department has done a while back is make sure they own their election so theres no advertising and they most defenitaly dont give the date of election out but fortunately for us an unfortunately for them the date has to be available to public or else we can call off the whole thing and last but not least the reason for the election to take place in the firehouse is because its cheaper theres no rent and the only thing they need r the ballot machines which r a couple thousand each poll so the entire thing cost totall of $8,000 and why can they get away with making it in the fire house, again its all very simple being that its something they usually own the numbers in advance as its rare for ppl to go out and vote especially when everything is kept so quiet and so if everything is small and u dont want to make it in the regular spot because it would mean its not a stupid election they therefore get their results without spending anything ………..enough said……….

  5. To #8
    the volunteers that were taking up the parking spaces, were giving up their free time to stand by the fire house in case there was a call!! they knew the turn out would be large and wanted to make sure they could get to the trucks in case there was an emergency. please think before you say stupid things.

  6. Sammy, you voted no on a budget that was a slight decrease from last years so I can tell you really did your homework. People such as yourself are why our political system is as messed up as it is.
    Try thinking for yourself, you’ll find it quite refreshing.
    Its been a while since I challenged on an election but if I remember a write in has to be ones’ full name spelled correctly and ballots that are void do not have to show up on tally sheets.

  7. Sammy,

    After trying to read you one lon sentence (ever heard of a period). I can safley say you have know idea what you are talking about.

    The fire district elections are ALWAYS on the 3rd saturday in feb. ALWAYS. They are advertised Read fridays edition of the asbury park press local section. It gives you the time and place and who is running and what the budget is in LKW, Jackson, Tomes River, Little Egg Harbor, Brick. Oh you mean it wasn’t advertised in the local JEWISH papers. So sorry :-((

    One other thing is the fire house is used for elections during the year, not just for the Fire district elections.

    Oh and btw would you like for the LFD to go out and rent a nice large hall like say lake terrace for $15,000 so that 200 people can come out and vote all day. Maybe they should this way you can complain about that money that YOU will have to pay from your taxes because it will be in the budget.

    Like a lot of people here, think before you blog and get your fact straight.

  8. Very smart.

    Vote down the budget but vote for the people that enacted it.

    The samething went on in the BOE all the years. If you want fresh ideas you need fresh blood.

  9. Sammy, Once upon a time long, long ago in a far off magical place called Trenton evil state legislators concocted a plot to hold fire elections on Saturday just knowing that some day in the future it would keep the Jewish community in Lkwd away from the voting booths.
    Never mind the fact that the voting is kept open past sundown so those who want to vote may, contrary to what the law allows.
    Your screaming about saving money by voting in a firehouse, but lets rent a large hall such as First Energy Park so every one can park, hey, its only our tax monies.
    Frank If you had to do what that woman does for a month you’d head for the hills. Her dedication to details, this town and the fire dept is one of the reasons the tax rate is low!

  10. what a shame Avrohom Rozsansky didnt win. He has a brilliant business mind, and hates corruption. He wouldve tackled this issues to the core, and put in responsible ables people to run the office, and if needed, hire some paying fire fighters LIKE EVERY PLACE ELSE!!

  11. oh ppls dont get me wrong i have nothing against anyone im happy they dont spend money on the ballot all im saying is u dont c street signs saying vote today etc…. and thats y all lakewood only needs one place to vote in general. and another fyi we live in lakewood not asbury park and when i said saterday it had nothing to do with jews its kmeant in general not to get votes who takes time on a day off when ur with ur family to go vote on something thats not as important then ur vacation yet more important then somethings that we do at home on a day to day basis for exaple watch tv play video games and go shopping for entertainment

  12. Well said OLD MAN

    “Frank” No 14
    The correct title is Board Administrator she has saved the town many times over what she being paid because of her vigilance to the details over the years of running a multimillion dollar business and the problems that go along with doing so. She’s the one that’s always there to pick up the pieces when others fail to do their jobs correctly . Love her or hate her, when she retires, her knowledge of the business end of running a fire department will be missed big time IMO .

