FRIGHTENING: Hatzolah members were unable to answer radio for choking call after children interfered on frequency (AUDIO)

It was a shocking and frightening moment for Hatzolah of Central Jersey members when volunteers were unable to respond on a radio to a call involving a choking person.

Hatzolah captains tell TLS a recent call for a choking went over the radio, but children interfering on the frequency prevented members from contacting the dispatcher, putting a life at risk.

”This is an extremely serious matter, literally a matter of life and death,” Hatzolah Administrator Motti Twerski told TLS exclusively. “This could have had a real tragic outcome.”

In another incident, children on the frequency sent out a fake call, and even “dispatched” a member to the call, before a real dispatcher keyed in an warned the children to stay off the radio (AUDIO BELOW).

”This matter is being taken very seriously, and all angles – including legal ones – are being explored.”

Twerski says he is in touch with law enforcement officials, as well as with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to see which steps will be taken next.

“Parents should take note, that buying a radio with such capabilities for their children could land them in serious trouble – aside from the fact they could be playing with someone’s life,” Twerski said.

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  1. What’s frightening is , Why does HATZOLAH use a system which can be tampered with ???
    With today’s technology, is there no secure method of communication???
    Why attack the kids ??
    HATZOLAH needs to invest in a functional system !

    • Why not raise children with propper ; ” Derech Erettz ” . Easy for you to sit back and place blame . Maybe this story gets told over to children . Maybe they learn from the experience . Maybe they will no be blamers . That would be ; ” Real Learning ” .

      • Obviously you are correct….in theory.
        Have you ever been a child?
        Should we leave matches all over the house because we teach our kids not to play with them?
        We lock it up and teach them and then pray that the 2 together are enough.
        We should absolutely teach our children not to do the things they shouldnt, but with all that we still need to try to make it impossible or close to it for the things that would be dangerous for them.

      • your comment is wonderful in theory. But in real life all kids without exceptions anywhere in the world and every community will always remain kids. Children are children and that is the way they are. They are not fully developed and as much as they are taught, with a stellar education, they will always be mischievous, curious, underdeveloped, and not yet as responsible as adults. So when you look to blame please: the last place to blame is the parenting because that is just how children are.

  2. I find it absolutely appalling and sickening that parents will allow their children to have such scanners/radios. Besides for being a liability it is an absolute breach of privacy for those calling in with emergencies. This is something as a parent (of boys) that I literally cannot wrap my mind around.

  3. Omg terrifying!!! Imagine if chv this would’ve ended dif!!!! And let’s say a real member would’ve tried to respond to that other call…!!! Parents- be smart!!!!

  4. Is it possible that their parents didn’t buy it for them.
    I do believe that action should be taken but keep in mind it might be some kids (or teens) that are bored and don’t understand the consequences to their actions.

  5. This could very well be children of a member playing with their fathers unattended radio. Whatever the case is, with today’s technology they should be able to digitally lock out any radio that is causing interference.

  6. Huh ? What parent buys this for their kids ?! This is called fun ? Even to get a scanner I always thought was a little weird but to get a radio where you can transmit ? Ate these parents nuts ? And if it’s the kids, are the kids nuts ? This clip should be played in every 7th and 8th grade class in this town till this kid is caught and his radio confiscated. Call me old school but I would also take away his recess for a month and no Afikomen for 3 yrs and I would also derlang him etleche petch.
    Chutzpah !!

  7. I’m with robert n Taylor and “unreal”__ teach the kids a real lesson and yes, set heavy fines for the households causing the problem
    Maybe parents will wake up this way

  8. I agree with ShatzMatz, it’s probably a fellow member’s unattended radio being used. With that being said, all members radios should identify who’s radio is transmitting. If all Hatzolah members radio identified, you’d know who transmitted. Most Police, Fire and EMS radios now use radio identifiers.

  9. The boys all have these radios today. With today’s technology, two way radios are not very expensive. I’ve seen the kids playing with the radios and them listening in to Chaveirim, Hatzalah as well as the police. There’s no way for them to lock it they somehow find the code to enter to be able to listen in.

  10. You have no idea how these things work. Members kids are educated NEVER to touch it. Im a member’s household family. Also when a member’s child presses it it shows his identity nowadays. So cross out that option.
    #2 there are tons of scanners and buffers out there. Lots of young people have radios on. Even among members there are devices that are bought with pretext for better coverage in the mountains and the members who have it keep it for when they are back in Brookltn and get stronger faster connection and reception than local brooklyn members with regular radios.

  11. Okay. To answer your Q. Hatzolah radios do have members number being displayed when he radios in. Next, protecting the radios. They are – Ever heard of people getting past filters? The best: How can parents let hteir kids have such radios. Ding dong – someone must have been born an adult. Really? Do you think that parents have that much control over a teenager. Halevai we are speaking about little kids who’s mommy puts him to bed at seven and is inspired by a lolipop. These are teenage boys who feel fest to have radios… Hope this gives some clarity to the people who attacked Hatzolah who saved yours or someone you knows life…

  12. This is an important message to get out. However, as can be heard from the recording this has been staged. The recording has kids talking in the background about the recording.
    In any case it is an important message to relay.

    Thank You

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