BREAKING: Gov Murphy Considering Giving $40 Million In Stimulus Payments to Undocumented Immigrants

Governor Murphy is considering signing an executive action that would provide approximately $40 million in one-time stimulus payments to New Jersey’s undocumented immigrants, Politico is reporting.

The move by Governor Murphy would follow a similar, but more generous, plan approved in New York’s State Legislature which will provide $2.1 billion to the state’s illegal immigrants.

A conference call in which the governor discussed how much money should be allocated in this planned executive action grew “pretty heated,” Politico’s Katherine Landergan reports.

Republicans are expected to vociferously oppose the governor’s plan, but are likely unable to stop it.

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  1. I thought that was illegal…..

    If not, it (moderated) right ought to be. I know who isn’t getting my tax dollars next year. How you may ask? 183 days a year in Florida, that don’t sound bad at all.

    • It’s outright stealing when they give it to lakewood families too. Because it’s our hard earned money that we need and they just take it from us and randomly give it out to people who are still earning whatever they did before the pandemic started. We pay and pay and pay and never get a penny from the government! And because they are giving everything away free like free money and free healthcare and free food the people who are paying the taxes that cover all that have increased health cost increased taxes etc… nothing comes free. You may be getting it free but we are paying for it from money we can’t afford ( and don’t say if you don’t get the stimulus checks your rich because it’s foolish to think that a family of ten is rich if they earn above 150k )

  2. Look they do a lot of work. Also you have to take into consideration that the average couple in the US has about 1.7 children, and so the country would be going gone without the immigrants. Exactly how to handle the situation and if there is concern of various forms of traffickers and other issues is another discussion, but without these immigrants, the country would be shutting down. (The same is true for France and Germany, and there they have an influx of Arabs.) Also, both the South Americans and Arabs have more children per family as well.

  3. How can I pas myself off as an undocumented immigrant? Can I just show up without any of my documents and tell them a fake name? After all if they ask me for ID, the Democrats believe it’s racism. Go Governor Murphy.

  4. No. I don’t believe undocumented immigrants should get anything else for “free”. They should spend more time trying to get documented then looking for tax payers to pay for them to live.

  5. Here is something to think about, all you anti-immigration armchair activists.

    Imagine one million immigrants come to America from Mexico. Is their space for them? You bet! America is huge, and a few new cities can be built in a couple of months. How many construction jobs will that create? One million new consumers in this country, how much do they spend? How much will they produce? This country has more than enough resources for another ten million people. Producers are paid not to produce more, to keep prices high. If more demand arrives, best for all of us.

    Give the undocumented this money, they will spend it and stimulate the economy for all of us. A rising tide raises all boats, and demand side economics has been proven to work. Supply-side economics is voodoo.

  6. all of you who comment undocumented immigrants don’t deserve anything and youuuu taxpayers are losing money… please google what ITIN means… . most of the undocumented ARE paying taxes too!! and YOU get stimulus even if you’re working, but they don’t! it would be time for the government to support those undocumented who are paying taxes just as citizens do. also undocumented doesn’t mean entering country illegaly. the ones who entered legally but overstayed are consifered ‘undocumented’ also….

  7. To the one who mentioned birth rate. The reason why the birth rate in the U.S. is 1.73 is because middle class families can not afford to have more children. Real wages have been stagnant for over 2 decades, while costs from food to health insurance to college education have skyrocketed. Adding millions of illegals to the labor pool only continues to increase the supply of labor causing further depressing wages.

    Interesting note, low income families have a higher birthrate, because they rely on programs to cover the cost of raising their children. This will lead to economic armageddon as the population of producers shrinks and the population of consumers of public services grows.

    For a country to be healthy, it needs a healthy middle class, which can only happen if wages rise, and that will only happen if the endless supply of cheap illegal immigration is cut off.

    Additionally, the U.S. already accepts over 1 million LEGAL immigrants annually, more than any other country, and more than the entire EU combined.

    Regarding the comment about how illegals add to the economy, that is just plain ridiculous. Let’s add up some basic costs.

    An illegal immigrant family of 5. The 3 children cost the Public School System at least $36k per year. Market price for health Insurance for a family of 5 is $20k per year. Between those 2 costs alone, it is more value than they are likely to produce. The burden placed on local school districts is devastating.

    Is immigration good for the country sure. Is unlimited illegal immigration good for the country absolutely not, it is devestating and economically unsustainable, and it has already had a severe impact on wages over the last 2 decades.

    Legal immigration, in sustainable numbers can be a benefit to the country. Illegal immigration, with no consideration of the economic impact,will turn the U.S. into the countries many are fleeing from. It benefits no one in the long term

    • “It benefits no one in the long term”.

      This is the only thing I have to disagree with in your otherwise clear explanation.

      It benefits politicians by flooding the country with a new, bought and paid for demographic that will reliably vote for their “sponsors”, ie., the politicians who made illegal immigration very profitable to the illegal immigrants.

  8. Gov. Murphy: “$40,000,000 stimulus payments to undocumented immigrants”

    Translation: Gov. Murphy: “$40,000,000 taxpayer dollars to buy Democrat votes from illegal aliens”

  9. There are struggling New Jersey families, homeless Veterans, and other worthy AMERICANS living in this state that deserve the money more than the undocumented. No one hear is anti LEGAL immigration, but to hand money to people who are breaking the law with every breath they take in the USA is beyond ridiculous. Might as well reward drug users for overdosing….oh wait we already do that. Politicians and those who vote for them really need to take their heads out of …you know…wipe the …you know what…out of their eyes and take a hard look at reality. Americans are struggling. AMERICANS hard earn tax dollars should go to AMERICANS. For the silly person that thinks the 40 million will be spent to stimulate the economy needs to do a little research. Most of the money, a good percentage at least, earned and most the money freely obtained from the gov’t will be shipped right back to their countries of origin. They don’t care about America, much like our current rank and file politicians. They only care about what America can do for them. It’s disgusting and pitiful and by definition THEFT from all 7 million tax paying, social security number having NJ residents.

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