How Lakewood Voted, District By District

singer vs hh_wm(Updated 12:25 p.m.) Click here to download and view a PDF file of the District by District voting results. Check the District on your voting sheet to see the results for your district.
Voting Districts


Poll Location
Poll Street Address

Municipal Building
231 Third Street

Clifton Ave. School
625 Clifton Ave.

Leisure Village East
Recreation Center

Eleanor Levovitz
Senior Citizens Apartments
500 Clifton Avenue

A Country Place Clubhouse
South Lake Drive

The Center for Healthy Living
198 Prospect Street

Rev. Clayton Residency
144 John Street

Lakewood Middle School
755 Somerset Ave.

Ocean County Park
659 Ocean Ave.

Lakewood High School
855 Somerset Ave.

Municipal Building
231 Third Street

A Country Place Clubhouse
South Lake Drive

Lakewood High School
855 Somerset Ave.

Peter E. Ward Towers
100 Woehr Avenue

Lakewood First Aid Building
1555 Pine Street

Lakewood Elks Lodge B.P.O.E
711 Kennedy Boulevard

Laurel Clubhouse
630 Fifth Street & Private Way

Buckingham Hall
19 Buckingham Drive
(Original Leisure Village)

Buckingham Hall
19 Buckingham Drive
(Original Leisure Village)

Dorchester Hall
20 Dorchester Drive
(Original Leisure Village)

Lakewood Elks Lodge B.P.O.E.
711 Kennedy Boulevard

Buckingham Hall
19 Buckingham Drive
(Original Leisure Village)

Dorchester Hall
Dorchester Drive
(Original Leisure Village)

Leisure Village East
Recreation Center

Coventry Square Clubhouse
445 East Kennedy Boulevard

The Center for Healthy Living
198 Propsect Street

Eleanor Levovitz
Senior Citizens Apartments
500 Clifton Avenue

Lionshead Woods Clubhouse
101 Lionshead Woods Boulevard

Harrogate Life Care Center
400 Locust Street

Four Seasons Clubhouse
1560 Spring Meadows Drive

Four Seasons Clubhouse
1560 Spring Meadows Drive

Fairways at Lake Ridge Clubhouse
3 Fairways Drive

Fairways at Lake Ridge Clubhouse
3 Fairways Drive

Four Seasons Clubhouse
1560 Spring Meadows Drive

Clifton Ave. School
625 Clifton Ave.

Eleanor Levovitz Senior Citizens Apt.
500 Clifton Avenue

Lakewood First Aid Building
1555 Pine Street

The Enclave
Massachusetts Avenue

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  1. You can get an idea based on where the polling place is located.

    Westgate/new central/gudz is # 12.

    Pine Park part of 14st area is # 16

    Chesttnut is # 15

    Forest Park is # 37

    Villas/Estates area # 10

    All of the above except for #37 were for HH .

    Districs 30-34 especially Fairways were heavily for Bob.

  2. District BS HH
    1 142 108
    2 61 58
    3 90 2
    4 139 77
    5 78 106
    6 102 137
    7 29 52
    8 27 31
    9 28 6
    10 158 234
    11 134 120
    12 180 195
    13 40 81
    14 28 27
    15 83 97
    16 101 222
    17 Missing
    18 35 5
    19 43 13
    20 19 5
    21 36 66
    22 45 7
    23 41 10
    24 72 5
    25 84 133
    26 129 156
    27 138 162
    28 80 4
    29 91 13
    30 62 18
    31 73 33
    32 128 25
    33 119 20
    34 35 12
    35 81 86
    36 97 66
    37 116 76
    38 81 12

  3. Summary by District, BS got 36 votes in district 18 and 72 votes in district 35.

    BUT.. something doesn’t add up. If you add up the individual districts, there are 199 votes missing for BH and 211 for HH from the total.

    District 17 can’t account for all of this discrepency since that district only had a total Republican turnout of 241.

    What’s going on?

  4. I don’t get what was posted too much math for me.
    Bottom line, was this a referendum on the Vaad leadership, & if yes did they win big or just or lose big or just anyone?

  5. Bottom line is that the seniors backed Bob. They always will. They know him forever….he’s one of them.

    Take the seniors out of the picture and H.H would have won.

    Looking at the results and comparing districts between jewish/non jewish votes, its clear as day that had this election been only jews, H.H would have won.

    What that means is that most of the jews of Lakewood back H.H

    (What that also means is that the seniors are powerful)

    Does anyone know what the rules are regarding H.H running as an independent in November?