  13. I proudly voted for the incumbants. Thank you LFD for all that u do thank you guys who voted the same! As per Rozonsky and Loigman- who are they? What are their qualifications? Why would we vote for someone just. Bec we got a txt to do so?

    Also pls don’t refer to a woman in a deragatory slang as ‘broad’. Frank, u can complain about this woman if u wish without being mean or crude! (Not that I know her one way or another).

    Once again thank u LFD!

  14. does it cost money to vote…i am paying enough taxes and need to be able to put milk and bread on my table….i hope its free…or i wont vote…they should even have some some rich besere mention sponsering this whole shebang

  15. You do realize you voted down a budget that was less than last year’s budget. So what did you save? You will still pay a fire tax and it will still be the same as it was years before..

  16. How could be that “Hundreds Turn Out For Fire Commissioner Elections” if Loigman got 138 votes and Rozsaznsky got 118 votes? Unless, the Orthodox people did not all vote for Loigman and Rozsansky.

  17. How correct you are!

    Orthodox people do not vote for someone just because they wear a yarmulka, or because they are Jewish. 

    My fellow bretheren think independently. 

    They voted for who they thought would be better for the community. 
    I hope this election underscores this point. 

    I seem to recall reading a ff volunteer commenting that he is quitting on Monday. All because of his misconception about our wonderful Lakewood community.

    I think it is high time for all residents not to judge based upon apperances.   

    Therefore, I think “Old timer” and all the others who just assumed apperances will win the day owe our  wonderful community an apology.

  18. Thank you to all who came out to vote. I for one am glad Mike & Tony were reelected. As for the budget that is different. Just to let all the residents know the fire dept’s records are all open to the public review. Anyone can look at the records at any time. If there is another person who thinks they would like to run for commish. please show your face around the fire houses. We would love to meet you. Do not just show up the day before the election and try to be a sneak to be written in. The town tax payers do not like that very much. Thanks again for voting for the right people.

  19. “frank” – You really and truly are dilussional. “A Secretary” – well about as wrong as you can be, because you obviously have no idea what in fact the job requirements are “Business Administrator” – and I echo the sentiments above “You would not want to walk one day in her shoes!” Let’s not talk about the fact that in just (1) of Toms Rivers’ Fire Districts they have a “Business Administrator” who has not ONE, but TWO Secretaries to perform the same job!?!? The population of that District does not even remotely compare to the population in Lakewood. I could go on, but feel it would be lost on someone who may not understand or probably doesn’t care to. So do a little research before you spout off please.
    As far as the rest – I see the Fire Dept. out and I see Frum guys & gals, White guys & gals, Latino guys and gals, African American guys and gals, Oriental guys and gals etc…. The Fire Dept. in Lakewood is as diverse a group of people as you are ever going to see. No one is turned away it is a group of unique individuals that share a common bond, which is a “Brother/Sisterhood” – The goal – Save and or Protect the Lives, Homes and Property of those who live in the Township of Lakewood.
    The Election of Fire Commissioners was not and never has been about the “Good old Boys” as far as I can see it, It is about electing the rightly qualified and best suited to serve as an elected official. I think you can clearly see that the community voted for who they thought were the best candidates for the job and those two individuals were elected. The fact that the tax rate went down and the budget failed is a travesty, and I think will be a detriment to the Fire Dept., because whatever money they lose will be money that cannot be spent to upgrade or purchase better equipment to better serve the Township of Lakewood, and that is a shame.

  20. our “Business Administrator” makes more money than any firefighter , police officer or emt in lakewood. Really risky job she has . we can have 2 people making 30k and get same result. think about it . she does have a large work load i agree. this is because the people we have elected to do the job over the last 10-15 years have passed the work down to her because they were to lazy to do it. they figure we will have her do our work and let the tax payers do it. thats my opinion anyway . lets hope this election will make everyone stop and think. and the correct changes will be made.

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