    He would still have his votes from this election and the Democrat will take some votes from Bob…..and with a little more campaining H.H can edge it out.

    Is he allowed to run as an independant?

  6. BS/HH:
    Senior communities* 924/171 16%/84%
    All other 2304/2508 52%/48%

    Yep. seniors definitely hold the balance of power now if they present a united front.

    * districts 3,18,19,20,22,23,24,28,30,31,32,33,34,38

  7. Thank you Anon 2:52.

    We gotta keep on fighting the good fight, but a different venue. Just keep up the pressure for transparency and lower taxes. Encourage HH to do the great job he was doing before he ran. Maybe next election….

  8. Good Idea. If the same people who voted for H.H do a write in for him come Nov. … does sound a little far fetched…because his names not on the balot and many people wont write it in…………..but who knows? If theres anough noise made about the idea………….maybe

  9. You have to give the seniors a lot of credit for following the vaad. I know a lot of them are jewish even if they are not frum they should know they get a lot of schar in shomayim for following daas torah.

  10. Yup all it took was a little slice pf the pie (artificialy deflated property assesments)and they got all the seniors on their side.

  11. Maybe if they give out some slices to the regular guys too they would have everyone on their side. They can even save the slices with extra cheese for friends and select priveleged people just at least give something to the regular guy too. even if its whole wheat something please!

  12. Herschel is a very bright, and an ehrliche Yid. I am sure he realizes that he has lost the election, and it it time to heal the divide. A write in campaign will not make Herschel a winner, just prolong this political campaign another 5 months. Somehow, in Lakewood, politics becomes personal instantly. Even kids have become involved in this Machlokes. The election is over, ideas and issues were raised, and hopefully, those elected and those selected have learned what matters to us, and how they can better help us raise our Torahdige family.

  13. #32 – you are right. The older Lakewooders, like me, voted for Singer. I don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t just “listen to the vaad”. II read their about both candidate’s platforms and used my own judgement to decide that Singer is more qualified. I believe he has more experience and is also in a better position to advocate for the community’s needs. All this talk about special interests doesn’t concern me if he can accomplish more for the Lakewood public in the end.

  14. Being that H.H cannot run as an independant come November, instead everyone who voted for him now should put him in as a write in.

    It’s hard to believe that a write in can win because hes not actually on the ballot and so many people will just vote for what they see, but first of all, who knows. There is also a democrat in the mix this time which can siphon some votes from Bobby, and furthermore, even if he doesnt stand a chance with a write in, it does send a message to Bob & crew that the people are determined.

  15. i think that this whole election went way too far. as much as maybe there are valid points brought up regarding some issues such as taxes that does not give anyone and everyone a right to voice they’re opinions and be moitze laaz and spew forth a sickening amount of loshon hara. lets not forget that korach also thought he was right and was fighting against the establishment lmaan hashem and where did he end up. there is a way to do things, and its not by making pirud and machlokes, i never saw any where that pirud is good for klal yisroel but we know that achdus is, so now that this is over lets try to work together in the future to make lakewood a better and more affordable place for everyone with achdus and shalom. thank you!

  16. #38 I live in Lakewood 27 years, I voted H.H. it has nothing to do with new or old Lakewood it has to do with wanting lower taxes!!

  17. I believe that HH won although not in the way he wanted. because BS won by a small margin this time around he will have to address some of the issues that HH brought up. Because these are important issues that Lakewood cares about. SO thank you HH for bringing up these issues, and lets keep ’em honest!!

  18. Now is the time for HH to bow graciously and endorse Bob Singer. The goal here is to make sure that the democrat running does not win. Last time she was in charge, our taxes went up! I would think greater of HH if he endorses Singer which will unite the party. That is what a real mensch would do.

  19. Enough already with this, HH lost, Bob won, lets move on. Why keep dwelling on the past. Now that the voting is over, someone should tell them to go out and remove their signs off the streets.

  20. I did not vote because it was clear to me that everyone that had seichel would vote for Hershkowitz. I did not know that the seniors had their own reasons. It was a mistake not to emphasize that there was a voting bloc that existed that would vote for singer.That would have prompted me and lots of others to go out and vote.With all the campaigning, it is interesting to me that this ultra important point was not written about in the clearest fashion possible.

  21. Everyone thought Herschel was going to win therefore most didn’t even bother to vote. Everyone I meet wanted Herschel but most didn’t actually go out & vote. The lesson the oilam has learned is GO VOTE.

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